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The following articles are featured in the Compliance section:
  • Escrow on HELOC Loans
  • Can You Have a POD on A Safe Deposit Box?
  • Allowed to Give SAR Info to Internal Auditors?
  • Regulation DD (12 CFR 320.8) Free Checking Account
  • Demand Feature for Executive Officer on OELC?
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The following articles are featured in the Lending section:
  • How Can We Automate the Flood Certificate Process During Loan Approval?
  • Are There Many Data Backup Headaches Associated With Deploying a New Document Management System?
  • What Are Some Tips for Speeding up the Scanning and Indexing Process?
  • Required to Send Original Recorded Mortgage?
  • Missing Original Mortgage Note From 2013 Closing
  • Forgot to List Private Party Expense:Re-Disclose?
  • Use Debt Modification Agreement to Raise A Rate?
  • New GFE if Change Lender/Same Originator?
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The following articles are featured in the Operations section:
  • Safe Deposit Boxes Profit Center Or Loss Leader?
  • Debiting Funds If Deposits from Child Support?
  • Could Account Have A Successor POD Beneficiary?
  • Spouses Open IRA At Same Time-CTR Required?
  • Change Single Personal CA to Irrevocable Trust?
  • Survivor Of Revocable-New Trust In Their Name?
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Privacy Notices, HELOCs, and the consumer
From a residential lending compliance standpoint, how is the Privacy Notice handled with the consumer. Basically, it is mailed with the initial disclosures within three business days of application. Would the Privacy Notice be treated differently in a HELOC transaction?

Read and weigh in with some helpful information on PRIVACY NOTICE in the Lending Compliance forum.

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