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This is the place where BOL brings together: articles, guru questions, links to external resources, quick access to the reg and background commentary published in the Federal Register, HMDA-related tools, threads, e-cards, and excerpts from relevant portions of our Executive Briefings to help you comply.

A collection of guru questions and answers.Guru Chatter on HMDA.

Civil Money Penalties
HMDA Tools

HMDA - Getting It Right - 2013
The Guide is a valuable resource for assisting all institutions in their HMDA reporting. It provides a summary of responsibilities and requirements, directions for assembling the necessary tools, and step-by-step instructions for reporting HMDA data. This is a PDF file.

HMDA Refi Cheat Sheet
Sarah D. Scott, VP Compliance & CRA at Heritage Oaks Bank provided BOL with two tools she developed for her bank for HMDA. There is a checklist for tracking records and identifying problems and a data collection form.

HMDA Refi Cheat Sheet
Jeanette Nichols CRCM,a consultant for First Colebrook Bank in Colebrook, NH contributed this HMDA cheat sheet for guidance on the applicability of HMDA reporting for refinanced loans. This is unique with its graphical and fun interface. There are quick definitions and three scenarios for refi reporting to keep your data accurate.

HMDA Getting It Right Primer
Jeanette also contributed this document which covers the basics of what accounts should be on the HMDA LAR. In addition there are loan scenarios and explanations as to why they should or should not be reported.

Government Monitoring Information Rules
Tony Price of Legacy Bank, Weatherford, OK has compiled some charts along his compliance path. This compares differences betweem Regulations B and C as to what is an applicant, the purpose of the loan, occupancy status and much more.

HMDA Worksheet
After noticing that for ethnicity, race and sex on the HMDA worksheet there was no space for the applicant or coapplicant data, Rick Bauer of Farmers Citizens Bank in Bucyrus, OH modified it and has shared the modified version with us.

HMDA Workflow
Banker's Compliance Consulting has prepared a workflow sheet to help you determine what is reported.

HMDA MSA and Micropolitan SA Spreadsheet
This tool from Don Narup, frequent Threads poster and head of CRA Information Services is an Excel spreadsheet which will help get you up to speed on changes to MAs for HMDA purposes.
Monitoring Information Collection Guide
Jim Bedsole has prepared a handy guide for determining when government monitoring information should be asked for by financial institutions subject to HMDA. Ellen Cavanaugh has updated these and provided some additional tools. HMDA Data Collection Worksheet
Designed by Nancy Anderson and updated by Dan Persfull, here is a tool to help lenders capture data necessary for HMDA reporting. It's in Word .doc format.
Dave Majowski provided a HMDA Input Reporting Worksheet. He validates all information compiled on this sheet by loan officers, calculate the rate spread if necessary, then keys it in the HMDA software. It's in Word .doc format.
Dan also provided a separate HMDA Data Collection form for those times when GMI is required, but a URLA 1003 isn't used.

Reg C


HMDA e-Cards
Cards for those special individuals who have to contend with monitoring information collection, data scrubbing, and LAR completion.

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