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The following articles are featured in the Compliance section:
  • Rule on 1099C Reporting and DOD Notifications
  • Reg E Sample Letters for Customer's Liability
  • Reg B Participation Deal for Committed Facility
  • Reg B Definition of Credit Request Or App for LLC
  • Right Copy of Appraisal&Notice For Home Loans 2014
PATRIOT OFFICER® offers the most effective and advanced technology to consolidate your Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing, and Anti-Fraud effort through a centralized case management platform with the highest efficiency? Contact to see how easy you can manage your regulatory compliance and risk management resources with optimal efficiency while removing duplicate effort.

how your bank captures (i.e. digitizes) its documentation could make or break the success of a new electronic content management system. Centralized vs. de-centralized, on-demand vs. batch scanning - simply stated, there are a lot of important decisions for your bank to make. AccuSystems would like your opinion on document capture best practices. By participating in the survey, you'll be entered into a contest for a chance to win a $100 gift card. You'll also receive the summary report upon the survey's completion.

The following articles are featured in the Lending section:
  • The ECOA Valuations Rule: How to Send Electronically
  • What Reporting Capabilities Should Be Considered When Evaluating Document Management Vendors?
  • What Departments Should Be Involved When Selecting a Document Management Software Program?
  • How Do We Set Goals With Regard to Technology Decisions and Planning?
  • Mtg Collateral Grantors Required to Sign Final TIL
  • Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal Copy
  • Can UTMA Account Be Used As Collateral?
  • How to Exempt Non Listed Business From CTR
  • Sample Consumer RE Appraisal Checklist
if you're sending appraisals to borrowers electronically, there are some new acknowledgements you must get from the borrower first? The ECOA Valuations Rule took effect on January 18th, and it specifically mandates that you comply with the E-Sign Act for all electronic deliveries. Click here for a white paper with automated compliance tools.

elder abuse is one of the fasting growing forms of financial crime today, and federal and state laws either require or encourage you to report any financial elder abuse you suspect. Download this free white paper at to learn more about elder abuse, the red flags associated with it and how you can protect the elders in your community.

The following articles are featured in the Operations section:
  • POD Wants CD To Go To Personal Rep (Not POD Named)
  • How to Close Benefit Account If 2 Signers
  • Monitoring Responsibility- Checks After Death POA
  • Personal Login to Access LLC Internet Account?
that accessing property, assessment and foreclosure data doesn't have to be so time consuming. PropertyPIlot does it for you. Our user-friendly, map-based interface makes it easy to quickly access accurate property information you need, when you need it. With millions of properties, PropertyPilot is an important tool to help you lend more intelligently. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

that financial institutions often make their vendor management process harder than it is by tackling too many vendor reviews and collecting too much information? The regulations ask you to look at vendors who have access to customer information or processing systems and those that potentially pose critical risks. For most institutions, that's usually no more than a dozen vendors. Focus your attention there. Concentrate on those relationships that pose critical risks. Click here to learn more about vendor management.

The following articles are featured in the Security section:
  • Applicability of Bank Protection Act
conducting Regression Analysis on your loan data is the only definitive way to determine if your institution treats all applicants equally. However, Fair Lending Regression Analysis isn't right for everyone. Download a FREE eBrief, "A Fair Lending Regression Primer" from TRUPOINT Partners to learn how regression is used in Fair Lending compliance.

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Stolen Debit Card,Reg E, and Signature Transactions
Customer gave debit card to daughter to use. Debit card was stolen from her. Thief then used stolen cards to purchase merchandise, using SIGNATURE-BASED purchase. I know that if these were pin-based transactions, we would be out the money, as the customer reports the transactions as unauthorized. But does it make a difference if the transactions were signature-based?

Read and weigh in with some helpful information on Stolen Debit Card in the Operations Compliance Forum.

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