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Hazard Insurance
Force Placed Insurance/No Homeowners: Escrow?
Protective Advance Considered Forced-Placed?
Info on Force Placement of Homeowners Insurance
GFE and HUD - Hazard Insurance
Referring Loan Customers to Insurance Agency
Flood Insurance - Wait Until a Triggering Event?
Force Place Flood – Adding New Collateral
Flood Zone Lending
Timeframe to Provide Flood Insurance
Property Was Not in Flood Zone - New Flood Certification?
Mobile Home - Private Flood Insurance Required?
Updating Flood Insurance
Flood Map Revision
Flood Insurance & Mobile Homes
Flood Hazard Determination - Commercial Property
No Flood Notice Given - Force Place Flood?
Flood Certificate – One Time or Life of Loan?
Flood Determination Date & ROR
Mandatory Flood Coverage on All Buildings?
Flood Insurance - Additional Premium Owed
Property Deemed to be in the SFHA
Determining the Flood Premium & Disclosing on GFE
Flood Zone - Must Determination & Policy Match?
Flood Insurance - Conflicting Zones
Calculating Condo Hazard Insurance Coverage
Dating Flood Research Data
Flood Compliance & Master Certifications
Business Loan Disclosures
Commercial Loan Insurance
FDIC Flood Audit - Pulling the Flood Cert
Calculating Amount of Required Hazard Insurance
Flood Insurance Coverage - No Appraisal
Flood Zone Re-mapping Notices
Oops! We May Have Flood Penalty Disaster
Flood Letter Not Furnished
Determining Builder's Risk Coverage
Flood - Force Place Per Customer's Request?
Condo Flood Insurance Disclosures
When the Zone Differs
Force Placed Insurance - Amount of Coverage
Loan Renewal - Flood Certification Notice
Is a Flood Letter Sent to the Borrower Sufficient?
Determining Flood Insurance on Condos/Townhomes
Flood Coverage - Loan Secured by Rent Houses
Flood Insurance Shortfall
Obtaining Additional Flood Insurance
Does this Cancel the Flood Violation?
HELOC Extends Past 7 Years - New Flood Required?
Flood Determination/Notices
Multiple Loans, Deeds & Flood Certs
Flood Coverage on New Condo Project
Two Flood Certifications/Determinations Needed?
Loan not In SFHA - Monitor Flood-mapping Change?
Signing a New SFHD Form for Remapped Property
Flood Insurance Condo Coverage
Flood Insurance Liability
Obtain & Retain Borrower's Signature on SFHD
Complying with FDIC SCANS bulletin #Chiro-04-2001
Flood Certificates for Subdivision
Mobile Home Owners Insurance In Lieu of NFIP/ WYO?
Flood Certificates
Dispute of Flood Zone
Flood Search
Flood Hazard - 10 Day Waiting Period
Fee Limitations on Forced Placed Flood Insurance
New Flood Hazard Determination Form
Flood Insurance Catch 22
Flood Insurance on Shed and Irrigation Pump?
New Truth in Lendingon Modification of Existing Loan
Two Part Flood Question
HMDA - Definition of a Refinance
How Soon Must Flood Determination Be Pulled?
Flood Insurance as it Pertains to Reg Z
Must We Use the FEMA SFHDF Document?
Flood Requirements (PDF)
True or False - Reg Z
Flood Insurance Coverage
Storage Buildings in Flood Hazard Area
Disclosing Hazard Insurance on HUD-1
Flood Insurance
Flood again, with a different wrinkle
Determining the hazard insurance requirement
Flood Compliance Tip
Life of Loan Designation
Disclosing Property Taxes Under RESPA
GLBA agreement with third parties
Signature for Flood Hazard Purposes
Renewing loans, property improvements, and flood
Advance Notice of Hazard Insurance Force Placement
Additional Flood Insurance for Line of Credit
Flood Insurance Needed?
Calculation of NFIP Insurance Benefits
Will Your Collateral Remain Insured?
Hazard Insurance Disclosure & RESPA
Disclosing The Cost Of Hazard Insurance
Insurance Requirements For Lender Forced-Placed Hazard Insurance

TIL/GFE Disclosures for HELOC to Purchase Home
How to Calculate High Cost Mortgage Limits-HELOC
How to Correct Maturity Date (HELOC Agreement)
Examples/Terms for Program to Lock HELOC
Right to Receive Appraisal Notice 2nd Lien HELOC?
Assignment of Rents & Leases for HELOC
Removing Deceased Joint Owner From HELOC
How to Disclose Borrow Paid Closing Cost HELOC
Allowed to Send HELOC Statements Electronically?
Fixed Home Equity vs. Home Equity Closed-End Loan
Homeownership Counseling Notices for HELOCs
High Cost Mortgage Loans
Collect Fees on Home Equity Before Closing?
Collect Fees on Home Equity Before Closing?
Revolving Line of Credit w/o Being HELOC?
RESPA Disclosure Required for HELOC (Not a Purchase)
Servicing Disclosure for Open-End Home Equity?
Make Home Equity Loan to Irrevocable Trust?
Open End Mortgage w/o Being Identified As HELOC?
Procedure for Terming Out A HELOC
Cash Advance on HELOC Withdrawal Slip Risk
Disclose Fees as POC to get Correct APR? HELOC
Title Insured Open-Ended HELOC Require HUD-1?
Can HELOC Be Calculated on 360/360?
Reg Z Modification Agreement on HELOC
Line Frozen Until Rescission Up? (HELOC Increase)
All New Docs if Reduce Rate on HELOC?
What Happens to Mortgage if HELOC Matured?
Disclosures for Increasing Amount on HELOC
Disclosures for Increasing Amount on HELOC
How Far In Advance to Send HELOC Statements
Percentage-Based Fee for HE Convenience Checks?
Disclosures Needed at Time of App for HELOC
New Disclosures for HELOC w/Amortizing Loan
HELOC Exemption from RESPA GFE Closing Cost
REG Z-Periodic Statement for HELOC
Can a HELOC be used as a Sweep Account?
HE Promo- Defer 1st Payment for 90 Days Incentive
Right of Rescission on Equity Line Renewal?
HELOC w/o Activity or Balance-Send Statement?
Reg B- Collecting Monitoring Data on HELOC Apps?
"Cooling Off Periods" Apply to Home Equity Loans?
HELOC: Converting to Fixed P & I Payment
Disclosures for Extending Closed Home Equity Loan
Cooling Off Period after Closing for Home Equity
  • How to use HELOC to Payoff Unsecured Personal Debt
    HELOC Loans Covered Under SAFE Act?
    Documents for HELOC Open End that Matured
    SAFE Requirements and Construction Loans
    Modify a HELOC to Product Trigger New Disclosures?
    Using HEQ to Purchase another Dwelling
    Renewing Loan that was a HELOC
    Cut Off Time for HELOCS
    HELOC - Change of Terms or Modification
    Paying Commercial Taxes on HELOC
    Reducing a HELOC
    HELOC and HMDA Reportables
    Increasing Annual Fee on HELOCs
    Modifying a HELOC - or Redocumenting?
    Subordination Request a Change in Terms?
    HELOCs and First Mortgages
    Does Increase in Credt mean New Appraisal?
    What does Co-signer Sign on HELOC?
    HELOCs Exempt from RESPA
    Refinancing a HELOC
    Freezing a HELOC
    RESPA and HELOCs
    HELOC Loan to Purchase a House?
    Fees on Home Equity Loans
    HELOC - Fees & Closing Costs
    Purchase Money HELOC - Collecting GMI
    HELOC Program Disclosure
    HELOC Application - Timing of Disclosures
    HELOCs - HMDA Reporting
    HELOC Denial
    HELOC Monthly Statements
    HELOC - New Early Disclosures & Higher Price Loans
    HELOCs Subject to MDIA?
    Existing HELOC Promotion
    Credit Card Act – HELOC Statements
    HELOC Modification
    Credit CARD Act - Cash Reserve Accounts & HELOCs
    Final TIL on a HELOC
    The 21 Day Window
    Advertising No Closing Costs
    HMDA - Home Equity Term Loan Vs HELOC
    Reducing Line of Credit - RESPA Violation?
    Three Rate Spread Questions
    Increasing the Floor on HELOC Agreements
    Collect GMI on a HELOC?
    ROR on Mortgage & HELOC Closing Simultaneously
    Combining Loans – Does ROR Apply?
    Adding Spouse to Open-End HELOC
    Acquired HELOCS - Change in Terms
    Renegotiating Indefinite HELOCs
    Imposing a Default Rate of Interest on a HELOC
    Overdrafts Covered by HELOC
    Home Equity Line of Credit - Open End
    ROR on HELOC Renewal?
    HELOC Rate - Floating or Fixed?
    Son of HELOC Account Holder is Authorized Signer
    15 Year Historical Example on a HELOC Disclosure
    HELOC - No ROR Required?
    HELOC Outside Banner
    Is This HELOC Renewal Considered a Refinance?
    Fair Housing - Disclose Assets/Net Worth
    HELOC Secured by a Second Home
    HELOC Suspension Letters - 202.9 Requirements
    Must We Redisclose Thousands of HELOCs?
    HELOC Modification Or a New Loan Required?
    Change in Terms, No New Money, ROR Needed?
    HELOC Documents
    Extending a Revolving Line of Credit, Give ROR?
    Divorce & HELOCs
    GMI on a HELOC - Home Purchase or Refinance
    Equity Line of Credit – Funds Disbursal
    Tying a HELOC to the Prime Rate
    ROR on Second Trust Deed HELOC Loan
    HELOC - Property in a Land Trust
    Mobile Home HELOC
    Business Purpose HELOCs?
    HELOCs Without a Maturity Date?
    HELOC Modification - Extending the Draw Period
    Document Needed for HELOC Extension
    Outside Banner Advertising a HELOC
    HELOC Marketing
    Customer Appreciation HELOC Offer
    Radio Advertising Disclosures
    Investment Property - Residential HELOC Financing
    Disclosure of HELOC Early Termination Fee
    HELOCs & ARM Disclosures
    Non-owner Occupied HELOC - ROR Period
    Home Equity Application
    HELOC Overdraft Protection
    And the Disclosures Go To....
    HELOC Visa Referral and Rewards Program
    Info Needed on Adjustable Rate HELOCs
    Credit Agreement Amendment
    HMDA Reporting - Opting Out
    Equity Line of Credit - Exempt from ROR?
    Auto as Additional Collerateral on a HELOC
    HELOC Suspected of Being Used for Money Laundering
    HELOC Rescission
    Non-cash Gift HELOC Promotion
    Treat Them as an MSB?
    HELOC Extends Past 7 Years - New Flood Required?
    Transferring HELOC Funds into Checking Account
    Expiration of HELOC Apps/Disclosures?
    ACH Transactions on HELOCs
    Fact Act Letter
    Teaser Rate Disclosures
    Floor and Ceiling Rate Disclosures
    HMDA - Optional & Non-Reportable Credit
    HELOC - Disclosing Closing Costs
    HELOC Payment Stream Calculation
    HMDA, HELOCs and Monitoring Information
    HELOC - Loan Advance by Spouse Not on the Note
    HELOC TIL Reimbursable Violation?
    HELOCs & Fixed HEs - Flood Insurance Tracking
    We Don't Report HELOC's Under HMDA, However...
    HELOC Past Due - Offset Business Account
    10% Fee on Every Draw from a HELOC
    HELOC Late Fees
    HELOC - Who Signs the Note?
    Open HELOC & HMDA Reporting
    HE Loans with Rates Based on Commitment Tiers
    Early Disclosure Rules on Seconds
    Freezing the HELOC Account
    HMDA Reporting & Commercial Loans
    HELOC - Notice of Right to Rescind
    HELOC - Notice of Right to Cancel
    Timing of the GFE
    Offering Insiders HELOCs with No Closing Costs
    HELOC Rules & Advertising "Variable Rate Tied To Prime Rate"
    15 year Historical Rate Index Table & the APR
    Borrowing on Home Owned By a Business
    LLC Client Doing a HELOC on Personal Residence
    Freeze or Close Out Available Credit on a HELOC
    HMDA (PDF)
    Servicing Transfer Notice
    Notice of Transfer on First-Lien HELOC?
    Refinancing a HELOC as an ARM
    Limits on Texas HELOC Loan to Value?
    A HOEPA or Not a HOEPA - How to Tell
    Affiliated Business Disclosure for HELOC Referral
    Servicing Transfer Notice
    Affinity Group Banking Program
    Marketing Campaign to Existing HELOC Customers
    Outside Banner Advertising a HELOC
    Putting the LOCK on a HELOC -- Can Do?
    Two HELOC questions
    Prescreened borrower now unemployed
    Benefits of Cash-Out Refinancing
    Collecting GMI on HELOC Applications
    Timing of Appraisal Notice on HELOCs
    HELOCs, Direct Mail Promotion and Disclosures
    When to Make Early Disclosures
    Offering Consumers a Fee for Customer Referral
    When is a Web Application an Application?
    Faxed Mortgage Loan Application
    Pros and Cons of HELOC Debit Card Access
    Advertising HELOC on Website Banner
    Setting the HELOC Maturity Date
    Home equity line of credit and right of rescission
    Mortgage Application OK for HELOC?
    When Are Early Disclosures Required?
    Rescission and Home Equity Lines
    Residential Mortgage Tied to Prime Rate
    Do We HUD-1 This HELOC?
    HOEPA and Demand Clauses
    HELOC Disclosures
    Do We Disclose if We Charge Back a HELOC Check?
    Do We Send Disclosures to HELOC or Credit Card Accounts?
    Will Credit Card or HELOC Checks be Imaged?
    Application of Rescission to Business HELOCs
    Commercial Loan Now HMDA Reportable
    Advertising Construction Loans
    Reporting HELOCs on HMDA Report
    Retention Period on Home Equity Loan Files
    HELOC Tied to ODP
    Guru Chatter on HMDA/HOEPA
    Additional Flood Insurance for Line of Credit
    Rescission on HELOCs
    Disclosures on HELOC to Purchase Home
    RESPA and HELOCs
    Changing Credit Limit on HELOC
    Debit Cards Tied to HELOCs
    Right of Rescission on HELOC?
    Early TIL on Home Equity Line?
    Rescission in Mixed Loan Joint Closing
    "Customization" of HELOCs
    HOEPA Disclosures & Closed-end Home Equity Loans
    A HELOC for a Living Trust?
    Purchase money open end line of credit?
    HELOC Rules & Advertising "Variable Rate Tied To Prime Rate"
    Placing Floor Rate On Existing HELOCs
    Mortgage Notices: Late Charges & Due Date
    Home Equity Loan, Primary Residence, and ROR
    One Property, Two Loans: Two Flood Determinations?
    Guidelines For Reporting HELOCS
    Insider Lending Limits & Mortgages
    Software Available To Compute Historical Data For HELOC Programs
    Purchase Money Loan, HELOC, or Both
    Accessing HELOC Accounts: DDA Accounts, Debit v. Credit cards, and Unsolicited Delivery
    APRs and HELOCs
    Disclosures: Using A HELOC To Pay Off First Mortgage
    Payoff of Home Equity Loan vs. HELOC
    Required Disclaimers For Radio Ads
    Required Checking Accounts For HELOCs
    HELOC: The software printed the wrong index. Do we need to send new disclosures?

    Risk Assessment Survey Form
    How Does a Bank Determine If It Is In a HIFCA?
    Your Bank's "Location" and CIP
    CIP Week (PDF)

    Unsecured Loan to Payoff Existing-HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Getting It Right Manual
    HMDA CMP Accessed In 2014 Info
    Water Softener Reportable As Home Improvement?
    How to Report Income On HMDA LAR
    Is Cancelled/Incomplete Loan HMDA Reportable?
    Purchase/Rehab & Props Unknown-HMDA Reportable?
    Loan Secured By Vehicle-HMDA Home Improvement?
    Minimum Loan Amount to Report Refi/Purchase
    Must All Refinances Be Secured w/ A Dwelling?
    All Lines of Credit Considered Optional Reporting?
    Definition of Home Improvements
    Borrow Money to Remove Tree From Prop-HMDA?
    All Debt Required To Be Paid Off/Refi for HMDA?
    Denial If Do Not Go Through w/ Counteroffer?
    Mobile Homes Attached to Land-Both HMDA?
    Report on HMDA for Re-Repurchase of A Loan?
    Lien on Home Abundance of Caution-Reportable?
    HMDA Is Covered Under What Federal Regulation?
    Refi Residential Dwelling for Corp Offices-HMDA?
    Report Rate Spreads on HMDA LAR for PR Loans?
    Secure Loan w/Personal Residence-HMDA Reportable?
    Commercial Participation Loan Subject to HMDA?
    Refi HMDA if Original Funds Were Business Purpose?
    Dwelling Secured to Finance Future Purchase-HMDA?
    Unsecured Commercial for Home Improvement HMDA?
    Condo As Security w/Commercial Purpose-HMDA?
    Purpose to Reimburse for Previous Purchase-HMDA
    Loan Renewal on Spec to Sell-HMDA Reportable?
    Action Date of Refi Loan on HMDA LAR
    Collect GMI Info or Treat as Business?
    New Loan w/Property from Unsecured-HMDA?
    HMDA Refi-New Obligation to Same Borrower
    Govt Monitoring Info for Mobile Home Collateral
    Refi Only If Dwelling Secured Debt Being Paid Off?
    Definition of Refinance Under HMDA
    Moving/Setting Up Home Considered Improvement?
    LAR on Secondary Home-Owner Occupied?
    HMDA Reporting for Property Purchased w/Cash
    Loan to Purchase Mobile Home-Title as Collateral
    Dwelling Secured Loan-Refinance or Purchase?
    Post HMDA Notices in Lobby if Not HMDA Bank?
    HMDA Reg C Approved Not Accepted-Which Amount
    Renewed Loan into Single Payment-HMDA Report?
    APR&TIL Disagree Adverse Action-Reporting Error?
    How to Report Several Loans on HMDA LAR
    Govt Monitor App for Business Purpose Loan?
    Report Rate Spread if Loan is not Reg Z Loan?
    Home Improvement Loan HMDA Reportable?
    When to Use the Owner-Occupancy "3" Not Applicable
    Re-Write of Loan a Refinance or Purchase?
    Reporting Income HMDA LAR-App Withdrawn Early
    Report Race/Sex/Ethnicity of Co-Signer HMDA Loan?
    Loan to Construct Nursing Home HMDA Reportable?
    When Is a Census Tract Considered Distressed?
    Guidance on ECOA Section 704B
    Collect GMI for Business Line Secured by Residence?
    Report Income if not Considered in Credit Decision
    Refinance of Multiple Collateral HMDA Reportable?
    Unsecured Loan Classified as Personal-Reportable?
    How to Report HMDA Ethnicity, Race, etc.
    How to Report Negative Income on HMDA LAR
    Construction Loan w/o Temp Financing-Reportable?
    Where to Report HMDA for Home Improvement Loan
    Home Improvement Secured by Mobile Home-Lien?
    Loan Secured by 3 Properties-Which to Report?
    Home Improvement Secured by Mobile Home-Lien?
    Travel Trailer Considered Mobile Home or Camper?
    FFIEC Requires Updated Census Data
    Investment Home Purchase-HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Reporting a Home Improvement on Bare Land
    Multiple Advanced Home Improvement Loan-HMDA?
    Refinance Reported as Home Improvement for HMDA?
    Home Improvement vs. Auto Secured Consumer Loan
    Home Equity Refinance Subject to HMDA Reporting?
    Cash Out Refi of Investment Property-HMDA?
    Withdrawn Loan vs. Incomplete Loan
  • Loans Purchased from Mortgage Banker-HMDA LAR?
    HMDA Report a Refinance of Commercial Loan?
    Refinance on Home Improvement HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Definition for Line of Credit
    Pesticide Treatment Loan HMDA Reportable?
    Definition of Refinance for HMDA
    New Gov Monitoring Info for Each Loan Renewal?
    Property Address and No Income on HMDA LAR?
    HMDA/LAR Coding for Refi to Purchase Vacation Home
    HMDA Rules for Permanent Financing on SFR
    HMDA Income and 1-4 Loan
    Guarantors to Co-Borrowers Considered HMDA Loan?
    Loan for Home Improvement Changed to Other Purpose
    HMDA/HOEPA Apply w/ Title Lien on Vehicle
    HMDA Collateral Code on LAR
    Home Improvement from Loan Proceeds-HMDA?
    Perm Financing on SFR and HMDA
    HMDA and Primary Dwellings
    Income for Reporting HMDA on Commercial Property
    Closed End 1st Mortgage Residential Loans
    HMDA Reporting When Facts Unknown
    Criteria for determining loan denial or withdrawal
    Pre-approval list?
    HMDA Reporting on Commercial Mortgage Refinance
    HMDA Reporting on Construction Financing
    Classifying Multiple Purpose Loan for HMDA
    Different Rate Lock Dates; Which to Use on LAR?
    GMI reporting for HMDA purposes
    HMDA Coding for Home Improvement Loan
    HMDA Reporting on Commercial LOC
    HMDA Reporting for Home Equity Loan Renewals
    HMDA Reporting for Property Purchased with Cash
    Government Monitoring of Non-Reportable HMDA Loan
    Classifying Loan for HMDA Purposes
    Are Hotel Loans Subject to HMDA?
    HMDA reporting on multiple collateral
    Reporting Income when there is No Usable Income
    HMDA on Farm Residence
    CD Secured Loan: HMDA Reportable
    Refinancing a Loan, Getting Cash: HMDA?
    Loan App Denied: HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA and Third Party Broker Applications
    HMDA Rate Set Date
    Need Clarification of Staff Commentary of Reg C
    Pre-approval without Property Address
    HELOC and HMDA Reportables
    HMDA Reportable Business Loans
    Commercial or Consumer Loan: Which?
    Credit Extension for Investment Property
    Collateralized with Hypothecation Agreement
    Daughter's Loan - Father's Qualifications
    Does MSA Make Us HMDA Reportable?
    Borrower Withdraws: What about HMDA?
    No Income Information: What about HMDA Reporting?
    Does Refinanced Loan get a New Identifier?
    Son Pledges Collateral for Borrower Parents
    New Application: What about Original Loan Request?
    Home Improvement Loan used for Tuition
    Code for HMDA LAR for Duplexes
    About Timing for HMDA Reporting
    HMDA 'Signed' by Customers?
    HMDA Loan Reporting
    Property Type Code on HMDA LAR
    Change of Loan Type: HMDA Reportable?
    Loan Purpose Changes: HMDA Reportable?
    'Cash out Refinance', but no Mortgage
    Owner Occupancy and HMDA
    Reporting a Rate Spread
    Setting up the Pre-approval Process
    GMI for Mobile Home Loans
    Clarification for Closed-end Mortgage Loan
    Is this HMDA Reportable?
    Filling out a LAR
    HMDA and Temporary Financing
    HMDA Reporting
    Hot Water Heater HMDA Reportable?
    Temporary Financing in HMDA Reporting
    Compiling HMDA Data
    HMDA Reportable as Refinance?
    Loan Approved: Wife Disapproves
    Swimming Pool Home Improvement?
    Loan for Buying Another's Interest in Property
    Home Purchases HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Monitoring Questions
    Consumer Construction Loan HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA LAR Denial Reporting
    Loan Ballooned and Renewed: Reportable?
    Participation Loan for Partial Interests
    Modular Home Considered a Manufactured Home?
    Mobile Home Park Category for Loans
    When is GMI Required?
    Temporary Financing or Refinance?
    HMDA Applicability to Refinancing
    Denied Loan Requirements
    HMDA Application Date - Change in Terms
    Purchase Money HELOC - Collecting GMI
    HMDA Business Purpose
    Two HMDA Questions
    HMDA Reporting - 3 Year Mini Perm Loan
    HMDA Reporting - Social Security Income
    HMDA Reporting - Matured Loan Refinance
    HMDA Reporting - Matured Loan Refinance
    Prequalification & Preapproval - Definition Needed
    Guidance Line of Credit for Purchasing Single Family Residences
    Portable Building - HMDA Reportable?
    Original Application was Withdrawn
    Regulation C - Home Mortgage Disclosure
    HMDA Tracking - Denied/Withdrawn/Incomplete Loans
    HELOCs - HMDA Reporting
    HMDA & RESPA on a Lot Loan?
    HMDA Reportable &HOEPA Applicable?
    Home Improvement Loan - Subject to HMDA & RESPA?
    Fair Lending - Incomplete Application
    HMDA Errors
    HMDA - Reporting Negative Income
    HMDA Reporting & Rental Properties
    Report First Payment on the HMDA LAR?
    Are All Home Equity Loans HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Collection & Reporting Procedures
    Time Share Purchase – HMDA Reportable?
    Time Share Purchase – HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA - Loan Prequalification
    HMDA - Multi-use Property Concepts
    High Cost Loans – Non-HMDA Reporting Banks
    HMDA & CRA Reporting – Farmland Loan
    HMDA Reporting – Condominium Units
    HMDA Reporting - Mobile Home Refinance
    Loan to a Corporation – Correct Application Form
    HMDA Refinances - The Commentary Rules
    HMDA – Mobile Home Purchase
    HMDA LARs – 09 De Novo Bank
    HMDA Reporting – Show Mother as Grantor?
    HMDA Reporting Threshold
    HMDA Reporting – Bridge Loans
    Change Loan Back to Preapproval Status?
    HMDA Reporting Rules for Acquired Institutions
    HMDA - Home Equity Term Loan Vs HELOC
    HMDA Data Collection - Source Documents
    HMDA LAR – Business Purpose Loan
    HMDA Reporting - Home Equity Closed-end Loan
    HMDA - Owner Occupancy Designation
    HMDA – Loan Renewal/Increase on Rental Property
    HMDA - Unaffixed Manufactured Homes
    HMDA/Gov Monitoring on Applicant & Co-signer
    HMDA Reporting - Permanent Financing
    HMDA - Data Reporting Owner Occupancy
    HMDA Re-file
    HMDA LAR - Boat Dock & Lake House Purchase
    HMDA Reporting – Dwelling Used for Day Care
    GMI Collection – Purchase of Primary Residence
    HMDA – Which Date Do We Use?
    Point & Fee Test or APR Test?
    Revocable Living Trust & HMDA LAR Reporting
    Loan to LLC Sole Owner - HMDA or Purchase Money?
    CRA Reporting - Small Business/Small Farm Loans
    HMDA – Loan Coded as Business/Residence Combo
    Commercial Loans – What’s HDMA Reportable?
    HMDA Reporting – Mixed Used Property Loan
    CRA Loans & HMDA Logs
    Loan Modification – HMDA Reportable?
    Owner Occupied Second Homes & Vacation Homes
    HMDA Reporting - No Written Pre-Approval Program
    Not Subject to HMDA Reporting – Collect GMI?
    HMDA Reporting – Loan Secured by Lien on Dwelling
    HMDA Log - Order Information is Entered
    HMDA Reporting - Closed-End Lines of Credit
    HMDA Reporting - Modified Construction Loan
    Not a HMDA Reporting Bank - URLA Required?
    HMDA - Double Reporting?
    HMDA – Repurchase of Loan
    HMDA -- Changes to Pricing Information Reporting Oct 2008
    HMDA – Report as a Purchase or Refinance?
    Additional Funds to Complete Home Construction
    Loan Secured by Son's Home - HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Reporting - Selling a Participation Loan
    Borrower Discontinues Loan Application
    CRA LAR – Coding Group Homes
    Is the Assumption a Refi or Purchase Purpose Loan?
    Is This HELOC Renewal Considered a Refinance?
    Houseboat Purchase - HMDA Reportable?
    Reporting HMDA Data to the Board
    Full Amount of Fee as Prepaid Finance Charge
    Houseboat Loan - Residential or Consumer Loan?
    HMDA - Swimming Pool Loan Secured by Automobile
    We Don't Do HMDA Reporting - Do We Collect Info?
    Cash Out Loan - HMDA Reporting
    HMDA Reporting - Multiple Advance Open Ended LOC HMDA Reporting - Home Purchase w/CD as Collateral
    HMDA Reporting - Office Isn't an Official Branch
    HMDA - Extending a Current Obligation
    Refinance of Primary Residence - Collecting GMI
    HMDA - Non-Reportable Bridge Loan?
    HMDA & Reg B - Temporary Financing?
    HMDA Reporting - Commercial Loan Refinance
    HMDA Reporting - Loan Secured by Apartment Building
    Bridge Loans & HMDA
    HMDA Reporting on a Commercial Line of Credit
    Mortgage Loan Changes - Redisclose the Loan?
    Hunting Camp - HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Reporting - Commercial Loan Refinancing
    Automated Underwriting System - HMDA Reporting
    Collecting GMI on Loans Not Reported on HMDA LAR
    HMDA - What Census Tract Info Do We Use?
    HMDA - Recouping Home Improvement Costs
    Temporary Construction Loan - Does HMDA Apply?
    HMDA Reportable - Tax Saver
    Reporting on an Application Withdrawn/Closed Loan
    HMDA -Short Term Loan Refinanced for a Longer Term
    Second Mortgage HMDA Reportable?
    Servicing Sold, Note Retained - Report Loans?
    HMDA - Define Temporary Financing
    Deceased Applicant - HMDA Reporting?
    HMDA Lobby Notice Posting
    HMDA Data - Phone, Internet or Mail Applicants
    P and I Payments - HMDA Reporting
    HMDA File Review - LAR Requirements
    HMDA Rate Spread - HOEPA Disclosures
    Reporting CD Secured Loan on the LAR
    HMDA Reporting - Condo Association Improvements
    Asset Size - HMDA Reporting
    HMDA Triggering Loan
    Tracking for Census Tracts
    Applicable Disclosures for an Apartment Purchase
    Fixed Equity Loans - HMDA Reporting Required?
    GMI Yi-Yi -Yi!
    HMDA Reporting - Opting Out
    HMDA Reporting - Reverse Mortgages
    HMDA - Unsecured Loan Used as Down Payment
    HMDA Reporting on Unsigned Loan Documents
    One Loan for Two Properties - HMDA Reporting
    HMDA Reporting- Dwelling Being Converted to Office
    HMDA Reporting on an In-house Renewal
    Acquisition & Merger - HMDA Reporting Requirements
    HMDA - Business Loan on a 1-4 Family Property
    Home Equity Reported on the HMDA LAR?
    HMDA Reporting on Bahamian Condo
    Business Loan Renewal - HMDA Reporting
    HMDA Reporting on an Unsecured Loan
    HMDA Reporting - Refinance of Rental Properties
    RESPA and/or HMDA Applicable?
    HMDA Reporting - Loan to Purchase a Storm Cellar
    Commercial Loans - Required Disclosures
    Business Purpose Loan Disclosures
    Commercial Loan - HMDA Reporting
    Credit Report Constitutes an Application?
    Farm Credit Loan Refinance - HMDA Reporting
    Determining HMDA Codes on Incomplete GMI
    GMI Collection on a Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan
    HMDA Reporting - Loan Application Correction
    HMDA Reporting - Home Loan Down Payment
    Reporting FHA/VA Loans on the LAR
    No Lien Perfected on Property - HMDA Reporting?
    Moblie Home Loan - HMDA Reporting
    HMDA Reporting of a Home Improvement or Refinance
    Repurchased Loans Treated Like Bank Purchases?
    Dwelling Will Be Destroyed – HMDA Reporting
    HMDA Reporting - Mortgage on Vacant Land
    HMDA - Refinance of a Short Term Loan
    Is this Discriminatory?
    Loans Subject to HMDA
    Is this Renewal HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Qualification
    HMDA - Motel Loan
    Is This Loan Subject to the Regs?
    Pre-approval Confusion
    HMDA Filing Help
    Assisted Living Facility - HMDA & CRA Reportable?
    HMDA Reportable or not?
    HMDA - Optional & Non-Reportable Credit
    HMDA - Investment Purpose Loan
    HMDA Definitions of Ethnicity
    HMDA Reporting - Dollar Amount
    HMDA Reporting on Commercial Loans
    HMDA - Refinance of Time Share
    HMDA - Originating Institution
    HMDA, HELOCs and Monitoring Information
    HMDA Reporting on a Cash Out Refinance Loan
    HMDA Reporting - Short-term Loan for a Spec Home
    HMDA - Reporting the Term of the Loan
    Mixed Use Property - HMDA Reportable?
    New Home Purchase - HMDA - Residential Property Loan Secured by CD
    We Don't Report HELOC's Under HMDA, However...
    Loan Secured by CD, HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA -Second Applicant Considered a "Co-borrower"?
    RESPA Exemption for Interim Financing?
    Borrower Isn't Homeowner, HMDA Reportable?
    Open HELOC & HMDA Reporting
    HMDA - Time Share Refinancing
    HMDA Reporting on a Term Loan
    HMDA - Transaction Secured by Other Dwelling
    Is a HI Loan Secured by Auto HMDA reportable?
    Non-HMDA Reporting Bank Required to Collect GMI?
    HMDA - Better to Over Report than Under Report?
    Multi-purpose Classification
    Early Disclosures and HMDA - Refinance
    HMDA Conundrum
    Defining Temporary Financing, Then & Now
    HMDA Classification - Log Home
    HMDA and the Reverse Mortgage Loan
    Collecting GMI on Non-HMDA Reportable Loans
    Mobile Home Secured by a CD, HMDA Reportable?
    Are Subprime Loans HMDA Reportable?
    Is this Dual Purpose Loan HMDA Reportable?
    Are Ag Loans HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Reporting & Commercial Loans
    Consumer Swing Loans Subject to HMDA Reporting
    Commercial Purpose Loan Made to an Individual
    HMDA - Difference Between Prequalify & Preapprove
    HMDA - Interpretation of the Pre-approval Program
    Is the Lot Site HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Mobile Home Loan - Title is Being Retired
    Bridge Loan Secured by an MMA-HMDA Reportable?
    Collecting GM Under Reg B on Temporary Loans
    What Income Do We Report for HMDA Purposes?
    HMDA Reporting on Refi of Home Improvement Loan
    Offering Accommodation Loans to Business Customers
    HMDA Reporting on Loans Sent to Secondary Market
    Commercial Real Estate Loans Reg B Reportable?
    HMDA - Classify Loan as 1-4 or Mobile home?
    Part Commercial/Part Residential, HMDA Reportable
    Reporting Income for HMDA Loans
    Is this Mobile Home Loan a RESPA Loan?
    Motel as Collateral on Business Loan, Reportable?
    HMDA Reporting Issues on Temporary Financings
    Collecting GMI When Borrower is a Trust
    With or Without Monitoring Information
    Secured by a Different Dwelling, HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Reportable?
    Initial Application Date for HMDA Purposes
    Business Borrower with Cosigners - GMI?
    Is a Loan Renewal HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA - Definition of a Refinance
    Occupancy Code for Trust Borrower
    Conditions of Approval Unmet -- Action Taken Code
    Incomplete HMDA Applicant Info - Contacting Broker
    HMDA - Which Date Do I Report?
    Application Considered Pre-approval Under Reg C?
    Is This Refinanced Business Loan HMDA Reportable ?
    HMDA Reporting - Refinance to Buy Out Second Owner
    Mobile Homes and HMDA
    CRA & HMDA Policies Required?
    CRA Reporting for Community Development Loans
    HMDA - Definition of a Refinance
    Another Multiple Properties Question
    Multiple Properties -- What Gets Recorded on LAR?
    Is This What's Called a Pre-Approval?
    Address to Include in HMDA Notice
    Reporting a Mortgage-Secured Letter of Credit
    Application Date for Prequalified Applicant
    HMDA (PDF)
    HMDA Reporting & the "Short Term" Loan
    Whens & Whats of Written Preapproval Program
    HMDA -- Choosing the Property if More Than One
    Privacy, Compliance, and Disclosures
    Subject to Lending Test & Reporting Requirements?
    Is this application withdrawn, incomplete, or ???
    Is this Car Loan Subject to HMDA Reporting?
    CRA or HMDA?
    Does HMDA Apply to THIS Business Loan?
    HMDA Reporting for Broker/Lender
    HMDA on a Commercial Loan
    Grossing Up HMDA Income
    Is Home Equity 2nd HMDA Reportable?
    Is this a HMDA reportable loan?
    How is this coded for HMDA?
    HMDA with more than two applicants
    Definition of Temporary Financing
    Question about HMDA code 7
    Will HMDA Lead to Litigation?
    Does HOEPA apply to this situation?
    HMDA Preapproval question
    HMDA Code for Race
    Refinance or not?
    Reporting Tract No# on Property With No MSA/MD No#
    Collecting GMI on HELOC Applications
    HMDA Reporting on an Unreturned Loan Application
    Do We HMDA a Loan for New Appliances?
    Copies of IDs in the Mortgage File, Yea, Nay?
    Incomplete Automated Applications and HMDA
    HMDA Refinancing -- Defined
    HMDA or CRA?
    Home Improvement Loan Secured by Vacant Lot
    HMDA and the Mobile Home Park
    Term Used for HMDA Rate Spread Calculation
    What Determines if a Loan is HMDA-HOEPA
    Loan Denial Notice
    Is this prohibited discrimination?
    Do Brokers Do the HMDA Dance?
    Business Loan CRA/HMDA Reporting
    HMDA Definition: "Satisfies and Replaces"
    HMDA LAR "Purchaser" Field Definition
    CRA: How Are We Doing?
    CRA/HMDA Tools: Income by Tract
    First or Subordinate Lien?
    HMDA -- Recording a Withdrawn Application
    HMDA high-cost triggers
    Are Home Equity Loans HMDA-Reportable?
    HMDA, Home Purchase Loans and the "Date of Action"
    Frequency of a Rate Spread "Hit"
    Action Date for CRA Small Business Loans
    RESPA & Vacant Lot Mortgages
    Temporary Financing Under Reg. C
    Government Monitoring Information
    HMDA MSA Boundaries
    What is Temporary Financing
    Guru Compilation: HMDA (PDF)
    GMI Regardless of Lien Position
    HMDA Refi vs. Modification
    HMDA Rate Spread Reporting
    Occupancy on LAR, 2nd Home
    HMDA Rate Spread Determination Dates
    HMDA Borrower is a Trust
    HMDA Race & Visual Observation
    Are We Looking At The Right Stuff?
    Is This HMDA Reportable
    Did HMDA Allow "NA" Entries Pre-2004
    What "Note" Makes it HMDA Reportable
    The Masses Are Still Confused on Refinancings
    GMI on New URLA
    Confusion Over HMDA Coverage
    HMDA Refi Test
    HMDA Reason for Denial
    HMDA Reportable Assisted Living Residence
    Who Should Certify HMDA Data
    Motel Loan HMDA Reportable?
    Posting the HMDA Notice for a New Reporter
    OCC Required Information, Mortgage Loans
    Interim Construction Inspections
    What Do We Really Get From Monitoring Data?
    HMDA Occupancy Code Non MSA Property
    Does a Fax Equal a Phone Call?
    HMDA Rate Spread Calc, - But Other Security
    Commercial Loan Now HMDA Reportable
    HMDA Home Improv. Reportable
    Prequals Under HMDA
    HMDA Revision of Definitions/Rules
    First Time HMDA Reporter Has Questions
    Temp Loan to Rehab Property: HMDA Reportable?
    Exception to LTV Ratio Reporting HELOCs on HMDA Report
    New HMDA Sign
    Reporting Small Dollar Withdrawn App
    HMDA Info on Brokered Loans
    Finding a Census Tract Number
    Guru Chatter on HMDA/HOEPA
    HMDA: How Did HMDA Happen?
    Lien Status Reporting Under HMDA
    HMDA Reporting for Bank That Sells All Loans
    New HMDA Tools
    HMDA Help
    Definition of Multi-Family Dwelling
    HMDA Triggered by Pump Repair Loan?
    HMDA: Final HMDA Rules for 2004
    Under the Revised HMDA Regs
    HMDA Data Collection for 2003
    Home Improvements, New Improvements, and HMDA Reporting
    Are disclosures necessary for a $1MM consumer loan?
    Is new information required on every application?
    Non-HMDA Reporting Bank Required to Collect Data?
    HMDA Classification Of Action Taken
    New loan numbers for customers who reapply
    Guidelines For Reporting HELOCS
    Does right of rescission and HMDA apply for unsecured home improvements?
    LAR Information Recorded Without Monitoring Info
    Guessing For HMDA Info On Phone Applications?
    Reactivating a loan file as a result of a new application
    Preliminary Mortgage Disclosures: Should we send them on Submission or completion of the application?
    Civil Money Penalties?
    Loan Cancellation By Customer & Adverse Action Notice
    Regulations: Defining Application
    Is a loan to fix up and sell HMDA-reportable?
    Unsecured Home Improvement Loans & HMDA
    HMDA: If the loan is for a gift, is it reportable?
    Are short term home improvement loans reportable on HMDA?
    Using One Application For Checking, Savings, Cash Accounts & Loans
    Oh, Look! More C: FRB Expands HMDA Coverage
    Non-Reportable HMDA Loans
    Creating A One-Size-Fits-All Loan Application
    Obtaining Monitoring Data By Phone
    HMDA and LAR Retention Requirements
    Does HMDA apply when the loan purpose is for a down payment on a home but the collateral offered is a car?
    Dwelling Refinance, Debt Consolidation, and HMDA
    HMDA, Home Improvements, and Multi-Family Dwellings
    Home Loans & HMDA Reporting
    HMDA & Renewing A Residence-Secured Business Loan
    HMDA Reporting & Closed End Home Equity Loans
    HMDA Reporting, Commercial Loans, and GMI
    Open-ended Credit Disclosures & HMDA Reporting
    Inconsistencies Between HMDA And The New Reg C Changes
    Avoiding Common Pitfalls Of Compliance Data Collection
    Refinancings and HMDA
    Threshold for HMDA
    Newly Covered by HMDA
    When HMDA Applies
    HMDA Changes Finalized
    Are Business Loans collateralized by dwellings reportable under HMDA on our LAR?
    Address Change for CRA and HMDA Data
    What Are The Upcoming Changes In Reg C / HMDA
    HMDA: Is adding a small business to a home considered a home improvement
    One Tract of Land, Multiple Dwellings & HMDA
    Short-Term Loans & HMDA Reporting
    Play "Spot the HMDA Problems"
    Reporting Assigned Loans
    HMDA & Monitoring Data
    LAR Mysteries Explained
    FRB Issues Proposal to Expand HMDA Reporting
    Specific Issues for Comment
    How to Comment
    Sample Reg C Comment Letter
    Reinstated Applications: Practical Application of the HMDA Commentary
    Loan to a Trust: HMDA Reporting Requirements
    Question & Answer
    Old Compliance Laws Never Go Away
    HMDA Exemptions Announced
    FRB Issues Proposal to Expand HMDA Reporting
    FRB To Review Regulation C
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Small Banks for HMDA
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Another HMDA "Small" Rule
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - The Government's HMDA Software is Free
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Congressmen for ECOA Data Collection
    And We Wonder Why Customers Get Angry!
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - HMDA: The Cost of Non-Compliance
    Question & Answer
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - HMDA Small Bank Exemptions
    Question & Answer
    FRB Updates LAR for Y2K
    Regulatory Simplification On The Prowl With Regulations B & C
    HMDA Data Use It
    Question & Answer
    HMDA Surfing
    Question & Answer
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - HMDA Exemption Size Grows
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Submitting HMDA Data
    Question & Answer
    How The FRB Uses HMDA Data For Fair Lending
    Question & Answer
    Alert: The HMDA Commentary is Out!
    More On The HMDA Commentary
    Small Bank HMDA Exemptions
    Another FRB Proposal!
    Tools, Tools, Tools
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer

    HMDA Heaven
    HMDA Business Purpose
    Two HMDA Questions
    HMDA Reporting - 3 Year Mini Perm Loan

    Parameters for Determining High Priced/HPMLReg Z HPML appraisal rules
    What APOR Index Date to Determine HPML
    Down Payment/Purchase Money Under HPML?
    Escrow Required for HPM Non-RESPA Loan?
    Change Purpose (Consumer to Business) HPML?
    Reg Z Escrow for Separate Tracts of Land
    Waiving Escrows for 1st Mortgage 5 Year Balloon
    2 Lot Purchase to Construct Homestead-HPML?
    New Construction for 12 Months- Qualify for HPML?
    Refinance HPML w/Rentals-How to Escrow
    Available Cures if HPML is Closed w/o Escrow?
    Home Purchase Exempt from HPMLs?
    Definition of Principal Dwelling w/Respect to HPML
    Additional Disclosures for Closing HPML Loan?
    $10 Minimum Finance Charge on an HPML
    What Lock Date is Used to Recalculate for HPML?
    Escrow Required on Loan w/ Mobile Home Collateral
    Escrowing on Mortgage Loan that is a HPML
    HPML Purchase from another Institution-Escrow?
    High-Priced Mortgage Loan (Refi Primary/Rental)
    Assumed Loan Subject to HPML?
    Date for FFIEC Calculator (In-House Loan)
    Investment Property and High Price Mortgage
    Determining High-Priced Mortgage
    High Priced Mortgage Loan
    High-Price Mortgages
    What determines HPML Classification?
    Loan Modifications
    Escrow on an HPML
    RESPA and HPMLs
    Escrow Disclosure and Payments
    Customer Chooses to Pay Taxes and Not Escrow
    Balloon Loan and HPML
    HPML with Primary Residence
    Escrowing for Existent Loans
    When Does it Become a HPML?
    Annual Payments on HPMLs
    Refinancing Loan: HPML Rules Apply?
    RESPA Prohibitions for an HPML
    Specs for Rate/Term for HPML
    Avoiding HPMLs
    Mobile Home Loan: HPML Applicable?
    HPML Secured by Mobile Home?
    An HPML and the APR
    Escrow for HPML?
    HMPL on Construction Loans
    HPML Guidelines for Single Pay Note
    HPML and Bare Land
    Taxes and Insurance on a Second Mortgage
    Taxes and Insurance on a Second Mortgage
    Escrow and HMPL Modifications
    Construction Loans Segue to Permanent Financing
    Escrow for a High-priced Mortgage?
    Interest Modification and Higher-priced Loan Regs
    Higher-Priced Mortgage Loan Regulations
    Real Estate Consumer Loans
    Second Home and the HPML Rule
    HMPL Rules as they Apply to Renewals
    Escrow Requirements for Manufactured Home
    Loan Modification: Escrows?
    Refinancing: Need Escrow?
    Escrow on Loan with Two Dwellings
    Determining an HPML
    HPML - Business Purpose Term Loan
    HPMLs, Escrow & Hazard Insurance
    Section 35 Mortgages - Mandatory Escrow

    How to Calculate High Cost Mortgage Limits-HELOC
    Where to Put Lender Paid PMI on HOEPA Worksheet
    Lien Status on Home Improvement Loan CD
    Bank Not HMDA Reportable-Compliance Issue?
    When Is Reg CC Going to Change?
    Owner Occupied vs. Non-Owner Occupied HMDA
    Must All Refinances Be Secured w/ A Dwelling?
    ECOA Valuations of New Dodd Frank-Appraisal Time
    Denial Reason for Policy Prohibiting HOEPA
    HOEPA Requirements- $50,000 Exemption
    Consolidating 2 Mtgs Considered Non Reportable?
    Dwelling Definition: Home vs. Land Purchase
    HOEPA Disclosure 3 Day Rule and ROR
    Modification of Temporary Construction-HMDA?
    Farmer Repairs to Rental Dwelling- HMDA?
    Government Monitoring Form for Business?
    Is A Pellet Stove HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Reportable if Construction & Purchase?
    Consolidate Debt Due to Construction-HMDA?
    Home Construction Subject to HOEPA Rate Limitation
    Refi on 15 Apartments- HMDA Reportable?
    How to Determine Action Taken if Not Any Info
    Increase Non-Dwelling Line of Credit-Reportable?
    Refi Replacing Existing Home Improvement
    HOEPA Rate Spread for State Is Different From Fed
    2 Dwelling Secured Loans HMDA Reportable?
    Purchase or Refi If Paying 1/2 Interest of Prop
    Improved Prop Considered Owner Occupied or Non?
    Original App HMDA Reportable As Denial?
    Loan HMDA Reportable if Dwelling Is Uninhabitable?
    HMDA Definition of A Bridge Loan
    Home As Collateral Business Purpose-Reportable?
    Balloon Refi Secured By CD-HMDA Reportable?
    Reporting GMI on LAR If Only 1 App Signed Note
    No Cash Out Loans HMDA Reportable?
    HOEPA/High Cost Mortgage Requirements 2014
    Business Secured w/Personal Residence-HMDA?
    Report Which Prop on HMDA LAR? (Equity on Primary)
    Unpaid Principle Balance for Purchased HMDA
    How to Determine Occupancy Status?
    Multi-Fam Unit Considered Apt or Individual Dwell?
    HMDA Reporting for Short Sales Purchasing
    Census Tract # for Small Farm Loans
    Report As Refi If Not Sure if Dwelling Secured?
    HMDA OCC Rule on Recording Loan as Refinance
    How to Code IRRL Loan When No Income Required?
    Loan Denied (Address TBD) -HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA if 2nd Lien on Rental Prop as Collateral?
    HMDA or Short Term Loan: Amortization Construction
    HMDA Cancel Complete Apps&Start Over-Reportable?
    Correct HMDA Pre-Approval Code (Pre-qualification)
    Home Improvement if Person Does Not Own Home?
    Report Mobile Home Address or Collateral for HMDA?
    Occupancy Code When Borrower Is An Entity
    Matching Census Tract # for Flood Determination
    Reg B HMDA Remove Spouse from Loan After Approval
    Rate Spread Applicable on Purchased Loans?
    Add Operating Money to Refi-HMDA?
    HMDA Definition of Home Purchase Loan
    HMDA if Borrower's Primary on Same Parcel?
    Definition of Improved Property vs Unimproved
    Cash Out Refi Purchase 2nd Home-HMDA Location?
    How to Classify Home Improvement Not Owner Occ.
    Construction Replaced w/ Permanent Financing
    2nd Mortgage on Primary as Collateral-HMDA?
    Cash-Out Refi HMDA Reportable?
    I Do Not Wish to Provide-Complete Govt. Monitor?
    Personal Residence Securing Guaranty Only-HMDA?
    HMDA if Not Paying Off a Dwelling Secured Property
    Loan w/ Purpose for Commercial Investments-HMDA?
    What Constitutes a Multi-Family Dwelling (HMDA)
    Cash Out to Buy Another Property-Purchase or Refi?
    How to Report Commercial Buildings on LAR
    Rules for Collecting Monitoring C Info for HMDA
    Loan Reportable Under Refinance Definition?
    Not Collecting Government Monitoring Information
    Correcting Gov Monitoring Info on Broker App
    Cash Out Loan to Reimburse Owners-HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Apply on Free and Clear Residence?
    Another HOEPA Form Required if the Rate Changes?
    Not Reporting Business Lines of Credit Rule
    Treasury Security Term on HOEPA Worksheet
    HMDA/HOEPA Apply w/ Title Lien on Vehicle
    HOEPA Rider
    HOEPA Calculations for Rate and Fees
    Is HELOC Really for Home Improvement?
    HMDA and Home Improvement
    Rate Spread Applicable for Primary Residence?
    HELOC Exempt from HOEPA?
    HOEPA 2010 Annual Threshold Figure
    Home Improvement or One Year Construction Loan?
    HMDA Reportable &HOEPA Applicable?
    HMPLs – Initial Rate Set for 4 Years?
    HOEPA - Consumer Price Index
    HOEPA Worksheet for Loans after 10/1/09
    HOEPA Exemption
    Looking for a Cure
    Point & Fee Test or APR Test?
    Real Estate Transaction Fees
    Fixing HOEPA Violations
    HOEPA & Bridge Loans
    HOEPA - Minimum Loan Amount Reporting
    Forty Year Mortgage HOEPA Test
    Higher Priced Mortgage Loan Rules
    HOEPA - Combined Transaction Loan
    Offering A and H Insurance on a Real Estate Loan
    Reg Covering PMI Upfront Disclosures
    HOEPA Rate Spread Amounts
    Calculation of Fees Subject to HOEPA
    HOEPA 2008 Threshold
    HMDA Rate Spread - HOEPA Disclosures
    HOEPA Worksheet Query
    HOEPA - Pipeline Loans
    HOEPA Worksheet Completion
    Sample HOEPA Disclosure Form
    HOEPA & Business Purpose Loans
    HPA & Mortgage Loans with PMI
    HOEPA Calculation
    Annual PMI Notice
    2007 HOEPA Base Fee Amount
    Are All Loans Subject to HOEPA?
    It's Back! 30 Year Maturity Series
    Promoting a Mortage Product - Reg Info & Issues
    Making & Closing a HOEPA Loan
    Lowering the Cost of a High Cost Loan
    HOEPA Home Improvement Loans
    HOEPA Definitional Difference
    Disclosures for Funding HOEPA Credits?
    A HOEPA or Not a HOEPA - How to Tell
    Chart for fees in APR and Section 32
    Calculation of HOEPA Fee Trigger/ MOB Not Included
    HOEPA - New Points and Fees Dollar Threshold
    Balloon Loans and HOEPA Terms
    Does HOEPA apply to this situation?
    HOEPA Reporting Threshold
    There Must Be a Software Solution
    Which HOEPA rate do I use?
    What Determines if a Loan is HMDA-HOEPA
    HOEPA Rate Terms and Rounding
    HMDA high-cost triggers
    Inclusion of Which Fees for HOEPA
    HOEPA and Demand Clauses
    Balloon Loan Disclosures
    HOEPA's Treasury Rate Calculation
    HOEPA Rate Spread Selection
    HOEPA Test for Denials
    Selecting Correct HOEPA Index
    Fees Under Section 32 of Reg Z
    HOEPA - Rescission Waiting Period
    APR Calculation on a Demand Loan
    HOEPA and Balloon Payment Provisions
    Timing on HOEPA Disclosures
    HOEPA Disclosure Timing
    Guru Chatter on HMDA/HOEPA
    Complying with HOEPA
    Abbreviations on HOEPA Calculator
    Saturday and HOEPA
    HOEPA Disclosures & Closed-end Home Equity Loans
    What is HOEPA?
    Reg C, HOEPA, and Maturity
    Curing HOEPA Violations
    Fees For In-House Flood Determination
    Calculating HOEPA Loan Amount?
    Reg Z: Possible "Finance Charge" Violation
    Mobile Home Title Held As Security: Does HOEPA Apply?
    Does refinanced loan fall under HOEPA?
    HOEPA penalties?
    Do HOEPA regulations require the customer to sign the disclosure?
    HOEPA: Comparable Security For A 30-Year Loan
    HOEPA Definition: Residential Mortgage Transaction
    HOEPA: What should I use for a "treasury security with a comparable maturity"?
    Excluded Loans Under HOEPA
    HOEPA Changes Explained
    HOEPA & CEPA Information
    HOEPA Benchmarks
    RESPA & HOEPA Disclosures
    HOEPA Worksheet: It's just a click away.
    HOEPA Worksheet Resource
    Reg Z Revision Makes More Loans Subject to HOEPA

    Holiday/Vacation - Bank
    Loan Due Date Falls on Holiday
    Risk Rating Wealth Management Accounts
    Holiday Closing Sign Rules
    ROR Applicable on a Fed Reserve Holiday?
    Posting Holiday Closing Signs
    Double Standard on Two-Week Vacations
    Signage Required for Holiday Closings
    Counting Saturdays for ROR on Home Equity Loans
    Posting Holiday Closed Notices
    Maximum Days a Bank can be Closed
    Posting Holiday Signs
    Right Of Rescission, New Commentary, and Holidays
    Is Martin Luther King's birthday considered a business day for right of rescission purposes?

    Home Equity
    Escrow for 2nd Lien Closed-End Home Equity
    Fixed Home Equity vs. Home Equity Closed-End Loan
    New Appraisal & Title Policy for Higher LTV?
    Collect Fees on Home Equity Before Closing?
    Home Attached to Condo/Duplex-Home Equity?
    Increasing HEL Amount to Cover Shortage on Payoff
    HE Promo- Defer 1st Payment for 90 Days Incentive
    Retention Period for Home Equity Loans
    Waiver of Escrows Agreement-1st Lien Home Equity
    Home Equity Refinance Subject to HMDA Reporting?
    Escrow Required for HELOCs?
    Cooling Off Period after Closing for Home Equity
    Granting Home Equity to Executive Officer ($100K)
    Verification of Income on Home Equity Line Credit
    GFE for Home Equity Line of Credit?
    Equity Line of Credit and Debits
    Home Equity Loan and Refinancing
    HMDA Reporting for Home Equity Loan Renewals
    Extending the Draw Period on a HELOC
    Right of Rescission on HELOC
    HELOC Exempt from HOEPA?
    A HELOC and a Lien
    RESPA Disclosures for HELOC?
    HELOC Modifications
    Home Equity Loans & the 12 Month Rule
    Are All Home Equity Loans HMDA Reportable?
    Home Equity Credit Lines – 7 Day Waiting Period
    Reason for Denying Loan
    New Reg Z Rules and Balloon Payment Disclosures
    Second Lien HI & HE Loans - Servicing Disclosure
    Advertising No Closing Costs
    HMDA - Home Equity Term Loan Vs HELOC
    HMDA Reporting - Home Equity Closed-end Loan
    Home Equity Loan Disclosures
    Home Equity Loan to a Trust
    Home Equity Loan & Right of Rescission
    New Reg Z Rules and Balloon Payment Disclosures
    New Tax Deductibility Rules
    Not Subject to HMDA Reporting – Collect GMI?
    HMDA Reporting – Loan Secured by Lien on Dwelling
    Preliminary TIL No Longer Required?
    Multiple One Month HE Loan Extensions
    Rate History Disclosure
    Advertising Tax Benefit
    Stop Pay on Checks Issued from Home Equity Product
    Mobile Home Equity Loan?
    Home Equity Loan - Final TIL
    Radio Advertising Disclosures
    Loan Funds Disbursal
    Amortized Home Improvement Loans
    Reg B - Which Form Do We Use?
    Hidden Trigger Term?
    Home Equity Application
    Closed-end HE Loan - HUD Statement Required?
    Dry Erase Board Ad
    Home Equity Reported on the HMDA LAR?
    Home Equity Loan on Construction -- Rescindable?
    Home Equity Closed-end Loan Disclosures
    HUD Settlement Statement Required?
    GMI Collection on a Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan
    HELOC Suspected of Being Used for Money Laundering
    HMDA Reportable or not?
    HMDA - Refinance of Time Share
    PMI on Home Equity Loan
    GFE Disclosures
    HELOCs & Fixed HEs - Flood Insurance Tracking
    Home Equity Application Requirements
    Consumer Loan Becomes a Commercial Loan
    Funds Released Prior to the ROR Period
    Home Equity Loans - Required Forms?
    Affiliated Business Arrangement
    HE Loans with Rates Based on Commitment Tiers
    Twelve Month Waiting Period on Home Equity Loans
    Note Date or Deed of Trust Filing Date?
    HELOC Rules & Advertising "Variable Rate Tied To Prime Rate"
    Pre-approved Home Equity Loan Promotion
    Banner Ad Disclosures
    Disclosing Pre-payment Penalities in HE Loan Ads
    Home Equity Loan to Revocable Trust
    Number of HE Loans Allowed for Single Property
    Card Access to Home Equity
    Reg Z: First Mortgage Liens & Home Equity Loans
    Affinity Group Banking Program
    Is Home Equity 2nd HMDA Reportable?
    POC Insurance on GFE for Home Equity Loan?
    Free Phone Card - Getting a Referral In Return
    Purpose for Closed-End Home Equity Loan
    Rescission and Home Equity Lines
    Are Home Equity Loans HMDA-Reportable?
    What Fees Are Section 32 Applicable
    Residential Mortgage Tied to Prime Rate
    Disclosures to Non-Borrowing Owners
    GMI Regardless of Lien Position
    Rescission When Customer Borrowing for Land
    Counting Saturdays for ROR on Home Equity Loans
    Retention Period on Home Equity Loan Files
    Rolling the Closing Costs into Loan Amount
    Exception to LTV Ratio
    Placing Floor Rate On Existing HELOCs
    Payoff of Home Equity Loan vs. HELOC
    Home Equity Debit Card Withdrawals & Reg E
    Web Page Home Equity Disclosures
    Home Equity Loans & Collecting Government Monitoring Data
    Lending Protection Insurance Disclosure & RESPA
    Is the capitalization of interest on home equity loans prohibited? Is it predatory?
    RESPA: Using A Home Equity Loan To Purchase Another Home
    HMDA Reporting & Closed End Home Equity Loans
    Home Equity Loans and RESPA
    Combination Home Equity/Home Improvement
    Home Equity Loans For Property Owned By A Living Trust
    Open-ended home equity loans
    Home Equity & Demand Loans

    Home Improvement
    Loan Secured By Vehicle-HMDA Home Improvement?
    Water Softener Reportable As Home Improvement?
    Unsecured to Replace Existing Damaged Pool-HMDA?
    Refi Replacing Existing Home Improvement
    Skip-A-Payment Program on Home Improvement
    Home Improvement if Person Does Not Own Home?
    List of Requirements for Home Improvement Loans
    Home Improvement Loan HMDA Reportable?
    Cash-Out if Closing Costs Rolled in Loan Amount?
    Adding Basement Construction or Home Improvement?
    Hot Water Heater HMDA Reportable?
    HELOCs - HMDA Reporting
    Home Improvement Loan - Subject to HMDA & RESPA?
    No Origination Fee on HI Loans?
    RESPA & GMI on a Home Improvement Loan
    Second Home Purchase – Applicable Regs & Disclosures
    Additional Funds to Complete Home Construction
    RESPA on Rental Homes
    FDIC Loan Definitions
    Swimming Pool Loan Considered Home Improvement?
    HMDA - Recouping Home Improvement Costs
    HMDA -Short Term Loan Refinanced for a Longer Term
    Home Improvement Loan - Interest Paid Deductible?
    Amortized Home Improvement Loans
    Temporary or Permanent Financing?
    HMDA Reporting - Condo Association Improvements
    HMDA Reporting - Loan to Purchase a Storm Cellar
    ROR on Home Purchase & Home Improvements
    Loans Subject to HMDA
    HMDA Filing Help
    HMDA - Optional & Non-Reportable Credit
    Application Withdrawn if Documents are Signed?
    Borrower Isn't Homeowner, HMDA Reportable?
    HMDA Home Improv. Reportable
    Reporting HELOCs on HMDA Report
    Guru Chatter on HMDA/HOEPA
    Days Before Funding on Home Improvement
    Home Improvements, New Improvements, and HMDA Reporting

    Homeownership Counseling
    Homeownership Counseling Notice Requirement
    List of Homeownership Counseling Exemption
    How to Doc File For Home Ownership Counseling
    Homeownership Counseling Notice 2nd Copy  
    Who Receives Home Ownership Counseling Notice
    Homeownership Counseling Still Required?
    HUD Mortgagee Letter 2006-08
    Home ownership counseling notice
    Homeownership Counseling Notice on Repeaters
    Homeownership Counseling Is BACK!
    Securing A Loan With A Modular Home As Collateral
    Homeownership Counseling & Commercial Loans Secured By Primary Residence
    Can you tell me where to find a good accurate Homeownership Counseling Notice?
    Sample Notice of Homeownership Counseling
    Notice Language for Homeownership Counseling
    Homeowner Counseling Clarification
    Notice of Default Counseling Letter Requirement
    Homeownership Counseling Notice Requirement
    The American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act of 2000
    Are we required to give the "Notice of Default Counseling"?

    Why Is DC Preferred Over Writing Check On HSA?
    HSAs Must Beneficiary Be The Spouse? (IRS)
    Debit A Health Savings Account to Cover Loss?
    Does Reg E Apply to HSA Debit Cards?
    HSA Reimbursement of Distribution Non-Qualified
    Allowed to Charge HSA for Check Order?
    Authorized Signer on HSA Opened As IRA?
    Remove/Hold Funds in HSA to Satisfy Garnishment?
    Health Savings: NSF Fee for Going Negative?
    Is an HSA Account Subject to Levy?
    Time Limit on Dispute (Transaction 6 Years Ago)
    Rules for Discontinuing to Offer HSA Accounts
    Inactive/Dormant Service Charges on Health Savings
    Paying for Hotel with HSA Monies
    HSA Account Problems Overdrawing an HSA
    Overdrawing an HSA
    A-9 Needed for HSA Accounts?
    Catch Up Contribution for HSA Account
    Health Savings Accounts and Reg E
    IRS Levy on Health Savings Account?
    Can HSA Account be Setoff or Garnished?

    Overdrawing an HSA

    Levy on a HSA?

    Fee On GFE/HUD for E-Filing Mortgage
    Missing Original Mortgage Note From 2013 Closing
    Forgot to List Private Party Expense:Re-Disclose?
    HUD Settlement Statement-Credit Report Fee
    Numbers not Matching on GFE and HUD
    Passing Fee on to Customer-Where on HUD/GFE
    Amount Shown on 800 Series of HUD
    Divorce Couple Refinancing Home-HUD/TIL
    Reporting Appraisal Costs on GFE and HUD
    Using Old vs New GFE, TIL, HUD
    Disclosure of Credit Report Fee on HUD1-1A
    Displaying Bi-lingual Equal Housing Lender Poster
    Fee Discrepancies and Settlement Agents
    Filling Out the HUD1
    Denial Deadline under RESPA
    Where does Credit from Lender go on GFE?
    Summary of Loan Area on the GFE
    Taxes for Initial Escrow Statement
    Collecting Escrow
    Pre-Qualifying under the New RESPA
    Denied Loan Requirements
    Updated Special Information Booklet
    Using the New HUD Settlement Statement
    Modular Home Considered a Manufactured Home?
    GFE and HUD - Hazard Insurance
    Boss Wants Answer Straight from the Reg
    Commercial Business Loans & the HUD-1 Form
    1 Day Notice HUD-1 Inspection
    Listing Property Taxes on the HUD-1
    Disclosing the Appraisal on the HUD
    Revised GFE & HUD - Disclose Property Taxes?
    GFE - New Tolerance Limits
    Requesting Tax Returns at Time of Application
    POC Query
    Establishing an Escrow Account
    Updated HUD Settlement Cost Booklet
    New RESPA Effective Date - Clarification Needed
    HUD 1A - Rate Reduction
    Home Equity Loan Disclosures
    RESPA Guidance Needed
    Secondary Market Mortgage Loan Disclosures
    Escrow Account & First Mortgage Payoff
    A Pair of RESPA Questions
    Origination Fee Discrepancy
    RESPA Changes on Hold?
    HUD 1-A Form Line 1604
    Vacation Home Subject to HUD’s Reg X?
    Assumable Mobile Loan - Which HUD Form Do We Use?
    Disclosing Vendors Used in a Mortgage Loan
    Appraisers & the GFE
    Reflect All Fees on HUD Prepared by a Title Co?
    Listing Taxes on RESPA Forms
    Special Information Booklet and Refinancing
    Who Completes the HUD 1?
    Homeownership Counseling Still Required?
    RESPA Bridge Loan Exemption
    The HUD-1 and Lender Credit
    RESPA - Kickbacks & Mortgage Broker Fees
    Commercial Loan - HUD Settlement Statement?
    Closed-end HE Loan - HUD Statement Required?
    HUD Form - Bank's Responsibility
    Final TIL - Listing Names
    Addendum Conundrum
    Adjusting the HUD-1 Settlement Statement
    HUD Settlement Statement Required?
    RESPA - Won't Show the Fees as POC
    Reflecting Appraisal Fee on the HUD-1
    Selling Mortgage Applications
    HOEPA Calculation
    Perplexed Over POC
    Mortgage Satisfaction Fees
    Charging a Credit Report Fee at Closing
    HUD Mortgagee Letter 2006-08
    Treatment of Appraisal Fee on GFE and HUD-1
    Bank Responsible for the Info on the HUD-1s?
    HELOC - Disclosing Closing Costs
    Flood Certification Fee Split
    SCRA - Finalized HUD Notice
    Seller Signs the HUD 1?
    HUD Fee Matching the TIL Fee
    Settlement Services - Specific Attorney Required
    Disclosing the Annual Estimated Real Estate Taxes
    Complying with FDIC SCANS bulletin #Chiro-04-2001
    Early HUD Statements
    HMDA Conundrum
    HUD-1, Signature Required
    HMDA Classification - Log Home
    Reflecting the Refund of Fees on the HUD-1
    RESPA Verbiage on Servicing Disclosures
    Payment of Taxes Disclosed on the GFE & HUD-1
    Disclosing Referral Arrangement on the HUD-1 Form
    Cite for Short Form Servicing Disclosure Statement
    POC Costs & Property Taxes Listed on HUD-1A form
    Change in Completing the HUD-1?
    Attorney Creating a HUD-1 on Non-consumer Loans
    Forwarding Declined Loan Applications to Mortgage Company
    Updating the HUD Booklet for Revised URLA
    $200 Coupon for Mortgage Loan Closing Costs
    Transfer of Servicing Notice Signature Requirements
    HUD-1s and Fees
    Co-Borrowers, GFEs, and Signing the HUD-1
    Origination Fee vs. Points
    Completing a GFE with "P.O.C"
    Special Information Booklet Not Provided, Penalty?
    Disclosing Hazard Insurance on HUD-1
    Construction Loans
    No property identified -- Is the Application valid
    Construction and end loan and RESPA query
    Signing the HUD-1?
    Does Line X on the GFE and HUD-1 Have to Match
    Offering Consumers a Fee for Customer Referral
    HELOCs, Direct Mail Promotion and Disclosures
    Insufficient Tax Escrow Balance -- Now What?
    Real estate agent "to do" list? -
    Two loans at closing - one HUD-1
    Do borrowers need to sign the HUD-1?
    Fee for Desktop Underwriter
    Refund of Rate Lock Fee -- POC?
    Paying Mortgage Referral Fees
    What Fees are Marked as Prepaid?
    Should the HUD-1 Show Fees Not Passed On
    HUD Instructions - Wheres the Point Go
    Do We HUD-1 This HELOC?
    Proper Completion on the HUD-1
    Signing a HUD-1/1A
    Place of Settlement on a HUD-1/1A
    Combined Fees on a Mortgage Loan
    HUD 1/1A and Privacy
    RESPA Kickbacks: It Takes Two To Tango
    Showing Waived Fees on the HUD-1
    Disclosing Property Taxes Under RESPA
    Proper Placement of Taxes on HUD-1 and 1A
    Settlement Statement for Non-home Loans
    Prepaid Charges Affecting the APR
    Customer Signatures on RESPA Docs
    "Buying Your Home" Brochure Disclosure
    RESPA Revision
    RESPA and a "reasonable" fee
    Proper HUD-1 and GFE Completion
    Proper line on the HUD-1
    Median Income Chart
    RESPA / Reg X: What's in the Water at HUD?
    Signing One Form for All Disclosures
    Doc Prep Charges on the HUD-1
    HUD's View of Mark-ups
    Paying a "Finders Fee" to Affiliated Broker
    Disclose Cancellation Fee on the HUD1?
    How long must HUD escrow accounts be kept and is computerized storage okay?
    Is a tax monitoring fee a pre-paid finance charge?
    Credit Reports, Flood Determination, & HUD-1 Charges
    RESPA disclosure responsibility
    Telephone Mortgage Applications & Required Early Disclosures
    Construction Loans, Permanent Loans & HUD Disclosure
    Dating HUD Statements
    Getting the HUD-1 Right
    RESPA: Itemized Fees vs. Single Processing Fees
    How do I explain the calculations for GFE, TIL, Itemization of Amount Financed, and Loan Amount?
    RESPA: Kicking Back RESPA
    Credit Bureau Fees & The HUD-1
    RESPA: One-Two-Punch: HUD Follows RESPA Policy Statement With Action
    RESPA: Disclosing POC Costs On The Hud-1
    Notification Requirements: One Day In Advance Of Closing Rule
    HUD1A: If there's no escrow account, do you list the property taxes?
    Completing the HUD-1 in a Complex Transaction
    Listing Insurance on HUD-1s
    TIL & HUD-1 Tolerances
    Handling A HUD Investigation
    Disclosing Taxes and Insurance On Second Mortgages
    HUD-1, Identifying Fees Paid, and Examination Requirements
    GFE/Settlement Sheet Completion Appraisal Notification for Residentially Secured Business Loans

    Human Resources
    What Is Required for Vacations by the FDIC?
    Security Budget
    Employee on Probation Causes Risk for Bank
    Legal Requirements for Bank Job Descriptions
    Where to Find A Code of Ethics Policy
    Situations Requiring Employee Performance Review
    Documentation on Who CCO Should Report To?
    Advantages of Having Teller Over Short Policy
    Information on Banking Diplomas
    Limiting Employee's Checking Accts. to 3 OD Limit
    Sufficient Grounds for Employee Termination
    Bankers' Time Off
    EXPERT: How to Look Like One
    Rules for Mortgage Loan Officers
    The Case Against Business Casual
    Bank Employee Manages Husband's Business Account
    Credit Report for Hiring Purposes
    Choose Extraordinary not Ordinary
    Are Ties History for Men?
    How to Stand Out in a Crowd of Job Applicants
    Best Job Candidate for BSA Officer
    Security - Employee Foreclosure
    Salaried Employee With Chronic Illness
    BSA Training for IT & HR?
    Mandatory Absence/Vacation Policy
    Bank Employee Hiring Prohibited by Bankruptcy?
    Shoveling Snow - A Bank Employees Job?
    BSA in Job Descriptions and Evaluations
    Bank Employee Overdraft
    Employment Application Info for Background Check
    What do I do About a Hostile Branch Manager?
    Choose Extraordinary not Ordinary
    Ruling Gives Clues for Whistleblower Cases
    Avoid the Three Biggest Image Mistakes That Cost YOU Money
    Yes, Business Casual May Be Hurting Your Image
    HR Issues (PDF)
    Agency Tips on New-Hire Screening - New Guidance Issued on Developing the Process
    Overtime Rule Changes Impact Banks
    HR Record Retention
    Can Auditor Chair HR Committee?
    Three Months of Paid Volunteerism
    Background Checks on New Hires
    What is a "Benefit Plan"?
    Family and Medical Leave Act
    French Bank Employees Have Stress Reliever
    Treatment of Departing Employees
    Work Hours
    Requiring Direct Deposit for Employment
    Practical and paperless: the power of technology and human resources
    When duty calls: dealing with employees on military leave
    Policies Required in HR Manual
    Human resources should be properly grown
    Conflicts, Problems Could Be Helped with Solutions from Mediation Work
    Employee recognition can be as simple as saying ‘Thank you’
    Undercover Investigation Justifies Terminations
    Fingerprint Checks on New Hires
    September 11 Doesn't Justify Discrimination Against Muslims, Arabs, Others
    Planning and Executing a Reduction in Force
    "Unconscionability" and Other Issues in Mandatory Arbitration Clauses
    Bad Credit Report & Employee Dismissal
    Employment Policies
    Hiring correctly can be boiled down to three simple steps
    Release doesn't cover "willful and wanton" misconduct
    Is Hiring on the Basis of Appearance Illegal?
    How to Investigate Sexual Harassment Complaints
    EEOC Settles Same-race Discrimination Complaint
    Legal Issues in RIFs
    Employee's Deceit Voids FMLA Protection
    Can a Security Officer be a Compliance Officer?
    Should you inform an employee they are being investigated?
    CRA & AML Employee Handbook Information
    Dress and Grooming Codes: Legal Issues
    Helping Employees During Tough Times
    Interest Rate Break for Employees
    Employer Can Fire Employee Who Insists on Consulting Lawyer
    Employer Can Fire Employee Who Insists on Consulting Lawyer
    Extortion/Kidnapping Checklist
    Job Description For Senior Credit Officer
    Must the compliance officer be a senior officer of the institution?
    Six Lessons Learned: When an Employee Is NOT Exempt
    Compliance Officer Advancement Options
    Automating the HR Function
    What Shall I Wear To Work Today?
    AGENCY TEMPORARIES: What You Need to Know
    Affirmative Action Plans for Banks
    Change the Conversation to Get the Best
    Temporary Workers Can Cause Permanent Problems
    Setting Up A Human Resources Department
    Preventing Employee Theft - Training the Internal Watchdog
    Requirement for Workplace Violence Policy?
    AAAHHHKKK! Performance Reviews!
    FLSA: Fact Or Fiction
    Creating An Employee Manual
    Overtime Pay Calculation
    Screening Prospective Employees
    Pre-employment Screening
    Employee Resignation
    Telecommuting Bankers
    Equal Vacation
    Who should have keys to the branches? Any advice?
    Recording Customer Conversations
    I've been promoted! I need to set up a Compliance Department. Any advice?
    Time management tips
    Employee anniversary parties
    Sharing your calendar
    How a Good Interior Designer Can Help Traffic Flow
    Use the carrot instead of the stick
    Emergency Loan Programs For Employees
    Boosting Employee Morale
    Internal Auditor Advice: Reviewing Employee Bank Statements
    Investigating Workplace Theft: Sherlock Holmes Meets Miss Manners
    Why Two Weeks?
    A Quick Question on Paying Overtime
    Want to be a multi-million dollar operation? Play smart with your Human Resources
    The Myth of the Salaried Bank Employee: Fiction and Fact
    "Dancing" With the OFCCP??? You're Better Off With a Full Dance Card
    Affirmative Action Concerns for Growing Institutions
    Taking Action Against A Chronically Ill Employee
    Human Resource Headlines: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

    Should These Robbers Consider a Career Change?
    An Expensive Binge It Happened Again!
    He Forgot!
    Better Than a Fingerprint
    Appropriately Named Candy
    Poor Choice
    Bad Hair Day
    BOL Humor: Saluting 2003
    Compliance Related Attention Deficit Disorder
    Nigerian Scammer Meets Surfer Dude
    Correspondence with a 419 Con Man

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