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Learn what you need without disrupting your day. is proud to present you with online education that comes to you automatically by email every day. The courses are taught by a faculty of BOL Gurus with years of experience in the banking field.

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Email Education: How does it work?
You need to get up-to-speed in lots of areas but you don't have lots of time. We understand and we can help. Email education will allow you to get the information you need without disrupting your day. In the span of a few short days, you'll find yourself absorbing - and understanding - the issues. Some of the courses will challenge you with a question each day. Others will break down complicated issues into bite-sized chunks that you can digest in just a few minutes. And while we're only offering these two courses today, we're working hard on others. Check back often to see what's new.

Expert Training - on YOUR Schedule.
Taught by a faculty of BOL Gurus and experts with years of experience, we'll provide you with education delivered automatically to your inbox each business day.

Try before you buy…
If you want to get a taste of how email education works, sign up for the Punctuation course. It's free. You'll get a sense of the way email education works (and you may even improve your writing skills). But best of all, you'll see how easy it is to pick up a lot of info while investing just a little time.