Thursday, March 04, 2004

1 City; 3 Robberies; 2 hours
On 3/2/04, robbers struck three Tulsa area financial institutions within a two-hour stretch -- two banks and a cash advance business. Two of the robberies may have been committed by the same person, although the attire was different. What was the one thing in common between all three robberies? Hats (and sunglasses in two of the three). In the Bank of Oklahoma robbery, the man reportedly had on a black baseball cap with a Rose Bowl insignia. In the First American Cash Advance robbery, the bandit had on a white beanie cap (!). The Tulsa National Bank robber wore a dark floppy hat and sunglasses. COCHA, the Central Oklahoma Clearinghouse Association, has the pictures. Bank of Oklahoma robbery. Tulsa National Bank.

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