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This archive of links to provides a quick reference guide to our special issuances. Whether you already subscribe to one or more of our briefing types, and simply want easy access to past briefings, or don't yet subscribe, but don't want to miss out, you will find this page invaluable for accessing the new tools and special articles that we have spotlighted in the past.

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Briefing Archive by Topic
TopicBriefingsBOL Banker Briefings provide email delivery of important information you want to know. Choose one or more of our:

  • Our main Banker Briefings is like a Bankers Online newsletter. Once a week it lands in your email in-box to inform you of new featured articles and content on the site. Click below to sign up now!

  • Our Compliance Briefings are sent each business day. They are the most targeted and informative updates you can get on regulatory compliance issues. The Briefings cover developments with the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) and the Non-Cooperative Countries & Territories (NCCT) list! Click below to sign up now!

  • Our Tech Advisory Briefing is sent on a periodic basis, whenever an advisory is warranted. This briefing will keep you on top of the latest virus and security threats that may impact your organization. Click below to signup now!

  • Our Executive Briefing is sent periodically and highlights timely topics of concern to banks' top management. Recent issues have covered such subjects as protecting your loan portfolio, safeguarding your institution from hackers, correctly classifying exempt employees to save your bank from potential lawsuits, and other must-read articles to help you cover all the bases in the ever-changing world of finance. Click below to signup now!

  • BSABSA Update (3/1/05) This briefing is devoted to BSA issues, including an article: Evaluate Your BSA/AML Program -- Before Your Exam

    Bank Secrecy Act Compliance (12/16/04) A new article details FinCEN explaination of the limited circumstances under which the filing of a blocking report with OFAC will satisfy SAR filing requirements.

    Another Expensive BSA Lesson (7/03) Tells of the penalty imposed on a bank by FinCEN for violations against policies and procedures.
    Check 21Check 21 Final Rule (7/26/04) announcement with all the implications delineated.

    Check 21 Announcements (5/04/05) Details the Federal Reserve Banks Check 21 announcements.

    Countdown to Check 21 (3/30/04) what you need to educate your employees and customers.

    Getting Ready for Check 21 Changes (10-11/03) Excellent article deatiling all you need to know to prepare for the new "Check 21 Law", including a list of issues you need to consider.
    CIPNew FAQs on CIP (4/28/05) This briefing highlights the new 14 page Interagency Interpretive Guidance on Customer Identification Program Requirements under Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act, and delineates 12 important must read points to whet your appetite.

    CIP for Online Banking (4/26/05) Excellent article on Why Banks Need Geolocation and Other New Techniques Right Now.

    CIP: October 1 or Bust (5/03/04) Details pointers for management about the mandatory compliance with the Fianl Rule's effective date, 10/1/04.

    CIP (2/26/04) Q&As about the practical application of CIP rules.

    CIP FAQs (1/08/04) Q&As about the practical application of CIP rules.

    CIP: A 5-Minute Executive Summary (6/03) Summary of the final rules on Customer Identification Programs under Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act.    
    ComplianceReg CC (3/9/05), Reg CC and UCC issues that will be of interest to anyone working directly with checks or handling customer complaints related to direct payments. This would include Operations, Compliance, and and related front-line staff.

    Reg E (9/16/04), and Fraud Fed's new proposal on. Background Check, an easy to use, web-based solution that provides comprehensive information for your institution to effectively screen employees, find people or assets for collection activities, and close the loop on the identity verification process, is introduced.

    Reg Z Decision (4/21/04) handed down by U.S. Supreme Court.

    Agencies Propose CRA Revisions (2/04/04) Details the significant steps the financial regulatory agencies have proposed for the long-awaited revisions to the CRA regulation.

    OCC Final Rule for National Banks(1/7/04) about rules and visitorial powers.

    Protecting Your Loan Portfolio: Reg B Signature Changes Affect Commercial Lending (7/03) Detail the important changes to Reg B that affect spouoses and signatures.   
    Court Watch Americans With Disabilities Act:  Kramer v. Banc of America Securities, LLC (2/25/04)

    Fair Credit Reporting Act:  Johnson v. MBNA America Bank (2/11/04)

    Anti-Trust & Trade Regulation:  WalMart v. Visa (1/06/05)

    Social Security Offsets:  BofA, NMS v. Sterling National (1/06/05)

    Debt Collection:  Thomas v. Simpson & Cybak (1/06/05)

    Bankruptcy:  Dawson v. Washington Mutual (1/06/05)

    Customer Relations Manager Embezzles, Customers Panic (5/03/04) Details about a public relations nightmare from which other financial institutions can learn valuable lessons.

    Privacy v. Marketing (8/03) Information about developing an effective privacy and information program.

    Who's Liable When a Hacker Gains Access? (8/03) What the financial institution and the customer need to know to avoid being a victim.   
    FACTA FACTA Requirements Status Report (12/01/04)
    Human ResourcesEither Scrub the Floors -- or Listen to Those Who Do The executive trades places with the maintenance worker and learns a valuable lesson. (5/05/04)

    Managing your Teller line (4/20/04)

    Introduces HR Section (2/25/04) with an article on Exempt/Non-Exempt Changes.

    Incorrect Designations of "Exempt" Employees Can Be Costly" (6/03) Article explains facets of the "Fair Labor Standards Act" relative to exempt/non-exempt that you need to know to avoid a lawsuit.
    LendingCredit card transaction fees (4/20/04)

    Are you in HMDA He**? (2/04/04) An article that attempts to clarify confusion about some of the major changes in HMDA as of 1/1/04

    HMDA Issuess Remain a Challenge During Implementation" (9/03) Discusses the challenges to create a clear definition for what constitutes a pre-approval, and the problem of the definition of a refinancing.

    Predatory Practices Come Under Regulators' Microscope (9/03) Predatory lending and the examination procedures issued by the FDIC.

    Protecting Your Loan Portfolio: Reg B Signature Changes Affect Commercial Lending (7/03) Detail the important changes to Reg B that affect spouoses and signatures.

    Don't Let Your Staff Procrastinate on HMDA-Preparedness (6/03) Provides guidance on permissible ways to make the transition from the present HMDA to the much more extensive reporting that will begin in 2004.   
    MSBMSB Guidance Just Out (4/26/05) This briefing reports five items were that were just posted on the FinCEN site to address Money Services Businesses.

    OperationsWhose Advice are You Taking? Decision-making. (5/05/04)

    What Flavors Do Your Customers Really Want? A successful business gives the customer what he wants. (5/05/04)

    New $50 (4/26/04) announcement and information.

    Credit card transaction fees (4/20/04)

    Ten Tips for Operational Changes (10-11-03) Provides a detailed list of tips for the implementation of good banking operations and customer service.

    Are Your Practices in Line with Industry Standards? (9/03) Provides a list of questions to determin how do you keep up with industry standards, and actually know what other institutions are doing and why.
    Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development: (9/24/04) How to dress for success, speak and write as a professional.
    RESPARESPA Final Rule (3/23/04) withdrawal.
    SecurityAlerts & Counterfeits (ongoing ...) listings of alerts and counterfeits by chronology and by bank name, with a description of the counterfeited items and a contact person.

    Robbery Rogue's Gallery (ongoing...) a gallery of all the latest reported bank robbers, showing their security camera photos.

    ID Fraud Scam Details about a lottery scam and an "Open House" scam. (9/28/04).

    ID Fraud (7/21/04) and how to train your employees to recognize and look for it.

    Could information security problems get YOU banned from banking? (5/03/04) Article geared toward senior management about regulators and information security issues.

    Spam and Spyware Details about the first CAN-SPAM cases under prosecution, and an informative article from the FTC, warning about Spyware. (4/29/04)

    Sasser Worm Provides details about what to do if your computer is infected. (5/03/04)

    ID Theft (3/05/04) and what to do if you are a victim.

    Robbery Deterrence: (2/05/04) 15 -Point List of Best Practices, created by the NY Bankers Association

    What is Reportable on SARs? (9/03) Article covers methods of screening and reporting, automated and otherwise, that should be reviewed closely to verify that they will survive FinCEN's scrutiny.

    Identity Theft: Big Issue with Many Resources (9/03) Reviews how to ensure the safety of customer information in the event the system fails.

    "Anti-Terrorist Certificates" Scam (2/03/04): About letters you receive purporting to be from your bank.

    Who's Liable When a Hacker Gains Access? (8/03) What the financial institution and the customer need to know to avoid being a victim.

    Former Hacker Explains Vulnerabilities (8/03) Must-read article in which a notorious former hacker, details how hackers and social engineers' deceptive maneuvers gain access to information that enables them to conduct transactions.    

    SCRAServicemembers Civil Relief Act (6/01/04) with PowerPoint presentation.
    Technology MS Service Pack Problems (8/20/04) Warning and tips on how to deal with SP2 problems.

    IE Security (7/02/04) Warning from CERT about IE Security Vulnerabilities

    TTCD (Trojan Transmitted Computer Diseases) (7/01/04)

    IIS and Trojans (6/29/04) IIS Problem, and Trojan Transmitted Computer Diseases

    InfoSec (6/02/04) Improving Information Security

    Phishing (5/24/04) Phishing Attacks target Financial Firms

    EMail Scam (3/08/04) targeting

    Sasser Worm Provides details about what to do if your computer is infected. (5/03/04)

    Phishing Provides details about what to do if you suspect the email you got is "phishing". (3/05/04)

    MyDoom Virus Newest Variant of MyDoom Virus (2/25/04)

    Windows Security (2/11/04) Microsoft Warning about Critical Windows Security Flaw

    Who's Liable When a Hacker Gains Access? (8/03) What the financial institution and the customer need to know to avoid being a victim.   
    Tools CIP Analysis Worksheet (4/26/05) This tool allows you to take each account and determine a risk level for it based on the account's attributes.

    BSA Jeopardy Game (4/26/05) A game that trains your staff on BSA.

    CRA/HMDA Income by Tract Data (3/1/05) A tool that provides information for the income, income classification by the tracts and HUD's latest medium family income amounts for Minor Civil Divisions (MCD) by state and city.

    Rescission (3/1/05) An Excel spreadsheet based upon a 12 page calendar that calculates the Reg Z right of rescission period.

    Notice to Home Loan Applicant (12/01/04)

    Credit Score Disclosure for FACTA (12/01/04)

    Customer Claim Form and Fraud Departments Procedures (11/05/04)

    HMDA (11/05/04)

    Check 21 Claim Form (11/05/04)

    Reg E Liability Calculator (9/28/04)

    New Account Risk Assessment Worksheet (8/24/04)

    3 new security tools and 2 Lending tools (7/01/04)

    Checklist for Information Security Steps (6/02/04)

    Commercial Loan App Addendum (5/07/04)

    Employee Awareness Signs (5/07/04)

    Audit Action Items Tracking Report (4/29/04)

    Robbery Deterrent (2/26/04)

    Affirmative Action Plan Checklist for Human Resources (2/25/04)   

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