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The following articles are featured in the Compliance section:
  • How to Handle POA Revocations
  • Commercial Accts Covered Under Reg Fraud Charges?
  • Improperly Coded the Accrual Basis-Reg Z?
  • Reg On Using IRA As Additional Collateral
  • 45 Day Advance Notices Before Imposing Penalty?
PATRIOT OFFICER® offers the most effective and advanced technology to consolidate your Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing, and Anti-Fraud effort through a centralized case management platform with the highest efficiency? Contact to see how easy you can manage your regulatory compliance and risk management resources with optimal efficiency while removing duplicate effort.

The following articles are featured in the Lending section:
  • What's the Best Way to Compare Document Management Vendors?
  • What Are the "Basic" Features We Should Look for in a Document Management Software Application?
  • What Type of Exception Reporting Features Should We Look for in Document Management Software?
  • Flood Determination for 2 parcels But 1 Address
  • News Docs But Same Loan#-Renewal or Refi?
  • Reg O Demand Clause In Note for OD?
  • Bond Required to Refi Public Water Tower
  • Flood Insurance Required If Building Is In SFHA?
a program evaluation is the foundation of a strong BSA/AML program? Without an evaluation, how will you ever know the essential details of your program? Read this free white paper from the experts at Banker's Toolbox to learn how to formulate a strong and thorough program evaluation and build a sterling BSA program for years to come.

it is CRITICAL to see how your lending activity compares to your peers! You can upload your 2013 HMDA data today and begin to see your HMDA story well in advance of the 2013 public aggregate data release this fall. Click here to get a FREE evaluation of potential fair lending issues.

The following articles are featured in the Operations section:
  • Charge NSF Fee On POS If Customer Opted In?
  • Child Owner But Not Signer-Allowed The Balance?
  • Provide Copy of Signature Card to Customer?
  • Turn Off Interest/Switch Primary on Account?
  • Should POD Be On A Christmas Club Account?
not every document management system is the same. Before you select a vendor, it's important to understand what features are required from a system. Exception management, loan approval, and intuitive capture are just a few of the things to consider. Download a free comparison matrix for evaluating software vendors.

The following articles are featured in the Security section:
  • Revenue Certification Form for Phase II Exemptions
conducting Regression Analysis on your loan data is the only definitive way to determine if your institution treats all applicants equally? However, Fair Lending Regression Analysis isn't right for everyone. Download a FREE eBrief, "A Fair Lending Regression Primer" from TRUPOINT Partners to learn how regression is used in Fair Lending compliance.

there are countless advantages to outsourcing BSA/AML Transaction Monitoring to the experts? Imagine NO MORE transaction monitoring, alerts, caseloads and staffing issues, while creating more time for other responsibilities. Outsource your transaction monitoring to AML RightSource and experience continuous process improvement to increase the effectiveness of your BSA program.

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The following articles are featured in the Technology section:
  • By Whom Are We Required to Send Reg E Statements?
  • Restrict Access to DC if Unable to Update Info?
you could be missing a critical compliance step if you're sending appraisals to borrowers electronically? The new ECOA Valuations Rule took effect on January 18th, and it specifically mandates that you comply with the E-Sign Act for all electronic deliveries. Click here for a white paper with automated compliance tools.

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Consumer Online Banking: Sub-users and BSA
Our bank recently rolled out sub-user access for consumer online banking...Shared access may include view-only, ability to make transfers, and initiate payments. The sub-user will have their own credentials and the primary account holders assumes all liability for the activity...No CIP conducted on the sub-user and the customer information on the sub-user will not be maintained on the bank's core. Question: What, if any BSA issues/risks to address?

Read and weigh in with some helpful information on Consumer Online Banking Sub-User Access in the BSA/AML/CIP/OFAC Forum.

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