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The following articles are featured in the Compliance section:
  • Is There a Better Way to Comply With BSA Regulations?
  • Take Credit Application Over Phone?
  • Refuse to Cash Check if Charged Off/Bankruptcy?
  • Right of FI To Obtain Info for Conductor (CTR)
  • Small Creditor Status If Branches In Rural County
  • Violation if Do Not Disclose APR? (Monthly Pay)
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The following articles are featured in the Lending section:
  • How Do Banks Deal With Existing Paper Documents After Implementing an Imaging System?
  • Add Cross Collateralization Verbiage to Consumer Loan?
  • Points/Fees Calculation Under HOEPA & QM Rules
  • Timing of Mailing Initial Flood Pre Completion
  • Notice Required When Applicant Withdraws Loan
  • Security Agreement if Purchase Piece of Equipment?
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The following articles are featured in the Operations section:
  • Safe Deposit Release for Abandoned Property Claim
  • 90 Days to Reissue Check If Foreign Entity?
  • One Deceased POD- Give All Funds to Surviving POD?
  • Notify Depository Bank of Large $ Return?
  • How to Open Escrow Agent Account
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The following articles are featured in the Marketing section:
  • 1099 Required for Drawing Prizes More than $10?
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Reporting Counterfeit Currency
If a customer or business deposits counterfeit currency to their account and the bank catches it, is against the law not to report this to the U.S. Secret Service.

Read and weigh in with some helpful information on Counterfeit Currency in the Security - PUBLIC Forum.

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