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#1635767 - 12/06/11 10:55 AM Benefits

I was just curious as to the kinds of benefits most have working at small-medium sized banks. I started at a new bank about 4 months ago. They do offer health insurance, vacation, 401K(matches only 1%), sick and personal time. The bank I was at before offered the same, but they also gave a summer bonus and a Christmas bonus (certain % of yearly salary) and each employee at every branch received $50 the week before Christmas. The 401K matched 50% of what you put in. I left for personal reasons, so I don't want anyone to wonder why I left if my benefits were so much better. Just curious as to what others have offered to them.

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#1635799 - 12/06/11 11:18 AM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]
TINKerBell Offline
Power Poster

Registered: 11/16/06
Posts: 2990
Loc: Midwest Mitten
Standard bene package....Health, dental, vision, 401K (1% match), STD and LTD, Life, Voluntary Life, ADD, HSA, etc....the basics! Never worked at a bank where semi annual bonuses were the norm. PTO seems to be the new choice for combining sick, vacation and personal time off.
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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#1635841 - 12/06/11 11:43 AM Re: Benefits [Re: TINKerBell]
Loralie Offline
100 Club

Registered: 01/03/09
Posts: 108
Loc: IL
Standard benefits here- Sick, personal, and vacation, Health- no dental or eye benefits though. We do get a $100 christmas bonus, and various bonuses every few years based on goals (last year they took anyone who wanted to go on a weekend trip to Chicago- bank paid for transportaion, hotel, 1 meal and $50 spending, everything else was on your own)
Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

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#1635847 - 12/06/11 11:47 AM Re: Benefits [Re: Loralie]
osucpa Online
Platinum Poster

Registered: 05/13/11
Posts: 638
Never include bonuses in your benefits package. They can be easily and justly taken away. Appears the 401(k) matching is low.

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#1635854 - 12/06/11 11:51 AM Re: Benefits [Re: Loralie]

Thanks for the responses. I just don't feel as if this bank really shows appreciation for hard work.. I know I have only been here 4 months, but talking to the other employess, they say raises come slowly and some are unapreciated. I am just kinda in a rut. Not sure if I should stick around or find another bank that offers more benefits. I was in desperate need of a job when I took this one. I didn't have much time to interview at other banks. That weekend trip to Chicago is pretty awesome! I've never heard of a bank doing that.

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#1635862 - 12/06/11 11:54 AM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]

Oh, i know about the bonus thing. The bank I worked at for 3 years gave bonuses semi annually. They weren't guaranteed, but we knew we were going to get them for the most part. The bank I am at now has never given bonuses.

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#1635863 - 12/06/11 11:55 AM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]

Frank Shirley (Boss): "Bonus? What bonus? I cut out bonuses this year!"
Clark W. Griswold, Jr.: "Well, thanks for not telling us! When you pay a bonus every year, people begin to count on them as part of their salary."

Lesson, Even generous bonus programs should never be taken for granted. They can vanish in a blink of the eye.

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#1635866 - 12/06/11 11:57 AM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]

I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, but I'm not considering bonuses as part of salary or benefit. Just curious as to what other banks offer...That's all... I was just trying to state the bank I work at now has never given them.

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#1635894 - 12/06/11 12:17 PM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]

Never never never count on a bonus. Years ago, the company I worked for gave a bonus that was the equivalent of more than a paycheck to every employee for over 10 years in a row. The 11th year, we were all stunned when we were handed a box of chocolates instead. None of us expected that, let me tell you! Christmas gifts for all my friends and family went on the credit card that year, and I learned a valuable lesson... never expect anything that's not in writing.

The bank I work for now has never given bonuses. We have vacation (sliding scale based on years of service), sick time (6 days per year), and personal time (2 days per year), short and long term disability, life insurance equivalent to one year's salary, accidental death & dismemberment insurance, and health insurance (no vision, no dental): the bank pays a portion and we pay a very high dollar amount out of every paycheck for the premiums. We have 401(k) but the bank doesn't match anything. We have a profit sharing program, but the bank has not contributed anything during the past two years. No health savings account.

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#1635899 - 12/06/11 12:22 PM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]

Oh, I know that was unexpected. I don't count on the bonuses...Just wondered how many other banks offered them and what other benefits were offered. We don't have the short/long term disability, life insurance, profit sharing program or health savings. We just have basic health insurance(no dental/vision) and 401(k).

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#1635930 - 12/06/11 01:34 PM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]

"we were all stunned when we were handed a box of chocolates instead."

or a membership in the Jelly of the Month Club!

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#1635977 - 12/06/11 02:03 PM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]
BrendaC Offline
Power Poster

Registered: 09/18/01
Posts: 6029
Loc: Sweet Home AL
401(k) 1% match = OUCH!

On the positive side, you have a job.
Life without Jesus is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point.

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#1636020 - 12/06/11 02:39 PM Re: Benefits [Re: BrendaC]
Matt_B Offline
Diamond Poster

Registered: 09/06/11
Posts: 1360
Loc: A CU, Where Regs Don't Apply
We receive a longevity bonus on our aniversary dates, a year end bonus based on annual sales incentives, and 5% matching with their contribution increasing 1% per year for the first 5 years in the program (which you can get in after 1 year's employment), so essentially at year six, you can contribute 5% and they will put in 10%. The benefits definitely make up for the smaller base pay.

I work in a moderately sized CU in the mid-west that is experiencing growth, but we do our best to remember how incredibly well we are treated as employees!
Someone's about to get horned!

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#1636027 - 12/06/11 02:56 PM Re: Benefits [Re: BrendaC]
fun grandma Online

Registered: 11/21/08
Posts: 81
Loc: midwest
I just switched banks, previous bank was PTO and 401K match changed each year, usually around 5%, the kicker was you didn't get the match unless you were employed on Dec 31st. So I get the match this year. Did get a christmas bonus.
New bank vacation/sick days (more than my PTO was), 401K match 3% plus profit sharing. Been told that get $100 at chrismas.
Otherwise pretty similiar on insurance,(health, life, etc.)
For me the benefits were the plus. Oh, by the way, I got a nice increase in wages and became an officer with my move.
Totally worth it!
Nice to be appreciated.

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#1636057 - 12/06/11 03:18 PM Re: Benefits [Re: fun grandma]

fun grandma...Sounds like you have an awesome place to work... I just don't know if I should start looking for something else or not. I have been here 4 months...My 90 day review has been over-looked and I have brought it to managements' attention. Still haven't gotten my review yet. I was told at interview that I would get a review and that if I was doing a good job, I would get a raise. At my old bank I was a real estate loan processor. I am a loan administrator now. I make sure customer s pay taxes and that we keep current financials and insurance. Was told that after my 90 days, I would be processing real estate loans. Still doing the same thing as when I was hired. Any suggestions??

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#1636166 - 12/06/11 06:05 PM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]
Deputy Dawn Offline
Gold Star

Registered: 02/21/07
Posts: 453
Loc: Pennsylvania
How is your bank doing?

If your bank is having record profits and they are just being stingy with their employees, that is one thing. If the bank is having lean times because of the economy and loan losses, that's another story.

Years ago, we got a bonus just for being an employee. Then they moved to setting goals and your bonus payout was based on your achievement of the goals. The first goal is meeting the Board of Directors expectation of ROA.

There was grumbling because we didn't receive a bonus last year and we won't receive one this year, but I feel it is the responsible decision. Yes, everyone is working hard, but if the money isn't there for the bonus, it's not right to pay it out.

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#1644366 - 12/29/11 03:00 PM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]

$1B commercial bank. Standard benefits include medical/dental/vision, 100% paid by the employer. 3% match on 401k. 6-sick days, 2-personal days and 15-paid vacation days. Annual wage increase around 8-10%.

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#1644384 - 12/29/11 03:26 PM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]
SeH85 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/16/11
Posts: 43
Loc: TX
Makes me wonder why I work where I do!!!

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#1644553 - 12/29/11 06:11 PM Re: Benefits [Re: TINKerBell]

Originally Posted By: TinkerBell
Standard bene package....the basics!

Is there a "standard" or "basic" anymore? My employer has slowly eroded most of what used to be "standard" and "normal" to the point where we now have no dental no vision no bonus no raises and we do now pay so much toward our health insurance I make almost 9% less than I made last year.

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#1644613 - 12/30/11 08:19 AM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]
4-2-go Online
Gold Star

Registered: 11/12/08
Posts: 367
Loc: East
Same here, with increase in medical insurance my pay is less each year. This year our insurance increased twice!
My best days are yet to come.

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#1644662 - 12/30/11 09:54 AM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]

My bank only offers health insurance. No dental or vision... I only pay a small portion of the premium, but it's still crappy insurance. They want us to be good employees, but at the same time when you're not appreciated it's hard...No bonuses or raises...Somehow the "uppers" always get raises and bonuses...

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#1668391 - 02/22/12 02:10 PM Re: Benefits [Re: Anonymous]
.M. Offline
New Poster

Registered: 11/03/11
Posts: 10
My current bank: After 90 days: Medical, dental, vision, STD, LTD, FMLA and Life paid 65% by the bank. 401(k) available after 1 year of service, matched up to 3% - after 5 years, you're fully vested. 6 day-to-day absences available for sick time. 2 weeks vacation after 1 year of service. You may "borrow" up to 1 week of vacation during your 1st year of employement, after 6 months. If you do so, in your 2nd year (when you would have received 2 weeks, you'll only get the 1) and you cannot borrow anymore until your 3rd year. No Christmas or annual bonus. The Christmas party you get a gift "if" your name is called or get a consolation prize of a pretty cheap logo blanket.

My previous bank: All benefits after 30 days of service, 401(k) matched up to 6%, 2 weeks paid time off plus 6 sick days. $250 Christmas bonus regardless if you've been there 10 years or 10 minutes. Plus a plush blanket.

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