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About Us

    is a joint effort by Glia Group, Inc. and the Bankers Information Network.

The principals behind Glia Group are familiar to many bankers. Mary Beth Guard spent many years as a banking lawyer, serving as general counsel for the Oklahoma Banking Department and the Oklahoma Bankers Association. She is nationally known as a banking speaker and author. Carin Eisenhauer spent more than a decade working with bankers on complex compliance matters. Dr. Michele Petry is an Internet pioneer and visionary who spent several years in the banking industry as a technology consultant. As Internet pioneers, the three women developed a number of groundbreaking informational websites, dating back to 1994. Glia Group produces the highly acclaimed BOL Learning Connect webinars.

The Bankers Information Network ("BIN"), headed by George Milner, offers up-to-date DVD and video training programs through the Bankers Video Library. BIN is also the publisher of two of the leading newsletters in the banking industry: Compliance Action, edited by Lucy Griffin, one of the most respected names in bank compliance, and Bankers' Hotline, edited by Barbara Hurst, a legend in the bank operations and security fields. You'll find contributions from Lucy Griffin and Barb Hurst throughout the site.

In addition to the principals in Glia Group and BIN, the BankersOnline staff also includes well-known BOL Gurus and former bankers, John Burnett and Andy Zavoina, who perform a variety of tasks, from writing articles to coming up with ideas to keep the site fresh. Attorney and BOL Guru Sam Ott rounds up the regulatory news each day. Advertising and sponsorship matters are handled by Tobi Chunowitz. Brenda Spence takes on financial tasks. Kelly Muzzillo works closely with our advertisers. Chad Harrison is our graphics whiz.

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BankersOnline is a free service made possible by the generous support of our advertisers and sponsors. Advertisers and sponsors are not responsible for site content. Please help us keep BankersOnline FREE to all banking professionals. Support our advertisers and sponsors by clicking through to learn more about their products and services.

Editorial Contact:
Mary Beth Guard
(888) 229-8872 ext. 88

Technical Contact:
Michele Petry
(888) 229-8872 ext. 89

Administrative Contact:
Carin Eisenhauer
(888) 229-8872 ext. 87

Advertising/Sales Contact:
Tobi Chunowitz
(888) 229-8872 ext. 801

Bankers Hotline
Compliance Action
Bankers Video Library

George Milner
(888) 229-8872 ext 86

George Milner
(888) 229-8872 ext. 86

Andy Zavoina
(888) 229-8872 ext. 804

John Burnett
(888) 229-8872 ext. 808

Bankers Hotline
Bankers Hotline

Compliance Action
Compliance Action

Bankers Video Library
Banker's Video Library