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Policy Update: BSA/AML
  • You could spend hours poring over all the regulatory changes.
  • Then, gather all the documentation for any and all related policies and procedures to determine if any changes are warranted.
  • After that, craft the language to update the documents and pass them on to others for verification.
  • When this has been completed, run everything by legal to make certain that your interpretations are correct.
  • Simply download the policy templates you need and follow the instructions to configure them to your institution.
  • That's it. You're finished.

These policies and procedures are painstakingly drafted by banking experts to ensure compliance and to provide you with what is considered the gold standard in the industry. The content goes well beyond the minimum requirements to ensure that you will have a robust set of guidelines that will pass muster internally and for the examiners.

These products cost a small fraction of what it takes in time, effort, and legal guidance to create or modify your existing policies. And you know you'll have all the bases covered.

If a policy changes within three years of your purchase you are automatically eligible, for a nominal fee, to any updates in the future. You can rest assured that your policies and procedures will keep pace with changing regs, new guidance, and the examiners.

Think about the time and effort it would take to create a comprehensive BSA, AML, CIP, and OFAC policy.

Wouldn't you like to compare your existing policy to the best in the industry?

How certain are you that you've covered all the bases?

For $375 for the comprehensive version of the BSA policy you will not only ensure total compliance, you will also have the highest quality product available. And, as changes are needed, you will automatically qualify for updates. (Usually at a rate of $25-$100).

You've solved a problem, saved hundreds of dollars, and future-proofed your policies.
That's peace of mind!

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* Bankers' Hotline Newsletter
* Bankers' Hotline Newsletter
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Hand Held Blacklight
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*CAM: Compliance Accountability Manager
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