Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Most Effective Way to Consolidate AML and Fraud
Prevention with Highest Efficiency
PATRIOT OFFICER is endorsed by the American Bankers Association, NAFCU and many well-known associations across the nation. PATRIOT OFFICER will keep all the confidential data and secret SAR data safely inside your institutions, where they belong. To schedule a free demo or receive more information, please contact sales@gv-systems.com.

• Bureau cautions student borrowers
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released its Mid-year update on student loan complaints, summarizing complaints received between October 1, 2013, and March 31, 2014. The article includes a consumer advisory concerning the potential for a lender to declare a private student loan in default if a co-signer on the loan dies or declares bankruptcy. The Bureau advised students in repayment to determine whether their lender allows the release of co-signers after a series of timely payments and a credit check. Obtaining such a release can protect the borrower from a surprise default, and also benefit the co-signer. The article provides information on how a borrower and co-signer can inquire about the availability of a release of the co-signer. More in today's Top Stories.

April 23, 2014 (1 hour) - 12:30 ET
Consolidating FRaud detection and AML (FRAML) is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Learn about the three dimensions of consolidation, the four categories of increased effectiveness, shortcomings of siloed anti-fraud and AML, ways various size FIs have implemented consolidation, and best practices for embarking on a consolidation initiative.

• G.20 Finance Companies report
The Federal Reserve Board has released the February 2014 G.20 Owned and Managed Receivables Outstanding and Auto Loans: Terms of Credit report. More in today's Top Stories.

AML RightSource
The Smart Solution
AML RightSource provides an outsource solution for transaction monitoring. We offer not only the technology, but certified professionals to monitor your transactions and report back to you. Partnering with AML RightSource potentially allows you to reduce the cost of your BSA compliance department while saving time and resources.

• NCUA Report
The April 2014 issue of The NCUA Report highlights important NCUA Board actions and key issues. It also includes articles from the chairman and each of the board members regarding their take on current topics. More in today's Top Stories.

National HMDA Benchmarks for Fair Lending
In today's data centric regulatory world, you need to understand what your loan data indicates about your institution's approach to fair lending. The full story cannot be told without benchmarking against the industry. How do your application rates compare? Are you higher or lower than the national averages?
Click here to get a free National HMDA Benchmark report.

ECOA Valuation Rule: Sending PDFs to Borrowers
The ECOA Valuations Rule (effective Jan 18th) includes an E-Sign Act compliance requirement for appraisals delivered electronically. Download a free compliance report here. Use SureReceipts as a web-based solution to avoid risk - only 50ยข per compliant, documented report to your borrower.

Fair Lending Analysis and Using Automated Tools for Analysis FREE Webinar
April 29, 2014 (1 hour) - 1:30 ET
Join ComplianceTech to learn about using automated solutions for fair lending analysis. We will discuss how you can improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of your fair lending analysis. We will look at Fair Lending Magic™ to demonstrate an easy graphical interface, extensive on-line help and a data quality assessment tool.

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April 22, 2014
A Banker's Guide to Virtual Currency
Presented by
Andrew Beal

April 24, 2014
BSA/AML Compliance: Writing the SAR Narrative
Presented by
Ken Golliher

April 29, 2014
HSA Basics
Presented by
Whitney Johnson

April 29, 2014
HSA Basics
Presented by
Whitney Johnson

May 13, 2014
Overdraft Practices in Today's Regulatory Environment
Presented by
John Burnett

May 14, 2014
Reg E Claims - Allocating Liability Correctly
Presented by
Andy Zavoina

May 15, 2014
Managing Electronic Information - From A to Zettabyte
Presented by
Fred Menge

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