Banker Briefing for the Week of September 1, 2014

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The following articles are featured in the Lending Section:
  • Exam Prep vs. Audit Prep - Which Consumes More Resources for a Community Bank?
  • Audit Preparation Seems to Take Our Bank a Lot of Time. Is That Normal?
  • Should Our Audit Preparation Process Be Paperless?
  • Credit Report Fee Not Charged/Collected on GFE
  • ROR Required for Mobile Home Purchase/Mtg on Land?
  • Loan Secured By Vehicle-HMDA Home Improvement?
  • Coverage for Financing Commercial Prop In SFHA
  • Ability to Repay Risk Requirements & Bridge Loans
Did you know?
In a recent study of 187 community bankers, exam preparation was cited as one of the most tedious administrative activities (29.41% of responses). Your institution's document management process directly impacts the efficiency of your exam preparation workflow. Download a free analysis of the exam prep processes of 187 community banks.

The following articles are featured in the Operations Section:
  • Notification of Large Return Item: Over 2,500
  • Laws On Changing Monthly Fee On Dormant Accounts
  • Names Stacked On Joint Account-Considered And/Or?
  • US Treasury Check Payable to Father for Son
  • Information Required In Overdraft Notices
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The regulatory expectations in the AML/BSA Compliance arena are getting higher. So, let the professionals handle it. Our state of the art team of compliance professionals assist clients with Lookbacks and Backlog Remediation, Enhanced Due Diligence Reviews, BSA staffing enhancement / Case Overflow Management, and Total BSA Work Flow Outsourcing. When compliance matters, think AML RightSource. Visit

The following articles are featured in the Security Section:
  • Minimum Number of Continuing ED Hours for Security
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Conducting Regression Analysis on your loan data is the only definitive way to determine if your institution treats all applicants equally? However, Fair Lending Regression Analysis isn't right for everyone. Download a FREE eBrief, "A Fair Lending Regression Primer" from TRUPOINT Partners to learn how regression is used in Fair Lending compliance.

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The following articles are featured in the Technology Section:
  • Credit Card App in PDF to Fill Online
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The CFPB and OCC have recently issued reminders about their requirements for Third-Party Oversight? If you deal with collateral valuation or appraisal operations, this is critical reading for you. Click here to get a white paper with fourteen recommendations for choosing the right vendors to limit your risk.

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