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The following articles are featured in the Compliance section:
  • CTR for Cashing Cashier Check for Internal Account
  • Penalties if Conduct Credit Check on Non-Customer?
  • Guidance On Record Retention
  • Give Ex-Joint Owner Copies of Past Statements?
  • Guidelines for IRA Account-Deceased Beneficiary
PATRIOT OFFICER® offers the most effective and advanced technology to consolidate your Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing, and Anti-Fraud effort through a centralized case management platform with the highest efficiency? Contact to see how easy you can manage your regulatory compliance and risk management resources with optimal efficiency while removing duplicate effort.

major retailer is accepting Bitcoins. The spread of digital currency makes it important to understand the BSA/AML risks. Fortunately, the experts at Banker's Toolbox are here to help with a free, recorded webinar on the topic. Learn more about the growth of these currencies, the mathematics behind them, the use of the major currencies to date, and the regulatory response.

The following articles are featured in the Lending section:
  • What Features Should a Document Management System Offer With Regard to Managing Customers and Accounts?
  • In What Ways Should New Technology Impact a Bank's Process Improvement Strategy?
  • How Do We Decide What to Do?
  • All Lines of Credit Considered Optional Reporting?
  • Where Should Homebuyer Education Fee Be Listed?
  • MLO NMLS #s Required on Real Estate Documents?
  • Life of Loan Monitoring & New Determination
  • Past Due Notice and Installment Contracts (SCRA)
you could be missing a critical compliance step if you're sending appraisals to borrowers electronically? The new ECOA Valuations Rule took effect on January 18th, and it specifically mandates that you comply with the E-Sign Act for all electronic deliveries. Click here for a white paper with automated compliance tools.

how your bank captures (i.e. digitizes) its documentation could make or break the success of a new electronic content management system. Centralized vs. de-centralized, on-demand vs. batch scanning - simply stated, there are a lot of important decisions for your bank to make. AccuSystems would like your opinion on document capture best practices. By participating in the survey, you'll be entered into a contest for a chance to win a $100 gift card. You'll also receive the summary report upon the survey's completion.

The following articles are featured in the Operations section:
  • Normal Fee to Charge for Cashing Govt Check
  • Recommended Retention Period for Levies/Freezes
  • Required to Open An Account w/ ITIN Number?
  • FDIC Changed Deposit Insured Amount to $100,000?
  • POA Authorized With A Verbal Consent
acquiring customers is always challenging. With PropertyPilot, we make it a whole lot easier. Leverage our robust property data sets with a suite of marketing tools that enable you to target, segment and reach your customers with personalized and relevant direct mail correspondence. Learn how PropertyPilot is helping lenders originate more loans. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

a strong customer experience can co-exist with a strong compliance program? LexisNexis® Bridger Insight XG uses over 15 unique matching algorithms to rapidly screen millions of accounts. Simplify the management of complex country-specific regulations with 100% coverage of global sanctions lists. Find out how to open new accounts faster while you fortify compliance with Bridger Insight XG.

The following articles are featured in the Security section:
  • Physical Security Policy Require Annual Approval?
conducting Regression Analysis on your loan data is the only definitive way to determine if your institution treats all applicants equally. However, Fair Lending Regression Analysis isn't right for everyone. Download a FREE eBrief, "A Fair Lending Regression Primer" from TRUPOINT Partners to learn how regression is used in Fair Lending compliance.

there are countless advantages to outsourcing BSA/AML Transaction Monitoring to the experts? Imagine NO MORE transaction monitoring, alerts, caseloads and staffing issues, while creating more time for other responsibilities. Outsource your transaction monitoring to AML RightSource and experience continuous process improvement to increase the effectiveness of your BSA program.

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The following articles are featured in the Technology section:
  • Reg E What Day to Give Provisional Credit
  • Reg E
that financial institutions often make their vendor management process harder than it is by tackling too many vendor reviews and collecting too much information? The regulations ask you to look at vendors who have access to customer information or processing systems and those that potentially pose critical risks. For most institutions, that's usually no more than a dozen vendors. Focus your attention there. Concentrate on those relationships that pose critical risks. Click here to learn more about vendor management.

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Third-party Sale of Raffle Tickets at the Branch
We would like to have an organization sell raffle tickets in our vestibule. The FDIC regs prohibits us from selling lottery tickets. But are raffle tickets really lottery tickets? And the fact that WE are not actually selling them does in make it permissible? This is what we are trying to interpret: FDIC Reg Pertaining to Lottery Tickets

Read and weigh in with some helpful information on Can an FDIC regulated bank sell raffle tickets? in the General Discussion forum.

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