September 9, 2003

It's CIP Week! When you go to the Compliance section, you'll find ten articles, thirteen guru Q&As, and a compilation of CIP-related discussions from Bankers' Threads. Is that all? Of course not. We've created a special page and filled it with CIP-related tools that you are free to use. We've even organized some eCards following the theme that you can send to fellow bankers. Check it out now.

Is CIP related to marketing? You bet. You want lots of new customers, but you want to be sure that they are good quality accounts. Identity verification software will allow you to attract new business and help avoid problem accounts. And, for CIP Week, we've gleaned the best marketing CIP-related discussions from the Bankers' Threads and presented them in a .pdf file for you to download. There's more, but you'll need to get to the Marketing section to read about it.

Your Board will need to approve the revised BSA compliance program incorporating the CIP. This executive summary will provide them with a heads-up on the subject. Would you like to discuss scenarios as you train you staff for CIP? BOL Guru Mary Beth Guard has created a couple dozen that you can use to start discussion of the topic. And there's more. Guru Q&As, a digest of related threads, eCards, and tools. It's all waiting for you in the Operations section.

During CIP Week in the Lending section, we'll ask about the loan customers you never see? How do you identify them? Also, the application and underwriting process has become casual - too casual. The information needed for CIP should be re-emphasized. We'll give you some pointers. And, a special article focusing on CIP and lending. You want more? We'll supply you with tools you can use and a digest of lending discussions related to CIP found on Bankers' Threads.

Do you know which customers you don't have to verify? Do you know when the verification needs to be done? We'll sort it all out with two charts. Also, can you name the four components to the risk assessment you must make? You'll be able to after you read this article. And, to round out the special CIP Week content, we have tools, eCards, a special 326 Resource page, and more. But to see it all, you'll need to head on over to the Security section.

This week in the Technology section, we'll discuss the use of various solutions to solve the customer identification requirements. Also, as in each of the main content sections, we've provided a digest of CIP-related discussions for you to download. And, to go along with all of that, there are tools, section 326 resources, and even special eCard offerings that you are free to use. Head on over right away.