Reg E vs. MasterCard: Debit Card Error Resolution


Presented by Brian Crow

MasterCard chargeback procedures outline what is required of the card issuer, merchant, and cardholder should a dispute arise between a cardholder and a merchant, or if a card is used fraudulently. However, these rules can often create confusion as to how they should be applied to the dispute that crosses your desk. To further complicate matters, in many instances, Regulation E will also apply to the cardholder's dispute and not be in harmony with the chargeback procedures. We are left wondering how long we have to complete an investigation, when to provide provisional credit, and when to ask a cardholder to contact the merchant before accepting their dispute.

In this fast-paced webinar we will examine the applicability of Zero Liability and the impact Regulation E has on the chargeback process. In addition we will explore the chargeback codes that are available for the various scenarios that arise. This will involve several real-world examples including their resolutions. These case studies will aid the listener in making critical decisions when applying MasterCard rules to assist customers and protect the issuer's bottom line

In this two hour session, Brian will cover:
  • MasterCard chargeback stages
  • Zero Liability coverage
  • Business debit cards and a comparison of coverage with personal cards
  • Proper handling of a chargeback when Regulation E also applies
  • Dispute resolution procedures
  • Valid reasons for filing an Arbitration Chargeback
  • MasterCard chargeback codes with case studies for each
  • Compliance Case examples Written materials will be provided for the listener to refer to during the presentation. These will include a description of the requirements for each chargeback case that is covered and can be used as a handy reference for future disputes. After this webinar, you'll have a better understanding of the chargeback process, know what questions to ask the customer when they make their claim, and know what chargeback code to file based on the situation.

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    • Complete presentation (including slides and audio)
    • Written Materials
    • Follow-up Q & A
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    About the Speaker:
    Brian J. Crow has been Operations Officer since 2004 for Home State Bank, N.A., a community bank serving McHenry County, Illinois. As a community banker, Mr. Crow has responsibilities spanning several regulatory areas. He is primarily responsible for managing the bank's consumer and commercial debit card programs, ensuring that the consumer program is in compliance with Regulation E, and that both programs properly follow VISA/MasterCard operating rules. He successfully implemented fraud monitoring rules in the program to detect and prevent unauthorized usage of customers' cards.

    In addition to fraud monitoring of debit cards, Brian monitors customer activity, both for fraud prevention, and for anti-money laundering purposes. He has detected several counterfeit checks related to foreign lottery and advance fee scams savings both the customer and the bank thousands of dollars. He is one of the bank's identity theft specialists and played an integral part in composing the bank's ID theft policy and procedures to comply with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. He provides training and education for both bank associates and customers on how to minimize the risks of ID theft, and how to repair the damage after ID theft has occurred. He processes Uniform Commercial Code filings, including forged signature, forged endorsement, and check alteration. Lastly, he supervises the bank's courtesy overdraft program for compliance with Reg E, Reg DD, the Joint Interagency Guidance of 2005, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    He began his banking career as a part-time teller for Merchants National Bank of Aurora, Illinois in 1993. He continued as a teller until completing his bachelor's degree in Theology at Concordia University, River Forest Illinois in 1998. After college he quickly progressed from personal banker, to teller supervisor, to Assistant Branch Manager before assuming his current position. At the bank he is known as the "Security Evangelist" due to his passion for safeguarding the customer and the bank from financial loss.

    This program was recorded in its entirety in October 2013. The CD-ROM includes program slides, materials (if available) and follow-up Q & A document.

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