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Can General Partnership Use SSN?
Agreement for Opening General Partnership?
Can Partnership Have A NOW Account?
DBA or General Partnership? No Written Agreement
Rights of Living Authorized Signer (Partnership)
Can Partnership Checking Have Agents on Accounts?
Partner on a Limited Partnership Dies-Procedure?
Death of Business Principals
One Person General Partnership?
Partnership Account - POA Transactions
Non-Profit Family Partnership Account
LLP Account Changes
Cashing a Check Made Payable to a Partnership
Partnership Account with a POD
Spousal Partnership Opening a NOW Account
LLC & LLP Loan Documentation
Rescission on property titled in LTD Partnership
Signatures required on loan to partnership
Reg O and minority partnership interests
Documentation for a Joint Venture Account
LLP Filings
Who Closes a Partnership Account?
Disputed Access to Business Account
Account Styling: Converting a Partnership Account to a Sole Proprietorship Account
Partnership Name and Filing UCC Documents

Passbook Savings
Converting Passbook Savings to Statement
Quarterly Statement for Passbook Savings
MAUTMA Passbook Savings Account
Disclosing Fee for Withdrawal
Are Statements Required for Passbook Accounts?
Periodic Statements on Passbook Accounts with EFTs
Reg DD disclosures for Christmas Club Accounts Overriding lending policy
Statement Requirements For Passbook Savings Account

Post USA PATRIOT Act Info In Bank Lobby?
USA Patriot Act Disclosure: Stand Alone/Combine
DBA Added to LLC Account-New Patriot Form?
Training Materials for USA Patriot Act
CIP Information for Signer on Deed of Trust
CIP Requirements for New Signatories
When to CIP a Customer
Patriot Act and Verifying Address
Defining 'Customer' by USA PATRIOT Act
Wire Sent Via Public Fund Deposit Program
314(b) Info Sharing – How Much Can We Share?
International Wires - Checking 311 Entities
OFAC of 401K Participants
Cedular Card
Patriot Act/CIP Disclosure
Patriot Act Forms & Living Trusts
Community College Account – CIP on Signers?
BSA/AML Risk Assessment
Purchased Loans - OFAC/USA Patriot Act Compliance
Government Agents/Employees Exempt from CIP?
The Amish & Non-Interest Bearing Accounts
Patriot Act & CIP - Minor Identification
Customers Signing the US Patriot Act Form
Address in the CIP File
CIP Documentation & Sole Proprietorships
BSA Training for IT & HR?
Patriot act & Existing Customers
Effective Date of CIP Physical Address Rule
Check Privacy Issue
Say Uncle?
CIP - Church Youth Group Account
OFAC Check on Seller of Property
ID and Re-ID for CIP?
Patriot Act ID Verification on the Other Owner
Cash an On Us Check for Person on the OFAC List?
ID for the Patriot Act
Changing Signatures on Business Accounts
CIP - Privately Held Co. Owned by Publicly Held Co
Member of Publicly Traded Company Exempt from CIP?
Privacy and the USA PATRIOT Act
Service v. OFAC?
CIP Rules for ID
SAR for Disecrepancies in Employment Application?
Service to Help Identify Customers
"Yes, That Check Will Clear," Violating the USAPA?
CIP on Pre- Patriot Act Customers
CIP Business Accounts
A Theory About Bank Robbery
CIP ID Requirements for Out-of-State Signers
Guru Compilation: CIP (PDF)
Ongoing Reviews and SAR Follow-Up
Developing A Successful Bank Secrecy Program: To Catch A Crook, Think Like One
Copy of ID in Loan File OK?
CIP Use of a P.O. Box for Mail
CIP Rules Define 'Customer'
Developing A Successful Bank Secrecy Program: To Catch A Crook, Think Like One
CTRs on Checks Cashed by Noncustomer Payee
Checking the OFAC List on Cashier's Check Purchase
Board of Directors Liability
Branch Robbery in Homeland Alert Times
Why Require a TIN for an Irrevocable Trust?
Explicitly Mentioning the PATRIOT Act on Lobby Notices
Verifying Residence Address
Prohibitions on Copying Driver's Licenses
BSA Enforcement
CIP and Denials
Money-Laundering or Terrorism: What Are We Looking For?
Documentation of 314(a) Searches
FinCEN, the information sharing certificate, and program elements
BSA Compliance Matters
E-filing your BSA reports (PACS)
Section 314(a) Records Requests
USA PATRIOT Act: Credit Card Cash Payment Limit?
Verifying The SSN & CIP
Retention of Loan Customer Driver's License Info
314a Documentation Spreadsheet
BOL Letter to FinCEN re 314(a) Requests
FinCEN Letter to BOL re 314(a) Searches
Handling A Hit On The Terrorist Watch List
USA PATRIOT ACT: When does our CIP Program have to be in place?
CIP Program Implementation Deadline
CIP Compliance Delayed
Life After The Moratorium
314(b) Information Sharing Update
Will we need to obtain a copy of a driver license for a guarantor on a loan?
USA PATRIOT Act: ID Requirements For A Minor
USA PATRIOT Act Account Opening Worksheet
Adequate Advance Notice Under Section 326

Payday Loans
Registering MSBs
Payday Lending, Risk, & Regulators
Predatory Practices Come Under Regulators' Microscope
PayDay Loans
"Payday Loans" Make The News

Payroll/Payroll Cards
Reg CC & Reg E - Prepaid Cards & Payroll Cards
Who is Responsible for Payment of the Check?
CTR Completed in the Name Of?
Payroll Check Signed by Entity
CTR - Employees Cashing Payroll Checks
File SARs for Significant Cash Withdrawals?
Using Payroll Accounts to Avoid Summons
Reg E - Direct Deposit of Bank Employee Payroll
Minor Payroll Check Cashing
OFAC - Cashing Non-Customer Payroll Checks
Rules for Customers to Obtain Payroll Cards
New Reg E Rules on Check Conversions, Payroll Cards
Payroll Card Use Growing Rapidly
An Innovative Payroll Card
More Payroll "Cards"
Payroll Cards

Hacked PC – Who Takes the Loss?
"Next, Please?"

Can Primary Residence Originate As Agriculture?
Choose Extraordinary not Ordinary
Are Ties History for Men?
ISO Independence
Annual Employee Background Check
Salaried Employee With Chronic Illness
Employment Application Info for Background Check
Overtime Rule Changes Impact Banks
Background Checks on New Hires
Family and Medical Leave Act
French Bank Employees Have Stress Reliever
Treatment of Departing Employees
Requiring Direct Deposit for Employment
Conflicts, Problems Could Be Helped with Solutions from Mediation Work
Employee recognition can be as simple as saying ‘Thank you’
Affirmative Action Plans for Banks
Is this Discrimination?
September 11 Doesn't Justify Discrimination Against Muslims, Arabs, Others
Legal Issues in RIFs
Janitors and Privacy Issues
September 11 Doesn't Justify Discrimination Against Muslims, Arabs, Others
Planning and Executing a Reduction in Force
Reviewing Unusual Activity in Employee Accounts
Hiring correctly can be boiled down to three simple steps
Is Hiring on the Basis of Appearance Illegal?
How to Investigate Sexual Harassment Complaints
EEOC Settles Same-race Discrimination Complaint
Legal Issues in RIFs
Employee's Deceit Voids FMLA Protection
Informing Employees of Embezzlement
What Shall I Wear To Work Today?
Sharing your calendar
Employee anniversary parties
Time management tips
Use the carrot instead of the stick
Neatness Counts
Question & Answer
EDITORIAL - An Auditor's Nightmare
IN THE NEWS - Help Wanted
IN THE NEWS - Jobs Depend On Test Results
Question & Answer
WHAT DO OTHER BANKERS DO? - A Very "Fair" Way to Hire
WHAT DO OTHER BANKERS DO? - Banks Good Places For Working Moms
Are You In Compliance?
IN THE NEWS - Ten "Not Nice" Statistics
WHAT DO OTHER BANKERS DO? - Paying Up To Dress Down
A Drug Problem? In My Office? No Waya!
Can You Be Bought?
Employee Handbook
Employee Handbook
IN THE NEWS –Banker For Hire
Question & Answer
She Used To Work For You
To "Dress Down" Or Not ? That's The Question !
Vacation Policies & Procedures
WHAT DO OTHER BANKERS DO? -What Shall I Wear To Work Today?
Bankers & Ethics
It Was Bound To Happen
"No Meetings Scheduled For Thursday Afternoon?""Good!"…"Let's Have One!"
George's Point Of View
George's Point Of View…"It's The People"
George's Point Of View…Casual Dress Up!
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
FDIC Improvement Act Of 1991 Mandates Major Change
Question & Answer
PERSONNEL VIGNETTES: Delegating Responsibility
PERSONNEL VIGNETTES: Delegating Responsibility (Part One of Two)
Personnel Vignettes:Temporary Solutions…Permanent Problems?
PERSONNEL VIGNETTES-Shopping For Temporary Services
Practical Application
Question & Answer
Signs Of The Times
"Perception…Becomes Reality"
Affirmative Action
Interviewing: Do's & Don'ts
Layoffs Controlled
On Asking Questions
PERSONNEL VIGNETTES: "That's All I Can Tell You..."
PERSONNEL VIGNETTES: "That's All I Can Tell You…"
Personnel Vignettes: DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS-Five Steps For Dealing With A Problem Employee
Personnel Vignettes-We All Discriminate
PERSONNEL VIGNETTES-Why Good People Leave Jobs
WHAT DO OTHER BANKERS DO? - Involve ALL The Employees!
A Personnel Nightmare (Part I)
A Personnel Nightmare (Part II)
Don't Tempt The "Temps"
Patience, Patience, Patience
PERSONNEL VIGNETTES - The Titanic Syndrome
Truth or Fiction?
Fingerprint Reports Expanded
Mandatory Fingerprinting?
Fingerprinting Questions & Answers

Re-credit Phished Customer?
What is Spear Phishing?
What is the Difference Between Pharming & Phishing
Vishing and Smishing
What is the Difference Between Pharming & Phishing?
Selling Account Monitoring
Phishing by Debit Card
CU Responsible for Member’s Loss to Phishing Scam?
More Scams using FDIC
Fraud, FDIC and FACTA
Keeping Online Banking Safe: Why Banks Need Geolocation and Other New Techniques Right Now
Internet Account Compromised, Who Eats the Loss?
Phishing Scams Increase 180% in April Alone!
Could Someone Successfully "Phish" for Your Customers?
Phishing Scams On The Rise

Mortgage Rate Sheets
Copy Credit Cards for CIP Documentation
CIP Proof in the File
High-End Copiers May Be a Security Gap
Copy of Green Card in the Loan File
If Transactions are Over $3,000, Make a Copy?
Legalities of Copying a Driver's License
Destroy the Originals but Keep the Scanned Copies
Reg CC 's Endorsements Printed in Black Ink Rule
Scan the Signature Card, Keep the Original?
Annual Privacy Notice on Deposit Statements
Keeping Photocopies of Sold Loans
Attempted to Deposit a Photocopy of a Check
Federal Reserve Banks Make Check 21-related Announcements
Evidence & The Security Officer
Photocopying Treasury Checks
Returning Imaged Copies

Photocopying ID
CIP Verification Checklist - Commercial Borrowers
CIP Proof in the File
Copy of Green Card in the Loan File
Copy of Drivers License in the Credit File
BSA - Copying Driver's License for Each Loan
Customer Won't Allow Bank to Photocopy License
CIP - Retaining Photocopy of Customer Credit Card
Keeping Copies of Drivers Licenses with Loan Docs
Copy of SSN Card
Section 326 Revisited Photocopying and Foreign ID Directives Considered
Copying driver's licenses
Can I make a copy of an SSN card?
Copy of ID in Loan File OK?
Prohibitions on Copying Driver's Licenses
USA PATRIOT Act: CIP & Photocopying The Driver's License
Photocopy Of A Photo ID, Reg B, And "Discrimination in Lending"
Photocopying The Driver's License: Sometimes it IS acceptable
Photocopying Treasury Checks
Photocopying A Driver's License For Identification
Photocopying ID: What Regs Does This Violate?

Customer Liability: "Unauthorized" PIN Transaction
The Daughter & the Debit Card
Unauthorized Debit Card Purchases
Case Law & Debit Card Owner Negligence
Relative Allowed to Use Debit Card
Pinned Credit Card Transaction Dispute
PIN Guidelines
PIN-Based Debit Card Dispute – Bank's Rights
Reg E Provisional Credit vs Visa Provisional Credit
Unauthorized Card Use By Spouse
Stolen Debit Card - Customer Liable for the $50?
Reg E - PIN & Non-PIN Cases
Multiple Cards, One PIN?
Customer's Recourse with Merchant
Credit Account for ODs from Lost ATM Card?
Reg E - Stolen Debit Card
Stolen Debit Card - PIN Written on Checkbook
Changing ATM Service Providers
Consumer Liability for Negligence in PIN-Handling
ATM Dispute Claim
Reg E Claim Denied - Re-Evaluated for Bank Officer
Customer Gave PIN Number to Family Member
Customer Hasn't Checked Statement Since Nov 2005
Phishing by Debit Card
Unauthorized Use of Check Card & Customer liability
Is Customer Responsible if PIN is on the Card?
Handy PIN
Fighting Back With Education
Is MasterCard SecureCode Subject to Reg. E

Obtain PMI & Escrow if Missing Down Payment?
Where to Put Lender Paid PMI on HOEPA Worksheet
Apply Refund for PMI Payments towards Past Due?
PMI Over Life of Loan Calculated Into APR?
Rule on Loan Closing and Collecting P & I/Escrow
How to Change PMI Paid to Third Party
How Many Months of Premium (Finance Charge)
Incorrect PMI Premium Quoted on GFE
Final TIL - PMI Tax Included?
Raising LTV Percentage
HPA & Mortgage Loans with PMI
Annual PMI Notice
PMI at Closing -- Prepaid FC?
PMI Disclosures On The Settlement Statement
PMI & Sale of Insurance Disclosures
PMI Premiums, Payment Schedules, and Adjustable Rate Mortgages
PMI Requirements
Disclosing PMI Premiums
Adding PMI to a Note
Private Mortgage Insurance

Can Corporation Pledge CD to a Personal Loan?
Negative Pledge of Assets
Real Estate & 1098 Forms
Loan to spouse considered loan to EO?
What "Note" Makes it HMDA Reportable
Pledging Securities to Secure Customer Deposits
Disclosure to Cosigners
Pledging a Jointly Owned CD as Collateral
Using An IRA As Loan Collateral
Requiring All Owners Of Jointly Held Accounts Used As Collateral To Sign The Security Agreement
Pledging Assets As Security For Deposits Of Public Funds
Loan To A Living Trust: Required Documentation
Savings Bond as Collateral
Home Equity Loans For Property Owned By A Living Trust
Reservist Achieves Victory Under SSCRA: What Every Lender Should Know

Can an LLC Have a POD or Savings Account?
UNEQUAL Beneficiaries On Deposit Account
Sole Prop Designate A Payable On Death Beneficiary
Can Executor of Will Redeem POD Certificate?
Can Et AL Appoint Themselves POD On Estate?
Hold Funds For 60 Days Before Release to POD?
Hold Funds For 60 Days Before Release to POD?
Can Et AL Appoint Themselves POD On Estate?
Letter of Direction to Decline/Split IRA Account
Adding Non-Signing Joint Owner to Account
How Many Checks if 3 Beneficiaries on Account?
Should POD Be On A Christmas Club Account?
Distribution of Funds to Multiple Beneficiaries
Distribution of Funds to Multiple Beneficiaries
POD Wants CD To Go To Personal Rep (Not POD Named)
Can AIF Also Be A Beneficiary On An Account?
Put Beneficiary on Sole Proprietor Checking? One Deceased POD- Give All Funds to Surviving POD?
How to Close Account w/Multiple Beneficiaries
Will POA Form Work With Notarized Signature?
Responsibility for Contacting PODs on Account
Letters POD Required in Address Info on Statement?
Can Minor Account Have Beneficiaries?
Proper Procedure for POD Acct w/Conservator
List DBA As POD w/ Trust As Beneficiary?
POD Beneficiaries Who Are Not US Citizens
Executor Able to Close Account Titled POD?
Time Limit on Distributing Money for POD
POD on Statement If On Account Agreement?
1 of 2 Beneficiaries Deceased on Payable on Death
Requirements for Opening Checking w/ POD
Individual Acct Name Trust as Beneficiary?
May a Durable POA Name a POD on an Account?
Sucessor Trustee of Family Trust Considered POD?
POD Not Ready to Close CD's-Collect Interest?
What Information is Available to Beneficiary
Can POA Designate POD for SS Rep Payee Account?
Account w/ One Person as both A-i-F and POD
Authorized Signer and POD- Have to be Same Person?
Benefit of Trust with Payable on Death
How to Cut Checks for P.O.D. Beneficiaries
POD on Guardianship Account?
POD Designation upon Divorce
Dispersing POD Proceeds to Multiple Beneficiaries
POD Accounts Upon Death of Owner
POD on Safe Deposit Box?
Offset on POD Account?
Joint Accounts or Trusts?
Beneficiaries of CD also of Other Accounts?
Unitrust/CD POD to Church
POD Beneficiaries on One Account
POD is a Minor in Foster Care
Florida's Requirements for Beneficiaries
Procedure for Joint Beneficiaries
POD on Safe Deposit Box?
CD with POD
OFAC - Account Blocked Due to POD Beneficiary
Release Funds to Remaining POD?
POA Adding Himself to a POD Account
Charity as POD on a CD
UTMA – Death of Minor
FDIC Ruling on POD Accounts
POD Account as Collateral on Loan
Trust Account Convenience Signer
What if POD Precedes Owner in Death?
No Co-Owner or POD on Decedent Account
Is this a Joint Account or a POD Account?
Include Beneficiary on the CTR?
Deposit Accounts - Adding Contingent Beneficiaries
PODs on CDs in a Trust
Beneficiary on a Demand Deposit Account
Successor Custodian or POD on Minor Account
Transferring Account Ownership to POD
Beneficiaries Disclaiming Account Ownership
POD Designation & Probate
Deceased Customer -Stolen Debit Card Transactions
POD's Whereabouts Unknown
Partnership Account with a POD
List Spouse as "Survivor" not as POD?
ITF & POD Beneficiary Designation
Beneficiary Information for POD or ITF Accounts
Account POD to Minor Living in Another State
OFAC on the Beneficiary of a POD Account?
What's the Difference Between a Totten Trust & POD
Offset of Account with a POD Beneficiary
POD Beneficiary Signing Security Agreement
Authorized Signer Designated as a POD Beneficiary
Non USA Citizen as a "POD"
Power of Attorney remaining as a POD beneficiary
FBO Accounts
Check Fraud on Deceased Customer's Account
POD CDs: Handling Interest after the Customer has Died
Minor as POD Beneficiary?
POD on Safe-Deposit Lease
POD on an LLC
Can a corporation have a POD beneficiary?
Owning Accounts After Death of Depositor
POD Beneficiary and CIP
Pledging a Jointly Owned CD as Collateral
How should we handle uncashed CD interest checks for a deceased customer?
Adding A Living Trust As POD
Can a Totten Trust trustee give POA for transaction authority?
Can an authorized signer be designated as the POD beneficiary?
Is there a difference between "beneficiary" and P.O.D.?
Adult Beneficiaries On A Minor's Account
Are the terms Payable on Death (POD) and Beneficiary interchangeable?
POD Account Regulations
CDs, POD Designation, and Beneficiaries
Is there a limit to the number of POD beneficiaries that an accountholder can list on a CD?
Is it permissible to allow the AIF to add themselves as POD beneficiary?
Can a safe deposit contract have a POD clause?
Showing POD Beneficiaries
Allowing Contingent POD on a CD: Is this wise?
What is the the difference between "ITF" and a "POD"?
POD Designations on Safe Deposit Boxes
Can a Sole Proprietorship Account Designate a POD?
Can a person's legal guardian set up a POD account with the guardian as beneficiary?

Policy for Mobile/Convenience Bank Nursing Home
Policy for Mobile/Convenience Bank Nursing Home
Shifting Reg Oversight From FRB to FDIC
Specific Procurement/Purchasing Policy Required?
Where to Find A Code of Ethics Policy
Sample Policy on Adverse Actions
Pros/Cons of Teller Repaying When Balance Is Short
General Rewrite of Loan Policy (Updated)
Risk Rating Wealth Management Accounts
Complaint Policy for Bank
Policy for Risk-based Pricing Regs
Sample Secuirty Policy
Lending Compliance Officer – Role & Responsibility
Reg GG – Board Approved Policy
Giving Borrower a Copy of Mortgagee Title Policy
OFAC Policy & New International ACH Regs
Force Placing Flood on Lapsed Policy
Blanket Insurance Policy
Charters/Policies on Bank’s Website
Reg CC – Less Hold Time
Keeping Cash in the Safe Deposit Box
Reg U - Purpose Loan Vs Non-Purpose Loan
Stripping Down a Massive BSA Policy/Program
Amending BSA Policy
ODP Via a LOC - Annual Financial Statement
Loan Privacy Policy Documents
Employee Loan Policies
Banker Opening Account for Family Member
Updating Consumer/Customer Complaint Policy
Can We Combine our BSA, OFAC & CIP Policies?
BSA Dept Dictating Check Cashing Procedures
Flood Insurance - Conflicting Zones
Requiring Customer to Buy Life Insurance Policy
BSA Retention Policy & Loan Documents
Privacy policy and Security Statement
Executive Officer Kidnap Policy
Dry Dock Slip as Collateral
Flood Zone & Insurance Policy Conflict
Consumer Loan Underwriting Standards
Proof of Privacy Policy Disclosure
Branch Isn't Following OFAC Procedures
Talkative Teller
Secondary ID
Bank Policies Approved by the Board
Is Opt Out Required in Privacy Policy?
Compliance Procedures
LLC & LLP Loan Documentation
I'm Looking for a Compliance Policy Template
CRA Officer Policy and Procedures
PDA Policy
Examples of Collection Letters
CRA & HMDA Policies Required?
Need a Template or Sample E-Sign policy
Uniform Retail Credit Classification Policy
Updating Loan Policy to Reflect FACTA Changes
Compliance Signposts
Policies for Online Banking
Procedures for bankruptcies
AML Policies, Procedures for an MSB
Limit for a Personal Money Order?
Annual policy reviews
Risks should be assessed before marketing via e-mail
Employee Overdrafts
Board Approval of Policies
Writing a Policy
Written Policy: Using Rubber Stamps For Signing Business Checks
Written Security Program Required
Naming BSA Officer in Your Policy
Ten Tips for Writing Bank Policies
Employment Policies
Reviewing Unusual Activity in Employee Accounts
Modifying Policies to Fit Online Banking
Finding a List of Required Policies
Separate Policy for Internet Banking?
EEOC Settles Same-race Discrimination Complaint
Overriding lending policy
Flood Compliance Policy Guidance
Good Address Change Procedures
Information Technology Policies Wanted
Wanted: Sample Code of Ethics Policy
Kidnapping, Extortion and Bomb Threat Policies
Fraud Prevention Incentive Plan For Employees
Damage Control
Eliminating Branch Opening Procedures and Time-Delay Vaults
Internet and/or Technology Incident Response Sample Policies & Procedures
Record Retention Policy Guidelines
Sample Hacking Incident Policies
Sample Investment Policies
Sample Information Security Policy
Sample Compliance Policies
Developing a Branch Closing Policy

Polygraph Pitfalls
Polygraph Testing?

Positive Pay
Untimely Positive Pay Exceptions
Shifting onus for unauthorized items to customer
Expanded Positive Pay Capabilities
Positive Pay Solution
Required Use of Positive Pay
Positive Pay & Fraud
A New Degree Of Verification
Positive Pay For Smaller Companies
Post-dated checks
Loss to Receiving Altered/Post Dated Check?
Overdraft Due to Post-Dated Item
Stop Pay on a Post Dated Check?
Early Cashing of a Post Dated Check
Cashing Post Dated Checks
UCC: Practical Application, Part II
Guru Chatter on Check & Deposit Issues (PDF)
Responsibility For Post Dated Checks
Status of Stale Dated/Post Dated Checks
Question & Answer

Power of Attorney
Role of AIF on a Checking Account
How Long Is Date On POA Good For?
Does POA Have Authority to Change Address?
Trustees Deemed Incompetent By Their Physicians
Run ChexSystems On POAs/Rep Payees/Executors?
Definition and Examples of "Grantor"
Document to Close Account/Receive Funds POA
Can You Have A POA for A DBA Account?
Can There Be Authorized Signer if Not In Trust?
Possible to Charge Client w/Excessive OD Charges?
How to Handle POA Revocations
Person w/POA from Administrator on Estate Account
POA Authorized With A Verbal Consent
Can AIF Also Be A Beneficiary On An Account?
AIF Requesting ATM Card on Account
Procedure For Power of Attorney In An LLC
Safe Deposit Box Guidelines on POA
Form to Create POA for New LLC Company
Should POA Sign Account Agreement for Verification
POA Access to Safe Deposit Box Requirement
Funds Accessible for POA? (Receiving Levy)
Rules on POA Relinquishment Removing Joint Owner
Attorney In Fact After Death of Account Owner
Notarize Signature of Attorney in Fact on POA Form
No POAs Allowed Exception-Physical Capabilities
What Authority Does AIF Have On Financial Trans?
Precautions to Consider for Powers of Attorney
Durable Power of Attorney Signature Transfer Stock
Should POA Documents be Registered/Recorded?
Attorney In Fact Have Access to Established Trust?
Proper Procedures to CIP for a POA
Can AIF Name Authorized Signer on Principal’s Acct?
May a Durable POA Name a POD on an Account?
Can a POA Act for Trustee on a Trust Account?
AIF Add Himself to Account as a Joint Signer?
Family Survivor Trust-Appointing Attorney
Adding POA to a Business Account
Withdrawal for POA on Retirement Account
Rights of a POA on Joint Account
Can a POA Holder Open/Close Account?
Opening POA Accounts
Can POA/Beneficary be Same Person?
Can POA Remove Authorized Signer on Account?
Power of Attorney versus Conservator
Powers of a Power of Attorney
Can Owner on Joint Account be POA?
Can POA Change Beneficiaries?
Beneficiaries of CD also of Other Accounts?
POA and Access to Safe Deposit Box
POA Makes Withdrawals from PUTMA Account
POA Deposits Check into His Checking Account
Member Using Ten Year Old POA to Withdraw IRA Funds
Deposit of Estate Check into POA's Account
Multiple POAs
POA - Account Owner’s Rights
POA & AIF Change
POA Acting as Trustee of Trust
POA adding Authorized Signer
POA Adding Himself to a POD Account
POA Powers & Gifting Assets
POA as Agent and Authorized Signer
CIP – POA & Legal Capacity of Incarcerated Person
POA as Joint Owner
Partnership Account - POA Transactions
Joint Owners as POAs?
POA Writing Checks After Customer's Death
POA Appointing Another POA?
Trust Account Convenience Signer
Account Closed by Agent/POA
POA Depositing Money for Personal Use
Powers of Newly Appointed POA
Naming Beneficiary as Attorney-in-Fact
POA & Joint Demand Deposit Account
POA Check Deposit Procedures
POA CIP Requirements
POA Powers & Safe Deposit Boxes
POA on a Trust Account
UTMA & Minor Saving Accounts
POA Documentation
POA Added on a Minor Account?
Power of Attorney Appointment
POA on a Revocable Trust Account
POA Responsible for Filing Taxes?
POA Safe Deposit Box Entry
Proper Endorsement of POA
Power of Attorney remaining as a POD beneficiary
Adverse Credit Reports on Authorized Signers
Issuing a Debit Card to POA on an Account
Power of attorney and LLC
Depositing to Another's Account with a POA
Corporate Account: Multiple Signers with No Signature Cards
Power of Attorney Abuse
Can an "S-Corporation" have a Power of Attorney (POA) sign on it?
Appointing A POA To A Living Trust
Guru Compilation: Power of Attorney(PDF)
Living Trusts & POA
Agent Transferring Funds To Own Account
Account for Institutionalized Customer
Power of Attorney Issues
Safe Deposit: What is the holder of a POA authorized to do?
Can Executor/Administrator Grant a POA?
Requiring Original POA Document To Open Account
Filing A CTR When A Power of Attorney Is Involved
Can a Totten Trust trustee give POA for transaction authority?
Delegating Responsibility For The Custodian Of An Account
Who's Got The Power?
Retention Requirements: POAs & Death Certificates
Safe Deposit: What is the difference between a Power of Attorney and an Appointment of a Deputy?
Can an individual IRA accountholder grant a Power of Attorney to a third party?
Can an IRA owner have a Power of Attorney on his/her IRA?
Can a Power of Attorney be used for an IRA?
POD CDs & FDIC Insurance Coverage
Trust Accounts & Power Of Attorney
Could you tell me if a Bank Customer must have a "Power Of Attorney" which was drawn up by an Attorney?
Who is the owner of a POD account? A custody account?
Can an account established under the UTMA also have a POD?
POA & Joint Accounts
Power Of Attorney Signed With An X: Is it good?
Power of Attorney Limitations
Documenting Power of Attorney
Who's Got the Power?

Predatory Lending
Not So Fair Lending?
FBI Reports Mortgage Fraud Running Rampant
Predatory Lending: The Study and a Verdict
OCC Speaks Out on Consumer Complaints
OCC Issues Guidance on Predatory Lending
Fair lending & auto loans
Reg Z Section 32 Clarification Sought
Payday Lending, Risk, & Regulators
Are We Looking At The Right Stuff?
Time Restriction Before Refinance Can Occur
Predatory Lending: Lessons Learned
Negotiated closing costs & no-closing cost loans
Predatory Lending under Regulatory Scrutiny
Predatory Lending Practices Result in Large Settlement
Treasury's Efforts to Stop Predatory Lending
Is the capitalization of interest on home equity loans prohibited? Is it predatory?
Bank Liability in the News
Predatory Lending - The Regulators' Response
Predatory Lending - What Is It?
Predatory Lending: Unfair & Unsound
Educate to Curb Predatory Lending
Looking for Predatory Signals
Who Is Responsible for Stopping Predators?
What Happens When Consumer Advocates Mean Well?
Warning About Predatory Lending
Using Compliance to Combat Predatory Lending
CRA and Subprime
Placing Hopes on HOEPA
FRB Issues Proposal to Expand HMDA Reporting
Measuring Predatory Lending
OTS Studies Subprime Lending
Predatory Lending Self-regulation from FNMA
Predatory v. Subprime
COMPLIANCE NOTES - FTC Brochure on Predatory Lending
COMPLIANCE NOTES - OCC and Predatory Lending
Privacy Rules The Consumer's Perspective
Staying Away from Predatory Lending
Predatory v. Good Lending: Comparing What's Wrong with What's Right
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Agency Heads Testify on Predatory Lending
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Tanoue Criticizes
Predatory Lending Raises Compliance Issues
Subprime Lending Risk v. Profit
Credit Reporting A Pet Peeve from Hawke

Violation for Distributing Privacy Notices
Regs Outlining Requirements for Shredding Docs
Change In Delivering Annual Privacy/Opt Out Notice
Adding Customer Mailing Info to Privacy Notice
Annual Privacy Disclosure Required for 2013?
  • Annual Privacy Disclosure Required for 2013?
    Releasing Customer's SSN to Funeral Home
    Procedure for Verifying Funds Over Phone FI
    Send Wrong Statement to Customer-Reg P Violation?
    Privacy Laws if Individual Only Pledged Collateral
    Giving Payoff to Insurance Co w/o Customer Consent
    Send Privacy Notice by Email for Online Statements
    Emailing appraisals
    Rules on Making Copy of SSI Check Cashed at Bank
    When to Send Annual Privacy Notices
    Reg P Restrictions on Giving out Account Info
    Unrelated Material in Annual Privacy Mailing
    Privacy Notice: Give Option for No Annual Mailing?
    Customer Confirmation on Receiving Privacy Notice
    Customer Confirmation on Receiving Privacy Notice
    Providing Information to Estate Executor
    Privacy Policy Notices
    Sending our Privacy Disclosures
    Posting the Privacy Notice
    Employee Referral Program
    Board Member/Signature Cards
    Employer Sponsored Credit Program
    What is 'Non-affiliate' in the New Privacy Policy?
    Annual Privacy Notice to All Owners?
    Privacy Policy: Signed or Not?
    Wrong Check Images Provided to Online Customer
    Documents Needed for IRS Summons of Records
    New Privacy Notices
    Privacy Notice to Safe Deposit Box Customers
    Witness for Onsite Document Shredding
    Verifying Account/Check Information Over Phone
    Sending the Privacy Notice
    New Privacy Policy Form
    New Model Privacy Notice Form
    Law Suit Asks for Board's Minutes: Privacy Laws?
    New Privacy Notice Confusion
    Cameras in the Safe Deposit Box Area
    Fraud Photos to Customers
    Privacy Policy Revision - Effective Date
    Refer a Friend
    Final Model Privacy Notice Form
    Privacy Notice
    Pop Up Box
    One Privacy Notice per Household?
    Marketing Messages
    Cold Calling
    Privacy Act - Check Verification
    Credit Bureau Reporting – Advance Notices
    Loan Privacy Policy Documents
    Annual Privacy Statement Mailings
    Safe Deposit Boxes in the Lobby
    Going Away Celebration - Invite Retiree's Clients
    GLBA and Customer Information
    Unfamiliar Forms
    Surveillance Cameras at the Safe Deposit Box Vault
    Sending Out Privacy Notices in Statements
    Email Marketing
    Recording Customer Calls
    Thanking Non-Customers in Customer Newsletter
    Charged Off Accounts - Annual Privacy Notices
    2007 Proposed Privacy Rule - What Became of It?
    Model Privacy Notice
    GLBA Violation-Loan Info Displayed on File Cabinet
    Clean Desk Act
    Member FDIC Required on Privacy Disclosures?
    Privacy Regs and "Tell a Friend" Marketing Program
    Website Speed Bumps
    Certificate of Compliance Guidance Needed
    Privacy - Is Vendor an Affiliate?
    Video Surveillance Warning
    Annual Privacy Notice to Businesses
    Privacy policy and Security Statement
    Signing for Disclosures
    Debtor's Privacy & Guarantor Notification
    Co-borrowers Liabilities & Credit Reports
    Third Party Privacy Hold
    Privacy and Drawings
    Proof of Privacy Policy Disclosure
    Privacy Act - Account Numbers on Back of Checks
    Spouse's Access to Mortgage File
    Opt-out Disclosure Required?
    Talkative Teller
    Bank Info Required on Privacy Notices?
    Non-customer IRS Summons
    RFPA - IRS Requesting Info on Loan Customer
    Is Opt Out Required in Privacy Policy?
    Privacy Laws & Marketing to Non-Customers
    Reg P Annual Vendor Review
    Consolidation Loan for Medical Bills
    Check Verification & the Privacy Act
    SAR: Staff Member Disclosed Client Info to 3rd Party
    Handling a Breach of Customer Privacy
    Discussing Loans with Father of Debtor, Privacy Violation?
    Opt-Out Procedures for Additional Account
    Privacy Issues & Combined Statement
    Annual Privacy Notice on Deposit Statements
    Privacy Issue When Paying Off a Spouse's Loan
    Selling Account Monitoring
    Protecting Customer's Medical Privacy
    Is a Privacy Notice Required for Loan Guarantor?
    ATM Privacy Notice
    FDIC Issues Guidance on Instant Messaging
    Banks Trusted by Consumers on Internet Privacy
    Privacy and the USA PATRIOT Act
    Privacy, Compliance, and Disclosures
    Refusal to Verify a Check Under Privacy
    Sharing Kiting Info with the Other FI
    Customer Says "Opt Me Out or Else!"
    Verifying Checks Over the Phone
    "Yes, That Check Will Clear," Violating the USAPA?
    "The Check is NSF": A Privacy Violation?
    Privacy Notices for Safe Deposit Boxes
    Fraud Cases -- Providing Records to Police
    Getting Customers to Sign Night Bag Log
    Statements for the Disabled
    Bank Supervision: Information Sharing with Europe
    Customer Referral Rewards Program
    Mailing Annual Privacy Notices
    Are your Internal Controls like Swiss Cheese? Part 13: Branch or Department Keys
    Service of Tax Levy or Garnishment Papers
    Privacy Notices to Shareholders
    How Much Can Privacy Statement Change w/o Notice?
    Privacy and Outsourcing Loan Reviews
    HUD 1/1A and Privacy
    Bundling Required Notices
    Disclosure of Confidential Customer Information
    Reg. CC and Privacy Excuses for Non-Availability
    Privacy notice with mortgage affiliate
    Ongoing privacy training
    Employee Overdrafts
    Deposits Made By Person Not On Account
    On Privacy…
    Recipients of Annual Privacy Notices
    Janitors and Privacy Issues
    Disclosing Seller's Impending Bankruptcy to Buyer
    Sharing Information for Joint marketing
    Limits on Customer Referral Programs
    Privacy Training
    Information Security - Risk Assessment
    When Information Security Procedures Fail
    Sharing Credit Report with Participating Bank
    FTC's Safeguard Rule
    Privacy and Payoff Balance Information
    Requirement to Look at FBI List
    Privacy Rules, Section 14 Exemptions, and Third-Party Providers
    Database accessibility
    Privacy II: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Strikes Again
    Posting Privacy Notices For Non-Customers On The ATM
    IRS Information Requests & Privacy
    Sample Wording Regarding FCRA For Privacy Notice
    Must Privacy Notice Be Posted On ATMs?
    Need Help with Privacy Training?
    Privacy Notices To E-Customers
    Sharing Information From Co-applicants With Co-applicants
    Information Sharing: What Consumers REALLY Think
    Privacy & Customer Account Numbers On Back Of Checks
    Mailing Privacy Notices For A Third Party
    Customer Activity & Additional Privacy Notices
    Who should be responsible for service provider contracts?
    Annual Privacy Notices
    Privacy & Funds Verification
    Privacy Disclosure Requirements For Deposit Account Beneficiaries
    Safeguarding Customer Information
    Timing on Annual Privacy Notice
    Annual Disclosures as Statement Stuffers
    Privacy: Record Retention Requirements For Opt-Out Notices
    What are the risks when accepting a deposit from someone other than the account owner?
    Privacy & Providing Payoff Information To Lenders
    Privacy Disclosure Mailing Deadline
    Information Sharing: What Consumers REALLY Think
    Releasing Payoff Info to Dealers
    Combining Your Privacy Notice
    Privacy Disclosure Revisions
    Loan Prospecting, Privacy, and Client Protection
    Service Provider Confidentiality Agreements
    Commercial Loans & Insurance Disclosures
    Third Party Verification & Privacy
    Commercial Loans & Insurance Disclosures
    Privacy and Endorsement Account Numbers
    Deposits & Privacy Issues
    Privacy Implementation Check-Up
    Privacy: More Help From FDIC
    Testing Your Privacy Notice
    Privacy Not Finished?
    SSN As Employee Identification
    P3P & Privacy
    Privacy For Agricultural Customers
    Deposit Receipts & Privacy Concerns
    Privacy Exam Procedures
    Pride & Privacy
    Simplifying Privacy Notification
    Privacy Software
    Privacy And The Use Of Demographic Data
    Privacy & Monitoring Service Providers
    Privacy Regulations & Affiliates
    Can enforcing compliance be fun?
    Privacy: Recording Customer's Account Number On Checks
    Privacy & Mergers
    Privacy & Customer Account Numbers
    Reg P Record Retention
    Privacy Notices and Loan Transactions
    Monitoring Service Providers for Privacy Compliance
    Privacy and Mail Deposits
    GLB Notice Requirements
    Privacy and Software
    Privacy Notices on the ATM
    Reg P vs. Guidelines for Information Security
    Reg P Web Site Requirements
    Privacy Policy & Consumers
    Privacy: Opt-out for Participated Loans with Non-Affiliated Banks
    Privacy Notices: Treat sole proprietors like corporations?
    Reg P & Title Companies
    GLB Privacy Fill-in Exercise
    Privacy Notice Mailings: Separating Business and Individual Customers
    New Privacy Regs: Exempted Nonaffiliated Third Parties
    An individual guarantees a business loan. Does GLB apply?
    Can we avoid the FCRA opt-out for information from the application that is publicly available?
    Privacy and Thumbprint Signature Programs
    What Bankers Need to Know About Privacy - And When
    Using the Service Provider/Joint Marketer Exception
    Stockholder Information and Privacy
    Privacy & Joint Marketing: Specific Contract Language
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Privacy & Bankruptcy Filings
    New Privacy Laws Not Needed
    Regulators Sued Over Privacy Rules
    "Chief Privacy Officer" Welcomed
    Standards Proposed By Agencies
    Question & Answer
    Privacy Disclosure Deadline Now July, 2001
    EDITORIAL - Quick ! Take A Vacation !
    Privacy, Privacy, Privacy Issue Absorbs Entire Industry
    Question & Answer
    Privacy Lawsuits Copycat Effects
    Selling Privacy
    Privacy Notices
    Compliance Notes
    Compliance v. Being Nice
    Notice Standards
    Your Privacy Program
    Privacy Notice Checklist
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    The Opt-Out Process
    Privacy Points To Remember
    Question & Answer
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Privacy: Sooner, not Later
    Privacy Privacy Regs Proposed
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - ABA's New President: "Embrace Technology, Preserve Trust"
    Privacy Some Guidance From OTS
    Privacy Litigation Hits Privacy Practices
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Settling Privacy
    Privacy Where It's At
    The European Privacy Model The European Requirements
    Privacy Managing With Clear Policies & Procedures
    Customer Privacy The New Privacy Law
    EDITORIAL - What's In Is What's Out: Invasion of Privacy
    Thinking About What Privacy Means
    Overhaul Your Existing Privacy System
    Web Page Policy
    Sources For Privacy Policies
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Internet Privacy Statements
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Use Privacy as a Promotional Tool
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Privacy Training for Customers
    FRB / CAC
    FRB Survey on Consumer Information
    ABA Challenges The Banking Industry 100 Days To a Privacy Policy
    IN THE NEWS - Privacy Rules To Be Ready By February
    OCC Says, "Watch out for Hackers!"
    Privacy Legislation A Two Edged Sword
    Privacy So Many Issues & Way Too Much Time
    WHAT DO OTHER BANKERS DO? - Protecting Information
    Financial Privacy Act Good News and Bad News
    IN THE NEWS - For your information…
    Washington Update
    WASHINGTON UPDATE - Beware the Privacy Police
    EDITORIAL - How's Your Image?
    More On Subpoenas…Non-disclosure
    Information Protection (Part II): Everybody's Job
    Information Protection: Everybody's Job
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Releasing Information
    EDITORIAL - Sometimes I Wish For The "Good Old Days"
    Question & Answer
    Releasing Information

    Private Education Loans
    Loan to Individual to Pay Student Loans
    PEL Disclosures On A Modification-Prior Reg Change
    Reg Z Disclosure for Private Education Loans
    New Disclosures for Private Education Loans
    New Disclosures for Higher Education Loans
    Reg Z - Private Education Loans

    Promotional Incentives
    1099 Required for Drawing Prizes More than $10?
    Promotion to Increase Debit Card Usage
    Free Business Checking Account Compliance
    Paid Statement Stuffers
    Bank T-shirts
    Regulation Q - Advertising
    Reg Q Premium Restrictions
    Will Promo Open a Treasure Chest or Can of Worms?
    New Branch Grand Opening
    HELOC Outside Banner
    Current Customer CD Promo - Follow Up Phone Call
    Shredding the Competition
    Money Tree Promo
    Understanding Tax Reporting and Promos
    Non-cash Gift HELOC Promotion
    APY Disclosure of Promo Bonus
    FDIC Logo & EH Logo Left off of Promo Pens
    Will Promo Open a Treasure Chest or Can of Worms?
    Open an Account & Reduce Your Loan Interest Rate
    Limits on Customer Referral Programs
    Limits On Promotional Premiums
    Offering Promotional Incentives

    Proof And Transit

    Public Funds
    Bail Bonding Funds Considered Public Funds?
    Documentation for Opening a Public Fund Account
    Pledging Assets As Security For Deposits Of Public Funds
    What Are Public Funds?

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