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Real Estate Lending
Recent Revisions of Reg Z
ROR & TIL Required For New Advance?
Additions to Homes Considered Construction Loans?
Closing Costs for Owelty of Partition Lien
How to Show Buydown Fees From 3rd Party (GFE)
Fannie Mae 1003 App for Consumer Real Estate
How Long to Keep Appraisal Request Log/Sheets
HUD Required for 1-4 Res. Homes Used for Rental?
Escrow for Insurance & Taxes on Commercial?
Documentation Required to Complete Mortgage App
ROR & TIL Required For New Advance?
Loan On Single Family Residence w/Variables
Additions to Homes Considered Construction Loans?
Closing Costs for Owelty of Partition Lien
Procedure for Offering Individuals Shopping Loans
Rules for Affinity Program w/ Large Companies
Reg B Appraisal Notice for Loans to Builders?
Do Mortgage Loans Follow Same Rules As Checking?
Reg That Has Threshold for Building's Value
How to Define Bridge Loan When Using Equity
Re-disclosing a loan vs. Counter-Offer
Purchase/Rehab & Props Unknown-HMDA Reportable?
Issue Funds Before Flood Insurance Is In Place?
New Amendment Regulations for SAFE ACT
Changes In Flood Rules/ Force Placed Insurance
Force Placed Insurance/No Homeowners: Escrow?
Is An Anti-Steering Disclosure Necessary?
Where to Put Lender Paid PMI on HOEPA Worksheet
Appraisal Acknowledgment and Waiver of Delivery
Disclosures Required for Loan to Purchase 2nd Home
Recording Fee Charge For Subordination Agreement
7 Day Waiting Period- Time of App Until Closing?
Can 2 Borrowers Be On 1 App if Same Purchase?
Definition and Examples of "Grantor"
Title Held In Vesting: Deed of Trust/Mortgage
New Appraisal & Title Policy for Higher LTV?
What Charges Qualify As A Blinded Item On GFE/HUD?
Missing All Dates on GFE-Techincal Violation
Mortgage Loan on Property Held in a Trust
Require Borrower to Determine Loan Product?
How to Finance A Sibling Buyout for Parent's Home
Required to Send Original Recorded Mortgage?
ATR and Verifying Employment with Pay Stubs
New ECOA Valuation Rule Apply to Home Builders?
Forgot to List Private Party Expense:Re-Disclose?
Required to Send Original Recorded Mortgage?
Missing Original Mortgage Note From 2013 Closing
When Is Reg CC Going to Change?
ECOA New Appraisal Rule Apply to Home Builders?
Loan Taking Land As Collateral But Not Mobile Home
List of Escrow vs Non Escrow States
Primary Residences Subject to Reg O Reporting?
Date On Info For Government Monitoring Purposes
Protective Advance Considered Forced-Placed?
Early Disclosure for Non-Owner Occupied Home?
New TIL Required for Change In Circumstance?
Owner-Occupied Balloon Renewal/Dodd-Frank
Does Reg Z apply to App for Rental Property?
Advance On OD Line of Protection- Notice?
Can There Be Authorized Signer if Not In Trust?
Add Dwelling For Tax Purposes-QM?
ROR Apply to Business Purpose w/Primary Dwelling?
Refi Land Loan With Recently Added Mobile Home
Owner Occupied vs. Non-Owner Occupied HMDA
Reg O and Rule On Only One 1st Lien At A Time
Calculating Flood Coverage if Multiple Collateral
Sample of Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal Form
Does ATR Apply If Trustees Sign Individually?
Charging For Credit Report & Flood Certification
Right of Offset to Pay Towards Past Due Payment
ECOA Valuations of New Dodd Frank-Appraisal Time
What Rate To Use For Fully Indexed Rate
File Modification of Mtg. if No Maturity Date?
MLO NMLS #s Required on Real Estate Documents?
Sample Consumer RE Appraisal Checklist
Mtg Collateral Grantors Required to Sign Final TIL
Reg Z Escrow Requirements for Loans Prior to 2010
Laws Prohibiting Bank From Not Taking Ownership?
Average Time People Hold On To 15/30 Year Mtgs.
Parameters for Determining High Priced/HPML
Include Flood Insurance In Points/Fees Calculation
Reg B Closing if Do Not Request Appraisal Copy?
Rules/Regs for Using A Mortgage Lead Generator
Date Next To Signature Line On 1003 Application
Points/Fees Calculation Under HOEPA & QM Rules
Dwelling Definition: Home vs. Land Purchase
Reg Preventing Pre-Payment of Interest?
Guidelines For Doing A Quiet Mortgage Loan
High Cost Mortgage Loans
Disclosure Requirements-Mortgage Deed AOC
Charge Prepayment Penalty on ARM Product?
Guarantor Named on All Residential Application Documents?
Deed of Trust Past Maturity w/o Extension
Risk Associated w/ Originating Non-QMs
Tenants In Foreclosure Act-90 Day Period  
Help Getting Started w/Escrow on Real Estate
Home Construction Subject to HOEPA Rate Limitation
Changing Loan Before 4th Day/Disbursed
Revolving Line of Credit w/o Being HELOC?
Fannie Mae Deed Require Modification? (Extension)
Key Risk Indicators for Residential Mortgages
7 Day Waiting Period Apply to Note w/o Perm?
Subject to MDIA if Not RESPA? (Temp Loan)
Original App HMDA Reportable As Denial?
Open End Mortgage w/o Being Identified As HELOC?
Mobile Home and Land Purchase-Construction?
Using Existing Flood Determinations for New Loan
Training on Documentation on Existing Land Trusts
Compliance Issues w/Cross Collateralizing Props
Notices Required for Delinquent Mortgage Loan
Does A Townhome Require A Survey?
Allowed to Charge Origination Fee for Extension?
Maturity Date for Mortgage Balloon Loan
How Long Is A Deed of Trust Good For?
LTV Limit for Commercial Real Estate: 80 or 85%?
Closing Mortgage-Final App Regulatory Requirement?
Proper Loan Doc on Existing Land/Trusts
How to Determine Occupancy Status?
CIP Collection for Mortgage Loan Joint App
Supervisory LTV Limit On Farmland
CFPB Rule on Ability to Repay/Qualified Mortgages
Order Appraisal on Same Day if Have Receipt?
Requirement for Appraisal Engagement Letters?
What Is A Take-Out Letter?
Reusing Flood Determinations
Form to Gather Mortgage Info (Not Report to CB)
Reserve Fall Under Definition of Points&Fees?
Include Construction Fee In APR At Closing?
When Should A Rate Be Locked In
1st & 2nd Deed of Trust-RESPA Reg Z Apply?
Fannie Mae Requirements for Internal Audit
Commitment Signed at Time of Closing?
Mtg Blanket Ins. -Affiliated Business Agreement?
New Money Funded At Closing for Renewals
Date on Typed App for Secondary Loans
Disbursement Request/Authorization Form
Disclosures for Personal Mortgage (Non-Owner Occ)
FIRREA Rules for LTVs on Commercial Real Estate
Unlocking Rate to Avoid Denying Loan
Release from Loan Obligation w/o Rewriting
Verify Borrowers Acct on Refinanced HPML?
Refi of Investment Property Titled Under Personal
Meaning of Muniment of Title
Mortgage Files in Fireproof Cabinets/Rooms?
Sign 1003 If NOT Community Property State?
Docs- Draws on Consumer Residential Construction
Time Line for 1-4 Family Residential Disclosures
Lender Pays Credit Report Fee (Good Faith)
How Long is Commercial Mortgage Enforceable?
MDIA 3 Day Wait/APR Tolerance for Change
Loan to Purchase Mobile Home-Title as Collateral
Residential Mortgage Loan Over Phone
Disclosures for Construction w/Lot Purchase
Reg that Requires Force Place-Prop Not Insured
Loan Officer Compensation
Borrowers Can't Influence Appraisals
Commercial Loan if Purpose Rental Income?
Subsequent Transaction for Appraisal/Evaluation
Reg Violation-Missing Interest Calculation Method
Send Annual Mortgage Statement for Commercial Loan?
How Soon Should Title Co. Record a Mortgage?
Marketing of Mortgage Products
Escrow Homeowner Association Fees
Regs on Renewals Secured w/ Primary
Legal Definition of Owner Occupied
Should MLO Unique Identifier # Appear on All Docs?
Cash Out to Buy Another Property-Purchase or Refi?
Reporting Requirement for 1098 (2 Mortgagor)
Disclosures for Consolidating 2 Home Equity Loans
Disclosures for Consolidating 2 Home Equity Loans
Revised GFE if Loan Amount Changes? (New RESPA)
Disbursement Date Required on HUD?
Keep Copy of Tax Return for Mortgage Loan App?
How to Calculate DTI on Consumer Real Estate
Floor Rate on Note Different from Disclosure
Floor Rate on Note Different from Disclosure
Escrow Waiver Requirement for Mortgage Borrowers
Definition of Principal Dwelling w/Respect to HPML
Charge Additional Fee for 2 Family Dwelling?
Place Lien on Property as Abundance of Caution
How to Disclosure Admin. Fee for Commercial Loans
RESPA Tolerance Violation-Failure to Disclose Fee
Different HUD/GFE Title Fees-Tolerance Violation
Credit Score Disclosure-Only on Real Estate Loans?
Church Construction Require Servicing Disclosure?
Can Bank Select Title Co. Used in a Refinance?
Difference b/w Adjustable Rate Mortgage & Variable
Forget to Collect Initial Escrow-Collect it Late?
What Determines Property as a Second Home?
Missing Signature on FNMA 1003-Reg B Violation?
Disclosures for Spouse on Deed of Trust
Campaign Targeting Jumbo Mortgage Products
2nd Mortgage- Letter to 1st Mortgage Holder Rule
Refinance of Multiple Collateral HMDA Reportable?
Fair Lending Compliance
Backing out of Late Charges Violate DTPA?
Calendar or Business Days for 45 Day Notice Flood?
How to Calculate the Flood Insurance on Condos
Loan App to Buy Commercial Building w/ Residence
Higher Cost Loan Regulation for Renovation on Prop
Methods for Determining Insurable Value (Forced)
RESPA GFE/HUD Mistake w/ Construction Phase Fees
Loan Secured by 3 Properties-Which to Report?
Loan App to Buy Commercial Building w/ Residence
Higher Cost Loan Regulation for Renovation on Prop
Early Disclosures on a 2nd Home Refinance?
Early Disclosures for Primary Residence Renewal
Flood Notice for Extension Regardless Maturity?
Withdraw App when Sales Contracts Fall Through?
What Lock Date is Used to Recalculate for HPML?
Keep a Copy of the Notice to Home Loan Applicant?
Publicly Disclosing MLOs (SAFE Act)
Visual Observation to Complete Info on LAR
Disclosures on Loan w/ Vacation Home as Collateral
FHA, HUD or USDA have to Comply with Reg Z?
Training on Foreclosures for Bank Employees
Issues w/ Listing "Preapprovals" in a Print Ad
Credit Report on Non-Borrowing Spouse
Cooling Off Period after Closing for Home Equity
New UAD Appraisals
LLC Primary Residence Loan Covered by SAFE Act?
Reg Z 7 Day Waiting Period Apply to Refinance?
Variable Rate Real Estate Loans-Debt/Income Ratio
Intent to Proceed w/Mortgage Loan-In Writing?
Requirements for Construction Perm Loans
"UAD" real estate appraisal
Mortgage Originations - Lending Forms
Consumer Construction: Open-End or Closed-End?
What to do w/ Signed Copies after Loan Closes
Collecting Govt. Monitoring on Bridge Loan
Notice for Non-Occupied Rental Property
Homestead Purchase Loan Guaranteed by 3rd Party?
Modification of Mortgage for Matured Loan?
Borrower Using Another Person's Home as Collateral
Requirements for Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID#
Registration Renew Date for Officers w/ NMLS
Compliance Issues with Table Funding
How to Document Loan that has Home as Collateral
Amortization Period for Residential Lot Loans
Late Payments of Hazard/Wind Insurance
Giving Gift Card to Borrower for "Second Look"
The Three-Day Rule
Is estimating Ins., etc required when no escrow
Disclosures for Interim Consumer Construction Loan
Additional Fees Required After GFE Disclosure
Disclosures for Consumer Loan - House Collateral
Loan to Value Ratio Guidelines
Loan Modification Combining 1st and 2nd Mortgage
Investment Property Loans and RESPA
Classifying Loan for HMDA Purposes
Flood Notice Requirement
Signature and Date Requirements on New TIL Form
Modifiying Residential Real Estate Loan and TIL
Handling An Incorrect Escrow Calculation
Disclosures Requirements Short Term Loan
Redisclosing Payment Term After Loan Funded
Secured Real Estate Loan to Estate
Reporting Income when there is No Usable Income
Determining a Consumer Purpose Loan
Doing Personal Loan without Mortgage Disclosures
Mortgage Released by Mistake
Loan for Land, then House was Built
Calculating Adequate Flood Insurance
Filling out the Preliminary Disclosure Statement
Flood Insurance Compliance
Seller Credits and Charges
Reimbursement for GFE/HUD 1 Differences
Refinancing a Loan, Getting Cash: HMDA?
Giving Unnecessary TIL Disclosure
Keeping Drivers License in Mortgage File
SAFE Act: Registration for State-Chartered Banks
Extending the Draw Period on a HELOC
Escrow with a Construction to Permanent Loan
Closing Documents for Second Mortgage
Is Loan to Home Owner Rescindable?
HMDA and Third Party Broker Applications
Loan Applications Received Via Email
Time to Provide Flood Insurance
Who Signs a HUD-1?
RESPA and Purchase for Rental Purposes
HMDA Rate Set Date
Disclosures for Second Residence
Goodby Letters
Escrow for Rental Properties
Second Lien and a New Loan
Balloon Loan and HPML
Flood Insurance Required
What Makes for an LTV Exception?
Equal Housing vs Equal Opportunity Lender?
Non-borrowing/non-owner Spouses Signing
Financing Construction and Closing Costs
Providing Collateral for Someone Else
Home Equity Loan against ...Dirt?
Correcting a Default in a Mortgage Loan
Flood Determination for Lot Loan
Son Pledges Collateral for Borrower Parents
Does Increase in Credt mean New Appraisal?
New Money and the Right of Rescission
Refinancing Loan Secured by Stock Shares
Should General Property Insurance include Flood Insurance
Second Mortgage: Does Rescission Apply?
'Cash out Refinance', but no Mortgage
HMPL on Construction Loans
Additional Monies on Existing Loan
Construction Loan Disclosures and Escrow
Is FI a Mortgage Broker?
When to Start Charging Interest on a Note
GMI for Mobile Home Loans
Tax Return Verification on GFE
3/3 ARM Adjusted and Mis-entered
Flood Certificates for Lot Loans
Clarification for Closed-end Mortgage Loan
Dealing with Divorce Terms and Mortgage Loan
Cross-collateralized Box on Loan Application
Need Reg about Disclosures for Compliance Review
Dealing with Denied Mortgage Application
Refinancing Home and Acres: RESPA Applicable?
Collateral in Separate Places: RESPA Applicable?
Rules for Mortgage Loan Officers
Error in Refinanced Mortgage
Disbursing Funds after Loan Repayment
Real Estate Consumer Loans
Filling out a LAR
Paying Escrow in Entirety Up Front
Transaction Relative to Loans 'Not New'
Flood Insurance for Contents Required by FEMA?
Can Borrower Choose Appraiser?
Participation Loan for Partial Interests
Tri-merge Credit Report
RESPA Disclosures for HELOC?
RESPA and a Temporary Loan
Mobile Home Park Category for Loans
Rate Change Notices for an ARM
Participation Loan into Non-accrual
Flood Insurance on Loan Modifications
Patriot Act and Verifying Address
New Reg Z - Workout Loan
Safe Act - Vetting Loan Officers
Right of Rescission in Refinancing
Business Loan for Residential Property?
Business Purpose for Refinancing Business Debt
Cross-collateralized LOC Loan
Three Good Faith Estimates- One Loan?
Early TIL with GFE?
About the RESPA 25 Acre Rule
Right of Rescission and Property in a Trust
Escrow on Loan with Two Dwellings
When is Early TIL Disclosure Required?
Does Extension Change Note from Variable to Fixed?
Incorrect PMI Premium Quoted on GFE
Fees for TIL
Extending an Open End Line of Credit
GFE Tolerance Cure Payments
Fees on Home Equity Loans
Disclosing a Rate Lock Fee
HPML Escrow on Rate Modification
When are Early Disclosures on Loans Needed?
HPML Escrow Requirement
HMDA Applicability to Refinancing
Meeting MDIA Guidelines
Does Loan Guarantor Receive Early Disclosures?
RESPA Coverage
Is a Flood Determination Required?
Forced-placed Flood Insurance on Equity Loan
Pre-Qualifying under the New RESPA
Junior HPMLs
RESPA - Construction Loans
Reg Z - Definition of Primary Dwelling
ROR & TIL Redisclosure - Timing of Funds Disbursal
Loan Escrow - 1st Lien vs 2nd Lien
Renewed Loan - Still a Business Loan?
Balloon Loan Modification & Extension
HPMLs Applicable to Rental Property?
Supervisory LTV - Definition Needed
HELOC - Fees & Closing Costs
HPML Escrow Requirements - Advice Needed
Borrower Pays Own RE Taxes - Include on the GFE?
HPML - Temporary Loan
Reg B - Provide Customer a Copy of an AVM?
Updated Special Information Booklet
Loan Renewal - New Reg Z Rules Applicable?
Federal Disclosure Requirements Chart
Customer Borrowing Less Money - New Disclosures?
Purchase Money HELOC - Collecting GMI
Re-disclosure & Right of Rescission
Must All Borrowers Agree to Rescind?
Amend Loan Without Rewriting It?
Two HMDA Questions
Not in a Flood Area - Sign Flood Determination?
HMDA Reporting - 3 Year Mini Perm Loan HELOC Program Disclosure
Early Disclosures - Dating the Signature
Credit Report on the GFE
Send Out GFE on Declined Loan?
Error on Original GFE - Do a Revised GFE?
Mortgage Loan – Does HOEPA Apply?
Documentation Fee
Does a Closing Fee Affect the APR?
Flood Coverage on Non-residential Properties
Both Borrowers Sign Flood Zone Acknowledgement?
Appraisal Change – Counteroffer Letter Required?
HMDA Reporting – Condominium Units
Secondary Residence – ARM Disclosure
ROR on Refinance of Consumer RE Loan?
RESPA Pricing
Third Party Vendor Real Estate Evaluations
Commercial Loans
Higher Priced Mortgages – Balloon Modification
HPML – Modified Construction Loan
Calculating the LTV
Guarantor on a Consumer Real Estate Loan
ROR on Construction Loan Modification
MDIA Disclsosures
Supervisory LTV Limits Reporting
TIL Issued for Residential Investment Property
New Appraisal Required?
Reg B - Business Loan Credit Decision Timing
HOEPA Exemption
Closing Fee a Pre-paid Finance Charge?
Secondary Market Mortgage Loan Disclosures
Reclaiming Money on a 2nd Second Mortgage
Defined Pre-Paid Finance and Financed Costs
Mortgage Promotion
Loan Withdrawal
OCC Handbook - Interpretation of RESPA Exemptions
Multi-Family Property Reporting
Spousal Right of Rescission
Business Purpose Loan - RESPA Applicable?
GMI Collection – Purchase of Primary Residence
Real Estate Lending & Trusts
Appraisal Rules
HMDA – Which Date Do We Use?
Home Mortgage Refinance - Flood Search Required?
Tax & Insurance Premium Escrow Accounts
Delinquent Mortgage - Escrow Analysis Guidelines
HOEPA & Bridge Loans
Signer Pledging Interest - Appraisal Notice Given?
HUD Fee Disclosures
Resubmit Disclosures in Surviving Spouse's Name?
Disclosure Required on LTV Ratios Change?
RESPA -Residential Lot Loan Secured by Residence
Appraisal Review Fee
Independent Appraisal – Notice Still Applicable?
LTV Reporting Rule
Changing LTV Ratios
Underwriting Fee Charge
Fair Lending - Income Verification
Higher Priced Mortgage Loan Rules
HUD 1-A Form Line 1604
Provide Copy of Appraisal on Commercial RE Loans?
SCRA Notice in Past Due Mortgage Notices?
RESPA – Title Company Broker Fee
Disclosing PMI Provider
Web Linking from a Realtor's Site to our Mortgage Site
Purchased Note - Treat as Refinance?
HOEPA - Combined Transaction Loan
App Withdrawn/Denied - Collecting an Appraisal Fee
Phone Apps & Collecting Government Monitoring Data
ROR on Refinance of Non-Owner Occupied Home
Offering A and H Insurance on a Real Estate Loan
Second Homes Subject to ROR?
Supervisory LTV Limits
Mortgage Modification - No Need for Redisclosures?
RESPA Bridge Loan Exemption
Extending a Revolving Line of Credit, Give ROR?
Dating the Application
ROR on Second?
Collect Applicant Info on Non-Reportable RE Loans?
Refinance New Note with No New Money - ROR?
PMI Disclosures on Non-Owner Occupied Property
Flood Certification
Purchasing a Home on Contract - ROR Required?
Use of Evaluations in Lieu of Appraisal
Bridge Loans & HMDA
RESPA & Vacation Homes
Flyers Advertising Mtg Rates – Do’s & Don’ts
Certified Real Estate Appraisal Required?
HMDA Reporting on a Commercial Line of Credit
Business Purpose HELOCs?
Referral Fee to Customer
Hunting Camp - HMDA Reportable?
C and I Loan - Signed W-9?
Sending 1098s
Applications Online
Flood Insurance Coverage Conundrum
Signing the GFE on a Refinance
Provide Another GFE?
Mandatory Purchase of Flood Insurance
Lowering Interest Rates on Existing Mortgages
Mobile Home Equity Loan?
Loan Modification Procedures
Loan Consolidation
Mortgage Change in Terms - New Disclosures Needed?
Investment Property - Residential HELOC Financing
TILA Signed by Non-borrowing Spouse
Second Mortgage HMDA Reportable?
In Search of a Real Estate Loan Spreadsheet
Review Appraisal - FIRREA Violation?
Drive-by Appraisal
Residential Lot Purchase - Maximum Regulatory LTV
Rescindable Loan & Amount Rescindable?
P and I Payments - HMDA Reporting
Real Estate Settlement Booklet
Reg B - Which Form Do We Use?
FDIC Flood Audit - Pulling the Flood Cert
Bridge Loan, Purchase Money & ROR
Rescission & Loan Doc Date Dilemma
Calculating Amount of Required Hazard Insurance
Timeshare as Collateral
In-house Appraisal Based on a Tax Assessment
Flood Insurance Coverage - No Appraisal
Loan Commitment Required on a Mortgage Transaction
Biweekly Mortgage Payment Agreement
Flood Insurance - Extreme Home Break-over
Documents Signed by Non-borrowing Owner
Construction Loan Converted to Perm Financing
Non-owner Occupied HELOC - ROR Period
RESPA Bridge Loan?
SCRA Notice - Mortgage Only or All Borrowers?
HUD Form - Bank's Responsibility
Determining Builder's Risk Coverage
Flood- Force Place Per Customer's Request?
Application Denied - RESPA Disclosures Given?
HMDA Reporting- Dwelling Being Converted to Office
One Loan for Two Properties - HMDA Reporting
Oops! I Don't Wish to Cancel
HMDA Reporting on an In-house Renewal
Equity Line of Credit - Exempt from ROR?
Loan Renewal - Flood Certification Notice
HMDA Reporting on Bahamian Condo
Rental Property Purchase - Final TIL
HMDA - Rate Spread Reporting
Lender's Name Typed Not Signed on Mortgage
RESPA and/or HMDA Applicable?
GMI - Finance Purchase Price of Primary Residence
Construction Loan Increase - New Note Needed?
1099 Required for Gift Check?
FASB Documentation Fee Disclosure
Flood Insurance - 45 Days Notice to Borrower
Rental Property Covered Under TIL?
RESPA - Personal Residence Construction Loan
Mobile Home, No Land - RESPA?
Does This Borrower Have a Right to Rescind?
Can We Recycle this Appraisal?
Raising LTV Percentage
Real Estate Lending & Skip-a-Payment Programs
SFR Loan Subject to Rescission
HMDA Reporting - Home Loan Down Payment
HELOC Rescission
New Application for Renewal or Modification?
Rescission for Old Home Securing the New Home Loan
RESPA Escrow Rules
Real Estate Loans and Bank Capital
Real Estate Lending Standards - Part 365
Commercial Level Flood Insurance Amounts
Property Value Determined by Tax Value
Applications - 3 Day Disclosure Period
Is This Loan Subject to the Regs?
GFE Disclosure Limits
Interest Reporting on Secondary Residence
RE Loan with Two Single People
Commercial Mortgage Rewrite
Flood Determination Needed?
State Certified Appraisal Required?
Securing a New Note with a Modified Mortgage
New Home Purchase - Old Residence as Collateral
Brokered Real Estate Loans - Origination Fee Issue
Real Estate Loan Record Retention
Lending to a Religious Organization
50 Mile Rule
Early Disclosures and HMDA - Refinance
Are We Required to Send Monthly Statements?
Modified Construction Loan
FIRREA Business Loan Exemption
Real Estate & 1098 Forms
Please Define DSCR Requirement
Spec Construction
Loan officer/Realtor - Disclosure of Dual Roles
Documentation for Secondary Residence Improvement Loans
Length of Time for Holding OREO Property
Reporting Interest on Commercial Real Estate Loans
Puzzled by the OCC's Handy Chart
Commercial Real Estate Loans Reg B Reportable?
On Deeds, The Name Remains the Same?
Financing Purchase of Real Estate Contract
Is New Application Required for RE Modification?
Mortgages (PDF)
Are Variable Rate Disclosures Applicable?
Appraisals (PDF)
Curing Time for APR Disclosure Error on RE Loan
All on Board the Referral Train
Document Prep Fee in APR?
Can We Exempt this Loan from Regulation Z?
When Does A Loan Get Considered Delinquent?
Realtor Referrals
Real estate agent "to do" list? -
Notice of Right to Receive an Appraisal
Real Estate Application Requirements
Commercial Lender, Consumer Purpose Loan
Real Estate Lending Cheat Sheets
Does Flood Apply Under Abundance of Caution?
Payment Deferrals on a Mortgage Loan
Lending More for Debt Servicing
If a Condo Association Decides Not to Rebuild ....
Seller's Disclosures of OREO
Requirements on Short-Term Construction Loans
Rescission on a Business Loan with a Home
Pre-Paid Finance Charge
Flood Determination, New Loan - Existing Mortgage
Carrying Escrows Forward
Is a GFE Required if We Close Before 3 Day
Necessity of new appraisal
Is Loan Purpose Irrelevant for 1098 Purposes?
OCC addresses real estate lending calculations, limits
RESPA, Reg Z, and Commercial Real Estate Loans
Real Estate Employee Referral Incentive Programs
Real Estate Loan Modification & RESPA

Record Keeping
Time Frame for Keeping Docs from Fraud Cases
How Long Should Phone Records Be Retained
Reg On Business Checks Deposited Into Personal
Regs On Record Retention for Signature Cards
BSA Rule on Record Over 10,000-Apply to Credit?
Record Retention for Death Certificates
Retention for Banks to Keep Large Dollar Returns
Keeping Cash Advance Slips and Settlement Reports
Suspicious Activity Investigation Recordkeeping
Relevant OFAC Records
Privacy Notice
Recordkeeping of CIP Information
Loan Purpose Statement
Non-deposit Instrument Log
Negotiable Instrument Log Entry
BSA – Is Savings Bond a Monetary Instrument?
CTR Filed on Exempt Customer
Monetary Instrument Log Record Retention
BSA Recordkeeping - Same Day Transactions Only?
Monetary Instrument Sales Form and Log
Statement of Purpose
Annual Financial Disclosure Statements
Auto Dealership/Recordkeeping of Credit Reports
Reg O - Recordkeeping of Insider's Family Members
Monetary Instrument Purchased by Employee
CIP Record Retention on Sold Mortgage Loans
Record Keeping of OFAC Screen Prints
Best Practices for Website Record Retention
BSA Record Keeping Requirements on Loans
TIL Retention
To Image or Not to Image, That is the Question
Record Keeping on Paid Loans
Authority for Imaging
Retaining Construction Advance Documentation
$3,000 Cash Sales Record Requirement Clarified: Cash Deposit / Debit Now Must Be Recorded
Section 326 Takes Over: "The Devil Is In The Details"
One 326 Problem
Account Number Truncation
Are These "Errors" Under Reg. E
CIP Record Retention
Destroying 314(a) Search Requests
Marketing Retention
Altering Collection Notes
Destroying Signature Cards
Industry Standard - Microfilming Daily Work
Required BSA Records
Verification Of Source Documents For Master File Changes
Inadequate Recordkeeping by Debtor Leads to Denial of Discharge
Record Retention Requirements
Record Retention Requirements For Student Loans
Update on Student Loan Record Retention
Important! Please Read!
Questions & Answers
Question & Answer
Search Warrants & Subpoenas
Check Imaging For Lockbox Becomes Standard
Imaging Of Checks Catching On
What if They Want a Copy Of Our Picture?
"Are Your Safe Deposit Procedures Ready For A Subpoena?"
Quick I Need A Copy Of A Check!"
We Are?
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Record Retention
If You Need To Produce Records In Court…
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Good News…Bad News
No Summons Or Subpoena?No Records!

Record Retention
Record Retention Policy for Business Unit
Record Retention
Missing Original Mortgage Note From 2013 Closing
Record Retention for Wire Recorded Calls
Customer Information Files/Correspondence
Guidance On Record Retention
Recommended Retention Period for Levies/Freezes
Where to Find State Specific Retention Schedule
Correspondence File: Drop Electronic Emails?
Required Record Retention on Subpoenas
Keep Closed Visa Account Files from 1993?
How Long Retain Copies of CC Statements/Reports
Time Frame for Retaining Paper Checks
Keep Stop Payment Agreement On System Forever?
Class on Guidelines for Record Retention
Record Retention on Business Deposit After Closed
Retention Schedule for Stop Payment Orders
Keep Consumer Adverse Action for Five Years?
How Long Retain Loan Disbursement Requests?
Record Retention for ATM/Debit Card Apps
Record Retention Form for Opt-Out of Arbitration
What is the Retention on Undeliverable Mail?
Time Frame- Availability of Past Statements
Retention Period for Home Equity Loans
How Long Do You Keep CTR?
Statements Returned Undeliverable by Post Office
Where to Find Record Retention Schedule
Record Retention and Subpoena Requests
Retaining Copies Of Disclosures
Record Retention For Fraudulent Claims
Keeping Original Cashier's Checks
Retaining Notices for Exception Holds
Retention of Signed Documents in Mortgage Department
Required Provider List
When is GMI Required?
Subpoenaed Checks Past Retention Period
Relevant OFAC Records
Website Changes & Website Record Retention
Retention of Website Pages
Credit Verification Retention
Denied Loan Retention Schedule
Monetary Instrument Log Record Retention
ATM/Debit Card Applications Retention
Adverse Action- File a Copy of the FCAI Disclosure
Advertising Material Record Retention
Debit Card Retention
Website Screen Record Retention
RESPA Record Retention
Participation Loan Record Retention
Electronic Document Retention by a Consumer
BSA Retention Policy & Loan Documents
Bank Statement Returned Mail Compliance
Commercial Loan Record Retention
ACH/Ebanking Reports & Records Retention
Adverse Action Letter Retention
E-Statement Retention - Fed Rules
Notice of Action Taken - Retention Period
Over the Counter Check & Deposit Record Retention
Business Email Retention
Imaged Check Retention
Returned Statement Record Retention
Forgeries and Check 21
CIP Form Record Retention
Security Video/Digital Retention
Credit Denial Record Retention
Interactive Voice Response System Retention
Real Estate Loan Record Retention
CIP & OFAC Record Retention Guidelines
Retention of Rate Information or Sheets
Retention of Credit Card Cash Advance Slips
Destroy the Originals but Keep the Scanned Copies
E-mail Record Retention
Scan the Signature Card, Keep the Original?
CIP - Retaining Photocopy of Customer Credit Card
Retention for Processing Credit Card Applications
CD Record Retention
Best Practices for VCR Tapes
Technology Related Record Retention
Reg DD Products - Minimum Dollar Amount Stated
CIP Record Retention on Sold Mortgage Loans
Retention of Cashier's Check Log
Best Practices for Website Record Retention
Record Retention for Imaged Loan Documents
TIL Retention
OFAC - Record Retention
Maintaining Checking & Saving Account Records
Record Keeping on Paid Loans
Retention of Denial Documentation
Returning paid documents
Record Keeping on Paid Loans
Retention of Electronic Applications
Record Retention for Internet Banking & Bill Payment
Retention of Declined Debit Card Applications
Record Retention of Audits
Retaining Returned "Bad Address" Privacy Notices
Retention of Trust Account Files After Closing
HR Record Retention
314(a) Record Retention
Retention of rate information or sheets
Authority for Imaging
Records Retention more than 5 years?
Record Retention for Internet Banking
Retaining eMail
Retention of OFAC and 314a Records
Guru Compilation: Record Retention (PDF)
Account Number Truncation
SCRA records retention
Email Retention
Reg. B -- Withdrawn Application
CIP record retention
Retaining I.D. in CIP loans
Record Retention for NSF
Record Retention for Denied Loans
Surveillance Film
CIP Record Retention
Retention Period on Home Equity Loan Files
Retention Schedule for Changes of Address
Retaining Records Regarding Forgeries
Retention Period for Paid Off Loans
Email Retention Guidelines
Keeping Copies of Advertising
How long must HUD escrow accounts be kept and is computerized storage okay?
Database Of Closed Accounts
How Long to Keep?
Retention Requirements For Email and Network Files
Record Retention on Prescreening
CIP: Record Retention For Business Account Information
Record Retention & E-Statements
Record Retention Schedule Needed
Is It Necessary To Save Teller Trash?
Retention of Loan Customer Driver's License Info
Surveillance Tape Retention Schedule
Record Retention Requirement For Imaged Checks
Record Retention Policy Guidelines
Retention Requirements: POAs & Death Certificates
Retention Period For Lending Documents
Online Access Agreements & Hard Copy Retention Requirements
Record Retention Requirements For Money Market/Savings Letters

Signature Card Retention Requirements
Record Retention Requirements For Marketing Materials
Privacy: Record Retention Requirements For Opt-Out Notices
Y2K Record Retention Requirements
Record Retention: How long do we keep dead files?
Mail Envelope Retention
Record Retention Requirement For Checks

Red Flags
Should We Do Red Flag on Businesses?
Should We Do Red Flag on Businesses?
Failed Verifications in Online Identity Verification Databases
Witness for Onsite Document Shredding
Red Flags for Identification
Red Flag Checklist - Commercial Loan Guarantor
Red Flags Special Edition
Credit Report Regulation
Red Flags - Provide Notice of Address Discrepancy?
Without Recourse Endorsement - Bank's Recourse
Red Flags – Monitoring Address Changes
Marriage, Divorce, Name Changes & Red Flag Rules
Red Flags - Highest Risk Customers
Red Flag Checklist - Maintaining an Account

Referral Fees for New Deposit Accounts
Employee Referral Program
Business Account Referral
Paying Bank Employees a Referral Fee
Referring Loan Customers to Insurance Agency
Refer a Friend
Referral fee for business accounts
FHA Loans - Referral Fees
NDIP Referral Fees
Third Party Originator Referral Fee
Pay Bank Employees for Mortgage Loan Referrals
Gifts to Top Loan Customers
Paying Tellers a Referral Fee – RESPA Violation?
Web Linking from a Realtor's Site to our Mortgage Site
Deposit Incentive
Commercial Loan Referral - Paying a Finder's Fee
RESPA - Prospect List Provided by Title Company
Bank Flyers at Dealership & RESPA Referral Fees
Referral Fee to Customer
Privacy - Is Vendor an Affiliate?
IRS Reporting - Customer Referral Cash Bonuses
Weblinking & RESPA's Section 8
New Account Sale - Referral Fee
HELOC Visa Referral and Rewards Program
Splitting Advertising Costs - RESPA Violations?
Lurking RESPA Violations?
Realtors Appreciation Evening
Reverse Mortgage Referral Fee
Splitting Advertising Costs - RESPA Violations?
Hors d'oeuvres and Drinks
Revamping Our Refer a Friend Promotion
Paying a Referral Fee for Done Deals?
Refer a Friend
Giving Gifts to Auto Dealers for Loan Referrals
A Bottle of Wine, Prison Time & a 10 Grand Fine
Outside Vendor Paying for Customer Referrals
RESPA Referral or Just Doing Lunch?
Referral Fee from a Mortgage Broker
Lending referrals
Realtor Referrals
Mortgage Broker Looking for Answers
All on Board the Referral Train
Is the Competition Breaking the Law?
Referral Fee for Commercial Loans
Lending referrals
Affiliated Business Disclosure for HELOC Referral
Paying RESPA Referral Fees
Loans and Kickbacks
Realtor Referrals
Referral Fee to a Broker for Auto Loans
Free Phone Card - Getting a Referral In Return
Is This a Permissible "Quid Pro Quo"?
Promotion Idea for Realtors
Dollar Threshold for "Thank You" Gift to Borrowers
Offering Consumers a Fee for Customer Referral
Vacation Package in Exchange for Loan Referrals
Who is responsible for determining if services were provided?
OFAC Referrals?
Paying Mortgage Referral Fees
Customer Referral Rewards Program
Encouraging Realtor Referrals
RESPA Referral Fees
Paying for Loan Referrals
RESPA arrangement definition
Referral Fees for Commercial Referrals
RESPA Section. 8 Incentives
Gift Certificates for Mortgage Referrals
Brokers, referrals, and commercial borrowers
Broker referral fees
Referral Programs & Lotteries
Mortgage Referral Fees
Referral Fees For Commercial Loans
Can we pay tellers for referrals to our own mortgage company?

Closing Costs for Owelty of Partition Lien
Closing Costs for Owelty of Partition Lien
News Docs But Same Loan#-Renewal or Refi?
Must All Refinances Be Secured w/ A Dwelling?
Must All Refinances Be Secured w/ A Dwelling?
Refi on 15 Apartments- HMDA Reportable?
Maturity Date Change if Refi Car Loan?
HMDA Refi-New Obligation to Same Borrower
Owner Occupied Refi Loan Declined Debt/Income
Refi of Investment Property Titled Under Personal
Refi Only If Dwelling Secured Debt Being Paid Off?
Cash Out Refi of Investment Property-HMDA?
Change in Rate Considered a Refinance?
Interests Rates and Payment Changes-Balloon Notes
HMDA Report a Refinance of Commercial Loan?
Refinance on Home Improvement HMDA Reportable?
Refinancing Loan w/ Second Lien Home Equity
Definition of Refinance for HMDA
Escrowing for Existent Loans
'Severe' Loan Modifications: New Disclosures?
Does Rescission Apply in Refinancing?
Error in Refinanced Mortgage
HMDA Reportable as Refinance?
Renew or Refinance Matured Loan
Refinancing a Spec Home in an LLC
Loan for Buying Another's Interest in Property
HMDA Applicability to Refinancing
HMDA Reporting - Matured Loan Refinance
Refinance/Additional Money - New App Required?
HMDA Refinances - The Commentary Rules
RESPA - Renewing & Extending Two Liens into One
Contract for Deed – Refinance or Purchase?
ROR on Refinance of Consumer RE Loan?
Loan Modifications & HPML Restrictions
HMDA Reporting - Mobile Home Refinance
Loan Renewal – Applicable Disclosures?
Early Disclosures on Existing Loans
New Application Required?
When is a Bridge Loan No Longer a Bridge Loan?
New Guidelines - Charging a Refinance Fee
New Reg Z Rules - Matured Loan
Renewal Versus Refinance
Loan & Filing Fees – Trigger ROR?
Refinance or Renewal?
HMDA – Loan Renewal/Increase on Rental Property
HMDA Reporting - Permanent Financing
HMDA - Data Reporting Owner Occupancy
HMDA Re-file
Home Mortgage Refinance - Flood Search Required?
Refinancing for a Better Rate – ROR Applicable?
HMDA Reporting – Mixed Used Property Loan
Three Year Balloon Mortgage
GMI on Refinance Q & A - Clarification Needed
Refinance Denied – Send Adverse Action Form?
Duplex Refinance
HMDA - Double Reporting?
HMDA – Report as a Purchase or Refinance?
RESPA - Rental House Refinance
Paying Tellers a Referral Fee – RESPA Violation?
Purchased Note - Treat as Refinance?
Is the Assumption a Refi or Purchase Purpose Loan?
Is This HELOC Renewal Considered a Refinance?
ROR on Refinance of Non-Owner Occupied Home
Change in Terms, No New Money, ROR Needed?
Mortgage Modification - No Need for Redisclosures?
Bridge Loan Extension- Early Disclosures Required?
CIP - Bank Director Refinancing Second Home
Special Information Booklet and Refinancing
Extending a Balloon Loan - Disclosures Required?
Refinance New Note with No New Money - ROR?
GMI on a HELOC - Home Purchase or Refinance
HMDA - Extending a Current Obligation
GMI on Refinance
Refinance of Primary Residence - Collecting GMI
HMDA Reporting - Commercial Loan Refinance
ROR Triggered by "Left-Over" Cash?
HMDA Reporting - Commercial Loan Refinancing
Signing the GFE on a Refinance
Provide Rescission Period to the Borrower?
HMDA - Recouping Home Improvement Costs
Loan Modification Procedures
HMDA -Short Term Loan Refinanced for a Longer Term
Deceased Applicant - HMDA Reporting?
Refinance or Purchase for Disclosure Purposes?
Temporary or Permanent Financing?
Documents Signed by Non-borrowing Owner
ROR on Refinanced Loan
HMDA Reporting on an In-house Renewal
HMDA Reporting on Bahamian Condo
Mixed-use Property Rules - HMDA Reporting
Business Loan Renewal - HMDA Reporting
HMDA Reporting - Refinance of Rental Properties
Outstanding Interest
Farm Credit Loan Refinance - HMDA Reporting
SFR Loan Subject to Rescission
HMDA - Refinance of a Short Term Loan
HMDA Reporting of a Home Improvement or Refinance
Loans Subject to HMDA
Is this Renewal HMDA Reportable?
HMDA Filing Help
Assisted Living Facility - HMDA & CRA Reportable?
ROR on Refinance
Reamortizing Loan Payments – New Disclosures?
HMDA - Refinance of Time Share
HMDA Reporting on a Cash Out Refinance Loan
Cash Out Refinance
ROR - Home Refinance with New Money
ROR on Two Loans Refinanced into One Loan
Early Disclosures and HMDA - Refinance
Do We Need Early Disclosures?
Do I Send a GFI, and is this Temporary Financing?
HELOC - Notice of Right to Cancel
Not So Fair Lending?
Refinance 2nd Home
Is a Loan Renewal HMDA Reportable?
HMDA - Definition of a Refinance
HMDA - Definition of a Refinance
Another Multiple Properties Question
Early TIL on a Refinance
Is New Application Required for RE Modification?
Legality of Consumer Balloon Notes
Refinancing a HELOC as an ARM
Collecting the Correct Interest for Renewal
A HOEPA or Not a HOEPA - How to Tell
Reg O - Mortgage Loans Sold to Investors
Waiving ROR on Refinance of Principal Residence
Refinance or not?
Benefits of Cash-Out Refinancing
HMDA Refinancing -- Defined
HMDA and the Mobile Home Park
Early Disclosures for Bridge Loans
Section 32 Loan Question
Are Home Equity Loans HMDA-Reportable?
Paying Mortgage Referral Fees
Rescission on Renewed & Increased Amount
If There is no Recorded Lien, is it a Refinance
HMDA Refi vs. Modification
Carrying Escrows Forward
Waiving the Right of Rescission
What "Note" Makes it HMDA Reportable
The Masses Are Still Confused on Refinancings
HMDA Refi Test
Rescission on Interest and Fees
Early Disclosures on Refinance by Same Lender
Rescission, No New Money
Improve Loan Production During Rising Rates
Changing Rate on Balloon Loan
Commercial Loan Now HMDA Reportable
Prequals Under HMDA
HMDA Revision of Definitions/Rules
"Buying Your Home" Brochure Disclosure
Recission Rights Upon Modification
Changing Credit Limit on HELOC
Distinguishing Between Renewal and Refinancing
Early TIL Disclosures on Refinance
Time Restriction Before Refinance Can Occur
Under the Revised HMDA Regs
Is new information required on every application?
Does refinanced loan fall under HOEPA?
Refinancing: When does the interest accrual stop on the original loan?
Refinancing and rescinding
Dwelling Refinance, Debt Consolidation, and HMDA
What is the official definition of the lending word "refinance"?
Ready for Refinancings?

Reg. AA
Reg. AA - Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices
2002 Promissory Note Rules for Co-Signer
Order of Posting Loan Payments
Reg DD - Opt-in & Opt-out Requirements
Reg AA & Late Fees
Reg AA - Co-signer vs Co-maker
Loan Guaranteed, Not Cosigned – Compliance Issues?
Co-Signer Required to Sign the Notice?
Reg AA - Address for Consumer Complaints
Consumer Loan and Cosigner Procedures
In Need of Reg AA Clarification
Regs Governing Comaker/Cosigner Notification
Father Guarantor of Son's Loan
Wedding Ring as Loan Collateral
Cosigners and Guarantors
Purchase Money Loan for Wedding Ring
Household Goods as Collateral -- Reg AA Question
Reg. AA and Pyramiding Late Fees
Late Fee Begets Late Fee
Disclosure to Cosigners
Co-applicant vs. Co-signer
Lending Disclosures at a Glance
Question & Answer
Question & Answer

Reg. B
Reg. B - Equal Credit Opportunity
5 Parts That Constitute A Written Adverse Action
Right to Receive A Copy of An Appraisal
Reg B Disclosure for Declined Applicant
Documentation Required to Complete Mortgage App
Procedure for Offering Individuals Shopping Loans
Reg B Appraisal Notice for Loans to Builders?
# Of Reasons Required On Adverse Action Notice
Rules on Proving Appraisals & Other Valuations
Asking for Marital Status on Loan App Requirement
Re-disclosing a loan vs. Counter-Offer
Appraisal Acknowledgment and Waiver of Delivery
Time Frame On Disclosures For Counter Offers
New Notice To Receive Appraisal Requirements
Can 2 Borrowers Be On 1 App if Same Purchase?
Counteroffer For App w/ Only 1 Spouse Applicable
Applications for Guarantors On Commercial Loan
How to Reduce Credit Limit/Or Terminate Unsecured
Defining Application vs Prequalification
New ECOA Valuation Rule Apply to Home Builders?
ECOA New Appraisal Rule Apply to Home Builders?
Pull Credit Report on Spouse Not on Loan
Reg B: Allowed to Email Copy of Appraisal?
Appraisal Notice If There Is Not An Official App?
Primary Residences Subject to Reg O Reporting?
Legal to Send Adverse Action Notices By Email?
Top Ten Trends Impacting Bank Technology for 2014 — Part One
Right Copy of Appraisal & Notice For Home Loans 2014
Reg B Definition of Credit Request Or App for LLC
Reg B Participation Deal for Committed Facility
Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal Copy
Reg B When to Provide Copy of Appraisal
Reg B Closing if Do Not Request Appraisal Copy?
Notice Required When Applicant Withdraws Loan
Reply Days for Letters of Incompleteness
Dodd-Frank and consumer credit
Recording Drivers License Info on Credit Apps
ECOA Letter Required if Deny Under 3 Days?
CFPB Effect on Business Purpose Loans
Denial Notice Best Practice for Business Apps
Denial If Do Not Go Through w/ Counteroffer?
Reg B Furnishing of Credit Information
Denial Reason for Consumer (Out of Business)
Reg B Form for Intent to Apply Jointly
Difference b/w Co-Signer & Co-App Borrower
Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal-Commercial
Examples for Statement of Credit Denial/Changes
Adverse Action Required if CS Not High Enough?
Denial Vs. Withdrawn By Applicant (Refinance)
Adverse Action for Counter Offer to Borrower
Reg B Joint App Form Required on Entity Loan?
Reg B Declined Incremental Amount-AA Notice?
Reg B Spousal Consent to Pledge Community Assets
Reg B Cover Trade Finance Letter of Credit?
Reg B Form Required for Loan to Corporation/LLC?
AA Notice if Deny Applicant for Delinquent Credit?
Address of CFPB Be Required On All ECOA Notices?
Regulation on Age Restricted Accounts
Doesn't Meet VA/FHA Net Tangible Benefit Refi
Govt Monitoring Info for Mobile Home Collateral
Asking for Relationship b/w Co-Applicants
Notification of Action Taken-Adverse Action 30 Day
Collecting Govt Monitoring Info (Not HMDA Bank)
Sample Policy on Adverse Actions
Separate Equal Credit Opportunity Act Policy ?
Reg B Adverse Action Notice Timeline
Disclosure for Income Derived from Divorce
Reg B Declining App for DTI & Insufficient Assets
Copy of Appraisal Disclosure for Restaurant Loan
Deny Loan if Applicant Moving Out of State?
Unmarried Applicants-Run Joint Credit Report?
Moving/Setting Up Home Considered Improvement?
Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal-Natural Person?
Withdrawn App to Purchase Car-AA Action?
Adverse Action for Eliminating Available Credit
Residential Mortgage Loan Over Phone
Wife Sign Unlimited Guaranty for Husband-Reg B
Info Required to be Disclosed in Adverse Action
Criticized for Gathering Info on HE Refi Loans
Require Couple to be Borrowers on Commercial Loan?
Joint Form if Business Guarantees Other’s Debt?
ECOA Mortgage Loan App & Underwriting 30 Days
Reg B Commercial Loans: Volume or Loan Amount?
Govt Monitor App for Business Purpose Loan?
I Do Not Wish to Provide-Complete Govt. Monitor?
30 Day Notice-Measure in Calendar or Business Days
How to Inform Borrower that Application Approved
Prohibited Bases Defined by ECOA
Correcting Gov Monitoring Info on Broker App
Not Collecting Government Monitoring Information
Does Reg B Apply to Commercial Loans?
Commercial Adverse Action-Delinquent Credit
Reg Notice of Incomplete App and the ECOA Notice
Adverse Action Notice for Insufficient Collateral?
Reg B Section 704b of ECOA-Small Businesses
Send Adverse Action Notices Together if Joint App?  
Lower Appraised Value Considered a Counteroffer?
Right to Receive a Copy of an Appraisal on Note
Reg B 30 Day Notification for Incomplete App
Closing LOCs b/c Dormant/Inactive for 24 Months
Form to Send when Customer Withdraws Application
Withdraw App when Sales Contracts Fall Through?
Reg B ECOA Changes to Adverse Action Notices
"Prohibited Basis" Defined by the ECOA
Adverse Action Notices Apply to Commercial Loans?
Husband Co-Signer b/c Not List as a Borrower?
Joint Loan Application-Only One Person Qualifies
Procedure for Reg B Incomplete Application Notice
OCC Address for ECOA Section on Adverse Action
Violation for the Intent for Joint Credit
"Fresh Start Overdraft Loans" Program and Reg B.
Withdrawn Loan vs. Incomplete Loan
Deny Loan w/o Loan App or Pulling Credit Report?
Joint Intent "Documented" Requirement
Reg B ECOA Proposal- Adverse Action Notice
Denial Reason Required for Counter Offer?
Restructure Loan Terms-New Application Required?
Pulling Credit on Application and Subject Property
New Gov Monitoring Info for Each Loan Renewal?
Send Adverse Action Notices Electronically?
Requiring Family Member to Sign on Loan
Sending Approval/Denial Letters on Purchased Loan
Reg B-Joint Credit Apply to Business Loan?
Spouses on Home Purchase Application
Where to Find "Notice of Action Taken" Form?
Criteria for determining loan denial or withdrawal
Securing a Commercial Loan with IDOT
Notice of Action Taken Letter
Logo on Adverse Action Notice
Appraisal to Borrower or Owner?
Decision Time on a Loan
Filling in the Adverse Action Notice
Reg B and GMI on Real Estate Loan
Collecting Monitoring Info on RE Loan
Keeping Drivers License in Mortgage File
Pre-approval without Property Address
Reg B and Signatures of Borrowers
Reg B and Cancellation
What Triggers Letter of Denial?
Unmarried Couple Applies for Mortgage
Asking for Specific Co-signer
Adverse Action for Collateral Grantor?
Adverse Action Notices for Inactivity?
Do Guarantors Sign Statement of Intent?
Notice of Action Letter Denying Loan
Corporate Loan and Compliance with Reg B
Determining the Loan Application Date
Rule for Loan Modifications
Spouse's Low Credit Scores Hinder Loan Process
GMI for Mobile Home Loans
Providing Notice for HELOC s with Adverse Credit
Meeting USA PATRIOT Act Requirements
Notice of Intent to Apply for Joint Credit
What Adverse Action Reason to Use?
Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal
Regulatory Impact of Reactivated Loan
Reduced Credit Limit - Send Reg B Counter Offer?
When is GMI Required?
Blank Loan Applications on Hand
Two Adverse Action Questions
Denied Loan Requirements
Reg B - Sending Notice After the 30 Days
Reg B - Provide Customer a Copy of an AVM?
Purchase Money HELOC - Collecting GMI
Fair Lending & Loan Marketing
Incomplete Application - Adverse Action & Denial Letter
Fair Lending Risk Assessment
Loan Docs Borrower Must Sign
Original Application was Withdrawn
Reg B - Two Loan Denials?
Reg B - Co-borrow Relationship Inquiry
Reg B/ECOA - Intent to Apply Jointly
HMDA - Loan Prequalification
Reg B – Oral Notification Documented
Withdrawn/Denied Commercial Loan Applications
Intent to Apply for Joint Credit - Effective Date
Refinance/Additional Money - New App Required?
Application Procedures
Commercial Loan – Provide Decline Letter?
New Application Required?
Pull Credit Report – Send Adverse Action
Guarantor on a Consumer Real Estate Loan
Changing the Credit Card Agreement
Adverse Action Notice – Technical Error
Are Credit Unions Subject to Reg B?
Commercial Loan – Adverse Action Timing
Reg B - Business Loan Credit Decision Timing
Commercial Loan - Appraisal Notice Required?
Credit Report & Flood Determination Fees
ECOA, Reg B & Risk Mitigation
Collect GMI on a HELOC?
Possible Regulation B Violations?
Reg B – Listing Order of Applicants
Reg B - Completed Applications
GMI Collection – Purchase of Primary Residence
Business Loan Denial Notice
Reg B – Joint Credit & Cosigners
No Longer Offering Business Credit Cards
Reg B Intent to Apply Jointly – Phone Application
GMI on Refinance Q & A - Clarification Needed
Not Subject to HMDA Reporting – Collect GMI?
Freezing an Unsecured LOC – Notice Required?
Independent Appraisal – Notice Still Applicable?
Debit Card Mailing – Age 70 & Over Excluded
Provide Copy of Appraisal on Commercial RE Loans?
Adverse Action- File a Copy of the FCAI Disclosure
Business Purpose Statement Form
Borrower Discontinues Loan Application
Delay Disclosures Until Completed Application?
Closing an OD Protection Line - Give 30 Day Notice
Reg B & Business Loans
Shutting Down a Revolving LOC – Compliance Issues
HELOC Suspension Letters - 202.9 Requirements
Reg B, HMDA & Pre-Approval Letters
Are We Required to Get Marital Status on Loan App?
Reg B - Separate Apps for Joint Borrowers?
Send Two Separate Adverse Action Notices?
Maximum Number of Reasons for Declining a Loan
RESPA Record Retention
Reg B - Bulk Home Builders & Apartment Developers
We Don't Do HMDA Reporting - Do We Collect Info?
Spouse Not on the Loan - Collecting Spousal Info
Reg B - Father & Son Joint Applicants
HELOC Documents
Clarification Needed for Prequalifications
Taking Phone Loan Applications - Compliance Issues
Separate Loan Apps for Unmarried Co-borrowers?
GMI on a HELOC - Home Purchase or Refinance
Collect Applicant Info on Non-Reportable RE Loans?
Reg B Form Signed on Commercial Credits?
Refinance of Primary Residence - Collecting GMI
Joint Applicants - Separate Adverse Action Notices
Denying Credit Based on Non-Citizenship
HMDA & Reg B - Temporary Financing?
Mortgage Pre-approval - Adverse Action Notice
Appraisal Requirements in the Construction Phase
Credit Denial Form
Applications Online
Collecting GMI on Loans Not Reported on HMDA LAR
Reg B - Application Signed With a "Courtesy Title"
Business Loan Disclosures
Construction Loans & Reg B Monitoring Information
The Auto Dealer, the Lender & the Credit Report
Reg AA - Address for Consumer Complaints
Is Direct Marketing to Seniors an ECOA Violation?
Consumer Loan and Cosigner Procedures
Commercial Loan Record Retention
Freezing a LOC - Adverse Action Notice
Reg B - Which Form Do We Use?
CSDS Provided Prior to Closing?
Adverse Action Letter Retention
Adverse Action - State Loan Amount on the Notice?
Definition of a Complete Application
Send Loan Denials to Applicant & Guarantor?
Reg B Appraisal Requirement - Construction Loans
Appraisal Fee Reimbursement
Reg B - Dual Signatures
Reg B - Temporary Financing Excluded for GMI
Reg B - Unmarried Couple Borrowing Jointly
Contacting the Applicant
Declined Loans - Required Disclosures?
No Adverse Action - ECOA Disclosure Required?
App Withdrawn - Send Notice of Action Taken?
Reg B Appplication Violation?
Adverse Action on Withdrawn Application?
Joint Applicants - Separate Adverse Action Forms?
Business Purpose Loan Disclosures
Commercial Loans - Required Disclosures
Appraisal Notice for a Corporation
Co-borrowers Liabilities & Credit Reports
Credit Report Constitutes an Application?
Reg B - Business Credit Joint Applicants
New Application for Renewal or Modification?
Loan Denied to Illegal Alien -- Follow-up Question
Notice to Home Loan Applicant
Reg B Inquiries
Investment Purpose Loan-Notice & Disclosure Given?
Monitoring Information - Co-applicant not Present
Appraisal Fee Refund & Notice
Commercial Loan with Guarantors
Loan Denial Based on Net Worth
Is This Loan Subject to the Regs?
Providing Tax Statements as Appraisals
Fact Act Letter
Is Closing an Account Adverse Action?
Online Loan Inquiry
Credit Report Run During Loan Pre-qualification
Verbal Notification of Action Taken
Customer Loan Cancellation - Adverse Action
Reg B - Commercial Mortgage
Human Model Advertising?
HMDA, HELOCs and Monitoring Information
Imaged Copies of ID
Credit Report - Statement of Denial
Credit Denial Record Retention
Commercial Loans - Adverse Action Letters
Reg B Loans - Retirement Contributions as Income
Cash Out Refinance
Credit Life Financed on Home Loan, GMI Required?
Co-Signer/Guarantor Notice after Denial
Real Estate Loan Record Retention
Commercial Loan and Adverse Action Notice
Reg B - Intent to Apply for Joint Credit
HMDA - Better to Over Report than Under Report?
Does Reg B Require Free Appraisals?
Non-HMDA Reporting Bank Required to Collect GMI?
Is Not Reissuing a Card a Denial for Reg B?
Appraisal & Flood on a Residential Lot
Commercial Loans & Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal
Collecting GMI on Non-HMDA Reportable Loans
Loan Declined Due to Customer Filing Bankruptcy
Reg B & Indemnity Deeds of Trust
Notice Required for Denied Checking Account?
Retention for Processing Credit Card Applications
Auto Dealership/Recordkeeping of Credit Reports
Collecting GM Under Reg B on Temporary Loans
Keeping Copies of Drivers Licenses with Loan Docs
88 Year Old Applying for a 30 Year Mortgage
Reg B - Requesting Marital Status
Sending Out a Commitment Letter
Submission of Information Package an Application?
30 Year Mortgage to 64 Year Old Customer
Denying Credit Based on Past Bankruptcy
Protecting Customer's Medical Privacy
Would This Be Discriminatory?
Adverse Action Notice Without Reasons
Avoiding GMI Collection When Inappropriate
Application Date for Prequalified Applicant
Applications, Credit Reports and FCRA Disclosures (PDF)
No Response from Borrower to Counteroffer
Notice Given Only on Denied Loans?
Credit Scoring and Regulation B
Calling for Back-up, Examiner is Challenging Bank
Is an Adverse Letter Required?
Denying business credit: written or oral notice?
Making Regulatory Burden Worse
Applications "Closed for Incompleteness"
Debit Card Denial
Wording on Adverse Action Notice
Do We Now Need Business Loan Applications?
When Do I Go on the Notice of Action Taken Clock?
Bare-bones Application
Regulation B: The Signature Conundrum
Grossing Up HMDA Income
Overdraft Protection Questions and Concerns
Examples of When An Adverse Action Is Needed
Checking Applicants and Signatures
Reg B Application Requirements
Joint Applications/Loans Sold on Secondary Market
Timing of Adverse Action Letter on Mortgage Loan
Reg B. Commercial Adverse Action
Collecting GMI on HELOC Applications
HMDA Reporting on an Unreturned Loan Application
Notice of Right to Receive an Appraisal
Age and Product Features for Senior Accounts
Clearing the Credit Report Since It Finally Paid
Reg. B and Small Business Lending
Reg B - Financing Insurance Premiums as Loans
Loan Denial Notice
FCRA guidance needed on score disclosures
Regulation B: The More It Changes, The More It Stays The Same
News Release Compliance Issues - Loan Program
Pulling Credit Report for Bounce Protection
Contents of an adverse action notice
Can We Give Customer Copy of Credit Report?
Collecting GMI on a Construction Loan
Higher Rates for Designated Groups?
Adverse Actions and the FTC's Address
Selecting reasons for declining loans
Are Internet Applications Like Mail Applications
Collecting Government Monitoring Information
ECOA and Income: When and How to Verify
Senior citizen promotions & ECOA violations
Loan Denials for Third Party Applications
Checking accounts, overdraft protection, and adverse action notice
Credit Bureau Reports Without Written Permission
Guru Compilation: Reg B (PDF)
Business Loans and Disclosures
"Joint Credit" Acknowledgments on FS Updates
Credit Bureau Reporting
When Is This An Application
When to Disclose a Right to Appraisal Notice
Copy of ID in Loan File OK?
Application of Rescission to Business HELOCs
Annual policy reviews
Credit Scoring Systems Under Reg B
Adverse Action Notices and Co-Applicants
Determining Joint App Intent Over the Phone
Reg. B -- Withdrawn Application
Reg. B - Complete Application
Joint Credit Notice on Mortgage Applications
Providing a Notice of Right to Receive Appraisal
Adverse Action on Debit Card Turndowns
Retaining I.D. in CIP loans
Notice of Credit Denial on Joint Applicants
Record Retention for Denied Loans
Delivery of the Adverse Action Notice
ECOA Discrimination
Separate Notice of Appraisal
Required Info on Credit Applications
Time to Complete an Incomplete Application
Notice for Withdrawn Applications
The Only Thing Compliance And Commercial Lending Have In Common Is The Letter "C"
Commercial Loan Applications And Reg B
Discrimination Issues for Foreign Speaker
Does a Fax Equal a Phone Call?
Prequals Under HMDA
Evidencing Joint Application Intent on Biz Loans
ECOA Notice Requirement
Industry Standard for Documenting Joint Apps
Wording for Consumer Loan Apps
Signature on Adverse Action Notice
Combining Income of Unmarried Co-Applicants
Retention Period on Home Equity Loan Files
RESPA Disclosures Given BEFORE Application
Counteroffers and Denials on Dealer Apps
Co-applicant vs. Co-signer
"Customization" of HELOCs
Adverse Action Notice for Credit Suspension?
Loan Apps and CIP Changes
Spousal Signature Requirements in Community Property State
Tracking Marketing To Minority Groups
Special Financing for Flood Victims
Adverse Action Letters to Multiple Parties
Inadvertent Monitoring Information Collection
Record Retention on Prescreening
Changes in Monitoring Information Collection
Is an adverse action letter required when a counter offer is accepted?
Adverse Action Guide?
Adverse action for denial of ATM or debit cards?
Fair Lending Policy: Reverse Redlining Issue
Reg B Changes Roundup
Guarantor Access To Borrower's Credit Scores
OCC Changes Address?
Limiting A Product To One Location
Loan Guarantee By Spouse
FCRA, Joint Accounts, and Adverse Action
Commercial Loans: Customer Copy Of Appraisal Required?
Retention of Loan Customer Driver's License Info
Adverse Action Letters Under the New Reg B
Auditing loan files
Disclosure Requirements: Declining An ATM Card
Does Reg B prohibit discrimination against an applicant who is involved in lawsuits?
Adverse Action Notices: When And To Whom?
Web Loans, Web Adverse Action Notices?
Sharing Information From Co-applicants With Co-applicants
Signatures: Love 'Em But Leave Them Off Of Loans
Auditing loan files
Regulations: Defining Application
Evaluating Immigration Status in Lending Situations
Can web applicants receive web adverse action notices?
Unsecured Home Improvement Loans & HMDA
Is there a retention requirement for notice of account denial?
ECOA (Reg B) And The 30 Day "Notice Of Incomplete Application"
Pricing Loans Based On Credit Scores
Government Monitoring Information And Debt Consolidation Loans
Credit Applications By Phone: Reg B & Determining The Application Date
Refinancing, Government Information, and Reg B
Appraisal Copies & Reg B
202.2(f) Application Requirements
Can we ask a customer their marital status?
Home Equity Loans & Collecting Government Monitoring Data
Handling Repetitive Applicants
Reg B Appraisal Notice Requirements
Reg B Requirements: Appraisal Reports
Targeting Customers For HELOC & Reg B Violations
Lending Disclosures at a Glance
Counteroffers and Reg B
Appraisal Right Notice on a Commercial Loan
Social Security Offsets: Aren't overdraft fees extensions of credit? What about Reg B?
Monitoring Collection Requirements
Allowable Application Denial
Co-applicant Adverse Action Notices
Denying Credit To Permanent Resident Non-Citizens
How Senior Is Senior?
Collecting Loan Information
Reg B, Adverse Action Notices, and Debit Cards
Using Income From A Spouse For A Consumer Loan
Refusing a Loan to Foreign Persons
Validating a Credit Scoring System
For collection purposes, what is the difference between a guarantor and co-borrower?
Adverse Action Notices: Do we send them for withdrawn/incomplete applications?
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Adverse Action Letters & Guarantors
Question & Answer
FCRA, ECOA, and Adverse Action Notices
Examiner's Notebook Don't Overlook The Common Violations
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Regulation B Changes Hit the Streets
Proposed Changes to Regulation B
Proposed Changes to the Official Staff Commentary
Question & Answer
Reg B Watch Out - Here Comes DOJ!
Question & Answer
Regulation B Proposals Something Old, Something New
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
What's Ahead In Compliance Fair Lending, ECOA et al.
ECOA & Reg B What is a Credit Scoring System?
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Regulation B's Proposed Paperwork Burden
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Getting the Spouse's Signature Can Be Asking For Trouble!
Question & Answer
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Reasons For Denial: What Works?
FRB Issues Final Notification Forms
Question & Answer
Regulatory Simplification On The Prowl With Regulations B & C
Question & Answer
Fee Splitting Two Reg Tango?
Question & Answers
Question & Answer
How Do I Audit For…
Reg B Commercial Loan Applications And Reg B
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
OCC Issues Guidance On Credit Scoring
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Final Rules From HUD And FRB On Self Testing Privilege
EDITORIAL - Credit: Do Consumers Want It or Not?
Question & Answer
FRB Proposes New Adverse Action Notices
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
The Regulation B Commentary Is Proposed
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Reg B: FRB Issues Regulation B Commentary Revisions
Considering Age in Reverse Mortgage Programs
Signatures: When not to Get Them
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Final Action on Monitoring Data
Draft Model Comment Letter
Reg B Commentary: Scoring Age
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
FRB Proposes Rule on Self-Testing
Question & Answer
Tools, Tools, Tools
EDITORIAL - Pre-approved Loans - Food for Thought.
You're Never Too Old

Reg. BB
Regulation BB - Community Reinvestment Act
Documentation to Prove Community Development Loan
Classify Letters of Credit as CRA Related Loan?
CRA Reporting Small Business/Small Farm Loans
Is CRA Purpose Driven or Collateral Driven?
CRA File and its Contents
HMDA & CRA Reporting – Farmland Loan
Obtaining CRA Notices
Quarterly CRA Reporting - Updated Income Levels
CRA - Logging Company a Small Farm Loan?
CRA Loans & HMDA Logs
Earning CRA Services Credit
CRA Public File - List for Branches
CRA - Loan to Deposit Ratios
CRA Branch Lobby Notice
Only Current Customers Eligible for Credit?
Compliance Officer Also Serve as CRA Officer?
CRA Branch Notice Requirements
Posting the CRA Statement
Key Factors Disclosure with CRA Model
Reporting a Mortgage-Secured Letter of Credit
Improving Residential Area in Bank's Town
CRA: How Not to Change a Regulation
Large Bank for CRA Purposes
How to Make A Difference
CRA Investment Test
CRA Public Files
Are We Looking At The Right Stuff?
Penalty for HMDA, CRA Submission?
Moving to large bank under CRA
CRA/Fair Lending
CRA Agreements Do Work
New Institution: Starting a CRA File
Looking For Sample CRA Statement
Help From FDIC
CRA in the Sunshine is Not CRA
CRA Help From FTC
Lending: Fannie Mae Exceeds LMI Goals
A Ray of Sunshine for CRA?
CRA Sunshine Quick Reference
Question & Answer
Consumer Advisory Council on CRA
A Very Special Banker
CRA and Subprime
What Happens When Consumer Advocates Mean Well?
CRA: Working "With"
CRA and the CAC
The Annual CRA Q&A Release
Airing Opinions on CRA in the Sunshine
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Saving a Strategic Plan
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Meet the Service Test - With Post-purchase Counseling
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Project Resources
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Median Family Income 2000
Charter Schools and CRA
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Common Violations
Floyd Flake's CRA Wisdom
Question & Answer
CRA in the Sunshine
COMPLIANCE NOTES - OCC Publishes CRA Investment Directory
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Seidman Calls On Neighborhood Groups
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Homes for $1.00
COMPLIANCE NOTES - CRA: Federal v. State
CRA: Hawke Shows CRA Colors
COMPLIANCE NOTES - 1999 Median Family Incomes
EDITORIAL What's Wrong With CRA?
EDITORIAL Is CRA Headed in the Right Direction?
Question & Answer
CRA New Q&As for CRA
Question & Answer
CRA Service Customer Education Made Easy
EDITORIAL - CRA And The Kennedy Legacy
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
EDITORIAL - Playing Fair
Question & Answer
Building CRA Into Your Business Plan
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Outstanding for Small Banks?
NCUA's Membership Survey
Question & Answer
The Future For CRA
What's Ahead In Compliance CRA: Continuous Evolution
Question & Answer
Mortgage Loans Hop On The TRAM
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Privacy Training for Customers
And We Wonder Why Customers Get Angry!
Small Business Lending A Small Bank Niche?
CRA Changing the Examination Paradigm
COMPLIANCE NOTES - What Good Are Bad Loans?
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Planning a Strategic Plan?
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Making CRA Targets A Little Easier
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Disasters Can Help Your CRA Rating
What Can You Do with CRA Data?
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Strategic Plans for CRA?
Question & Answer
CRA's Investment Test Some Advice From The Pros
COMPLIANCE NOTES - How Much Investment Opportunity Is There?
COMPLIANCE NOTES - HUD Median Family Income Figures Out
CRA - How To Pass The Investment Test
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Lending OCC Generates Small Business Lending Ideas
COMPLIANCE NOTES - What is a Branch?
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Looking for CRA Ideas?
Putting CRA Performance Into Context
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Satisfactory CRA Ratings
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Getting Ideas for CRA
CRA The Consumer Advisory Council Debates CRA
COMPLIANCE NOTES - OTS's Seidman Calls for CRA Reg Review
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
OCC Speaks Out On CRA Data
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Native American Housing: CRA and Fair Lending
Question & Answer
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Rating CRA on the Internet
Consumer Advisory Council
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Rivlin Speaks Out on CRA
EDITORIAL - It's Time To Start Counting The Cost
Planning CRA Strategically
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
What's Great About CRA?
Question & Answer
CRA New Q& As
EDITORIAL - The Constant Evolution of CRA: Regulatory Burden on the Move
EDITORIAL - Credit: Do Consumers Want It or Not?
Hot Tips From Regulators
Question & Answer
Preparing For The New CRA
EDITORIAL - Assessing the new CRA
Question & Answer
CRA Examination Procedures Are Out
CRA: Compliance Creeps Further Into Commercial Lending
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
CRA: Mid-year Check-up
Strategic Plans: Are They Worth It?
Experiencing the New CRA: That Performance Context
Reg Y and the CRA Wars
Question & Answer
EDITORIAL - Pre-approved Loans - Food for Thought.
The New "Burden Relief" Banking Act
CRA/Fair Lending
Examiner's Notebook: CRA Exams Can Be Pleasant!
Question & Answer

Reg. C
Reg. C - Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
Water Softener Reportable As Home Improvement?
Purchase/Rehab & Props Unknown-HMDA Reportable?
Unsecured to Replace Existing Damaged Pool-HMDA?
Minimum Loan Amount to Report Refi/Purchase
Bank Not HMDA Reportable-Compliance Issue?
When Is Reg CC Going to Change?
HMDA Is Covered Under What Federal Regulation?
New Loan w/Property from Unsecured-HMDA?
Cash Out Refi Purchase 2nd Home-HMDA Location?
Applicant Changed Mind- Reason for Denial?
Rules for Collecting Monitoring C Info for HMDA
Loan to Construct Nursing Home HMDA Reportable?
Guidance on ECOA Section 704B
Report Income if not Considered in Credit Decision
Unsecured Loan Classified as Personal-Reportable?
Travel Trailer Considered Mobile Home or Camper?
FFIEC Requires Updated Census Data
Multiple Advanced Home Improvement Loan-HMDA?
Loan for Home Improvement Changed to Other Purpose
Pre-approval list?
Ink Color For Endorsement Stamp
Automated Pre-Approvals - HMDA Guidelines
CD Secured Loan: HMDA Reportable
Reg B and GMI on Real Estate Loan
Loan App Denied: HMDA Reportable?
Collecting Monitoring Info on RE Loan
Need Clarification of Staff Commentary of Reg C
HMDA Reportable Business Loans
Commercial or Consumer Loan: Which?
Credit Extension for Investment Property
Daughter's Loan - Father's Qualifications
Does MSA Make Us HMDA Reportable?
Borrower Withdraws: What about HMDA?
No Income Information: What about HMDA Reporting?
Is HELOC Really for Home Improvement?
HMDA and Home Improvement
Rate Spread Applicable for Primary Residence?
Does Refinanced Loan get a New Identifier?
Son Pledges Collateral for Borrower Parents
New Application: What about Original Loan Request?
Code for HMDA LAR for Duplexes
About Timing for HMDA Reporting
HMDA 'Signed' by Customers?
Reporting a Rate Spread
Funds Availability and HMDA Compliance Signs
Setting up the Pre-approval Process
GMI for Mobile Home Loans
Is this HMDA Reportable?
HMDA and Temporary Financing
HMDA Reporting
Hot Water Heater HMDA Reportable?
Temporary Financing in HMDA Reporting
Compiling HMDA Data
HMDA Reportable as Refinance?
Loan Approved: Wife Disapproves
Swimming Pool Home Improvement?
Home Purchases HMDA Reportable?
Consumer Construction Loan HMDA Reportable?
HMDA LAR Denial Reporting
Loan Ballooned and Renewed: Reportable?
Participation Loan for Partial Interests
Modular Home Considered a Manufactured Home?
Mobile Home Park Category for Loans
When is GMI Required?
Temporary Financing or Refinance?
HMDA Applicability to Refinancing
Denied Loan Requirements
Holds on Cashier's Checks & Credit Card Checks
HMDA Application Date - Change in Terms
Purchase Money HELOC - Collecting GMI
Two HMDA Questions
HMDA Reporting - 3 Year Mini Perm Loan HMDA Reporting - Matured Loan Refinance
Prequalification & Preapproval - Definition Needed
Guidance Line of Credit for Purchasing Single Family Residences
Report First Payment on the HMDA LAR?
HMDA Tracking - Denied/Withdrawn/Incomplete Loans
HMDA - Reporting Negative Income
HELOCs - HMDA Reporting
HMDA & RESPA on a Lot Loan?
HMDA Reportable &HOEPA Applicable?
HMDA Errors
Home Improvement Loan - Subject to HMDA & RESPA?
HMDA Reporting & Rental Properties
Time Share Purchase – HMDA Reportable?
HMDA - Loan Prequalification
High Cost Loans – Non-HMDA Reporting Banks
HMDA & CRA Reporting – Farmland Loan
HMDA Reporting – Condominium Units
HMDA Reporting - Mobile Home Refinance
Loan to a Corporation – Correct Application Form
HMDA – Mobile Home Purchase
HMDA LARs – 09 De Novo Bank
HMDA Reporting – Show Mother as Grantor?
HMDA Reporting Threshold
HMDA Reporting – Bridge Loans
HMDA – Loan Renewal/Increase on Rental Property
Unsecured/Signature Loans - HMDA Reporting
HMDA, GMI & Loans to Business Entities
HMDA - Owner Occupancy Designation
HMDA – Loan Renewal/Increase on Rental Property
HMDA - Unaffixed Manufactured Homes
HMDA/Gov Monitoring on Applicant & Co-signer
HMDA Reporting - Permanent Financing
HMDA - Data Reporting Owner Occupancy
HMDA Re-file
HMDA Reporting – Dwelling Used for Day Care
HMDA – Which Date Do We Use?
Revocable Living Trust & HMDA LAR Reporting
Loan to LLC Sole Owner - HMDA or Purchase Money?
HMDA – Loan Coded as Business/Residence Combo
Commercial Loans – What’s HDMA Reportable?
HMDA Reporting – Mixed Used Property Loan
CRA Loans & HMDA Logs
Loan Modification – HMDA Reportable?
Owner Occupied Second Homes & Vacation Homes
HMDA Reporting - No Written Pre-Approval Program
HMDA Reporting - Closed-End Lines of Credit
HMDA Log - Order Information is Entered
HMDA Reporting - Modified Construction Loan
HMDA Reporting - Swimming Pool Secured by Dwelling
HMDA -- Changes to Pricing Information Reporting Oct 2008
HMDA - Double Reporting?
Additional Funds to Complete Home Construction
Loan Secured by Son's Home - HMDA Reportable?
HMDA Reporting - Selling a Participation Loan
Borrower Discontinues Loan Application
HMDA Reporting on Entities
Is the Assumption a Refi or Purchase Purpose Loan?
Is This HELOC Renewal Considered a Refinance?
Customer Refuses to Pay Escrow
Reporting HMDA Data to the Board
HMDA - Swimming Pool Loan Secured by Automobile
FDIC Loan Definitions
Cash Out Loan - HMDA Reporting
HMDA Reporting - Multiple Advance Open Ended LOC
HMDA Reporting - Home Purchase w/CD as Collateral
HMDA Reporting - Office Isn't an Official Branch
HMDA - Extending a Current Obligation
HMDA - Non-Reportable Bridge Loan?
HMDA Reporting - Loan Secured by Apartment Building
Bridge Loans & HMDA
HMDA Reporting on a Commercial Line of Credit
Hunting Camp - HMDA Reportable?
HMDA Reporting - Commercial Loan Refinancing
Automated Underwriting System - HMDA Reporting
Collecting GMI on Loans Not Reported on HMDA LAR
HMDA -Short Term Loan Refinanced for a Longer Term
Reporting on an Application Withdrawn/Closed Loan
HMDA - Define Temporary Financing
Deceased Applicant - HMDA Reporting?
P and I Payments - HMDA Reporting
Reporting CD Secured Loan on the LAR
Temporary or Permanent Financing?
HMDA Reporting - Condo Association Improvements
Asset Size - HMDA Reporting
HMDA Triggering Loan
CD Secured Loan & the LAR
Fixed Equity Loans - HMDA Reporting Required?
GMI Yi-Yi -Yi!
HMDA Reporting - Opting Out
HMDA Reporting - Reverse Mortgages
HMDA - Unsecured Loan Used as Down Payment
HMDA Reporting on Unsigned Loan Documents
One Loan for Two Properties - HMDA Reporting
HMDA Reporting on an In-house Renewal
Acquisition & Merger - HMDA Reporting Requirements
HMDA Reporting- Dwelling Being Converted to Office
Home Equity Reported on the HMDA LAR?
HMDA - Business Loan on a 1-4 Family Property
HMDA - Rate Spread Reporting
Mixed-use Property Rules - HMDA Reporting
HMDA Reporting on an Unsecured Loan
Commercial Loan - HMDA Reporting
Credit Report Constitutes an Application?
Farm Credit Loan Refinance - HMDA Reporting
Determining HMDA Codes on Incomplete GMI
GMI Collection on a Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan
HMDA Reporting - Loan Application Correction
No Lien Perfected on Property - HMDA Reporting?
HMDA Reporting of a Home Improvement or Refinance
Repurchased Loans Treated Like Bank Purchases?
Dwelling Will Be Destroyed – HMDA Reporting
HMDA Reporting - Mortgage on Vacant Land
HMDA - Refinance of a Short Term Loan
Loans Subject to HMDA
HMDA Qualification
HMDA - Motel Loan
Pre-approval Confusion
HMDA Filing Help
Foreign Collection Item Hold
HMDA - Optional & Non-Reportable Credit
HMDA Reporting - Dollar Amount
HMDA Reporting on Commercial Loans
HMDA - Originating Institution
HMDA Reporting on a Cash Out Refinance Loan
HMDA Reporting - Short-term Loan for a Spec Home
Mixed Use Property - HMDA Reportable?
New Home Purchase - HMDA - Residential Property Loan Secured by CD
We Don't Report HELOC's Under HMDA, However...
Residential or Commercial?
Cash Out Refinance
HMDA -Second Applicant Considered a "Co-borrower"?
RESPA Exemption for Interim Financing?
Credit Life Financed on Home Loan, GMI Required?
HMDA - Time Share Refinancing
HMDA Reporting on a Term Loan
HMDA - Better to Over Report than Under Report?
HMDA Conundrum
HMDA and the Reverse Mortgage Loan
Reg E - Delaying Provisional Credit
HMDA - Difference Between Prequalify & Preapprove
What Income Do We Report for HMDA Purposes?
HMDA Reporting on Refi of Home Improvement Loan
HMDA - Definition of a Refinance
Application Considered Pre-approval Under Reg C?
Mobile Homes and HMDA
Address to Include in HMDA Notice
Large Dollar Return Notification
Is Home Equity 2nd HMDA Reportable?
Definition of Temporary Financing
Home Improvement Loan Secured by Vacant Lot
Definition of Repeat Overdrafter
Collecting GMI on a Construction Loan
Are Internet Applications Like Mail Applications
Temporary Financing Under Reg. C
Government Monitoring Information
Guru Compilation: HMDA (PDF)
HMDA Refi vs. Modification
Bank exec clears up’s gray areas
HMDA Race & Visual Observation
HMDA Rate Spread Reporting
Occupancy on LAR, 2nd Home
HMDA Rate Spread Determination Dates
HMDA Borrower is a Trust
Are We Looking At The Right Stuff?
Is This HMDA Reportable
Did HMDA Allow "NA" Entries Pre-2004
What "Note" Makes it HMDA Reportable
The Masses Are Still Confused on Refinancings
Penalty for HMDA, CRA Submission?
Confusion Over HMDA Coverage
HMDA Refi Test
HMDA Reason for Denial
HMDA Reportable Assisted Living Residence
Who Should Certify HMDA Data
Motel Loan HMDA Reportable?
Posting the HMDA Notice for a New Reporter
OCC Required Information, Mortgage Loans
ARM Disclosure Results
Interim Construction Inspections
What Do We Really Get From Monitoring Data?
HMDA Occupancy Code Non MSA Property
Does a Fax Equal a Phone Call?
HMDA Rate Spread Calc, - But Other Security
Commercial Loan Now HMDA Reportable
HMDA Home Improv. Reportable
Prequals Under HMDA
HMDA Revision of Definitions/Rules
First Time HMDA Reporter Has Questions
Temp Loan to Rehab Property: HMDA Reportable?
New HMDA Sign
Reporting Small Dollar Withdrawn App
HMDA Info on Brokered Loans
Guru Chatter on HMDA/HOEPA
HMDA: How Did HMDA Happen?
Lien Status Reporting Under HMDA
HMDA Reporting for Bank That Sells All Loans
New HMDA Tools
Definition of Multi-Family Dwelling
HMDA Triggered by Pump Repair Loan?
HMDA: Final HMDA Rules for 2004
Under the Revised HMDA Regs
HMDA Data Collection for 2003
Home Improvements, New Improvements, and HMDA Reporting
Reg C, HOEPA, and Maturity
Non-HMDA Reporting Bank Required to Collect Data?
Changes in Monitoring Information Collection
What Do the Revisions to Regulation C Mean?
Regulations: Defining Application
Unsecured Home Improvement Loans & HMDA
Using One Application For Checking, Savings, Cash Accounts & Loans
Oh, Look! More C: FRB Expands HMDA Coverage
Non-Reportable HMDA Loans
Government Monitoring Information And Debt Consolidation Loans
Reg C Relief
Inconsistencies Between HMDA And The New Reg C Changes
When HMDA Applies
Reg C: Is there a definition of temporary financing?
What Are The Upcoming Changes In Reg C / HMDA
FRB Issues Proposal to Expand HMDA Reporting
Specific Issues for Comment
How to Comment
Sample Reg C Comment Letter
Loan to a Trust: HMDA Reporting Requirements
Reinstated Applications: Practical Application of the HMDA Commentary
Question & Answer
Old Compliance Laws Never Go Away
HMDA Exemptions Announced
FRB Issues Proposal to Expand HMDA Reporting
FRB To Review Regulation C
Question & Answer
Reg C Rule Final
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Another HMDA "Small" Rule
COMPLIANCE NOTES - The Government's HMDA Software is Free
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Congressmen for ECOA Data Collection
And We Wonder Why Customers Get Angry!
FRB Updates LAR for Y2K
Regulatory Simplification On The Prowl With Regulations B & C
COMPLIANCE NOTES - HMDA: The Cost of Non-Compliance
Question & Answer
COMPLIANCE NOTES - HMDA Small Bank Exemptions
Question & Answer
HMDA Data Use It
Question & Answer
HMDA Surfing
Question & Answer
COMPLIANCE NOTES - HMDA Exemption Size Grows
Question & Answer
How The FRB Uses HMDA Data For Fair Lending
Question & Answer
Tools, Tools, Tools
Alert: The HMDA Commentary is Out!
More On The HMDA Commentary
Small Bank HMDA Exemptions
Another FRB Proposal!
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer

Reg. CC
Reg. CC - Expedited Funds Availability Act
Statute On Returning Counterfeit Unauthorized PDs
Definition of Case by Case Holds & Reg CC Holds
Funds Availability Policy: Sign On ATM Machine
Time Frame to Input Large $ Notification
Notice for Reg CC Hold Placed/Released Same Day
Notification of Large Return Item: Over 2,500
Does Reg CC Apply to US Treasury?
New Business Account Subject to Reg CC?
Reg CC Hold: Reversing Deposit/Return Check
Correcting Variances on HUD w/different Processors
Originate Loan & Sell It- HMDA LAR Reportable? 
Reg CC and Large Loose Coin Deposits
When Can a Hold Be Placed on a Cashier's Check?
Funds Availability Notice on ATM Deposit Envelopes
Hold CC for Reason to Doubt Collectibility
Re-Deposited Item Hold for Missing Endorsement?
Right to Hold Large 3rd Party Check for 9 Days?
Notify Depository Bank of Large $ Return?
Reg CC Large Deposit Exception Hold Schedule
Reg CC Guidelines on Special Checks
Post Cut-Off Time For Accepting ATM Deposits?
Next Day Availability For Check On Hold
When Should Deposit Be Available After Hold?
Reg CC Availability Rules for Fraud Check
Reg CC Availability Hold Rules for Return Check
Reg CC Notice of Nonpayment for NSF Return
Give More Than $200 for Reg CC Hold?
7 Day Hold Apply Payor of Check Out of State?
Timeframe Hold on Large Check Deposit to Savings
Tell Customer About Exception Hold Before Mail?
How Long Retain Copies of CC Statements/Reports
Updates/Amendments to Reg CC in 2012?
Reg CC Violation-Items Not Identified As Cashier's
Reg CC Next-Day Availability Maker of Savings Bank
Reg CC Guidelines for Money Market Accounts
Reg CC New Account Exception Hold Time Frame
Change of Terms Notice Required if Positive Change
Are Savings Accts Governed Under Reg CC?
Case-By-Case Holds: Form for OD/RC Fees
Reg CC Notice of Hold-Exceptions/Knowledge Gaps
Time Frame for Notifying Reg CC Exception Hold
Reg CC Large Deposit Safeguard Hold Cashier Check
Information on Expedited Funds Availability Act
Reg CC Open Checking w/Existing Savings Acct.
Reg 9 Day Hold on ALL New Account Deposits?
Forgo Written Notice for Case-by-Case Holds?
Forgo Written Notice for Case-by-Case Holds?
Time Line to Return Check Refer to Maker
Placing Hold on 2nd Non-Official Check
Reg CC Availability & Non-Transactional Accounts
Estate Account-Placing "New" Account Hold
Case by Case Hold on 50,000 Cashier's Check
Reg CC Right to Delay Availability by One Day
Reg CC Disclosure Required if Do Not Place Holds
Remotely Created Checks & BOFD Liability
Reasonable Doubt of Collectibility to Drawee Bank
Exception Hold Start Date-Initial Deposit Date?
Notice of Availability & Sign Display Requirements
  • New Reg CC-How Long Hold New Account Checks?
    Notice of Availability & Sign Display Requirements
    New Reg CC-How Long Hold New Account Checks?
    Place Hold on Account Until Customer Deposits?
    Date of Notice/Deposit for Notice of Hold
    Place Hold on DDA Acct w/Excessive Returns?
    Require Couple to be Borrowers on Commercial Loan?
    Post Funds Availability Policy at each ATM?
    Hold Notice Required before Customer Leaves Bank?
    Use Credit Score to Determine Transactions?
    Place Reg CC Hold on an IOLTA Account?
    Reg CC Placing Hold on Cashiers Check over $5000
    Time Frame to Reject Return of Counterfeit Check
    Availability of Funds & Collection of Checks Rule
    Amount Limit for Case by Case Holds
    Split Funds into Different Accounts (Placing Hold)
    Place Hold on Entire Deposit Amount?
    Place Extended Hold on a Rapid Refund Check?
    Reg CC Holds and the Definition of "New" Account
    Reg CC Determining Funds for Foreign Check
    2nd Day Availability on Cashier's Check-New Acct.
    Should Funds Availability Sign Include Location?
    Using New Account Reason to Place Exception Hold
    Can you Send a US Treasury Check for Collections?
    Alternative Hold to 2 Day to Avoid Legal Action
    Time Frame to Dispute Remotely Created Checks
    Reg CC Repeated Overdraft Rule Used to Place Hold
    International Postal Money Orders- Availability
    Rules on Rt Image/Rt IRD and Payor Return Check
    HMDA Reporting a Home Improvement on Bare Land
    Reg CC $100 to $200 Availability Change Date
    Placing Holds on Check Deposited in 2 Accounts
    ComCheck (Truck Driver's Fuel Check) and Reg CC
    Notice of Hold Requirement for Opening New Account
    Reg CC $100 to $200 Availability Change Date
    Next Day Availability for Reg CC Disclosure
    $200 Reg CC Change Only Apply to Local Checks?
    When to Notify Customers of Reg CC $100 Change
    # Days to Place a Check on Hold in Savings Account
    Expediting Availability of Funds (Reg CC Change)
    Rules for Holds on Cashier's/Gov't Checks
    Customer Name/Address on Reg CC Holds
    Model Language for $200 Reg CC Change
    Current Day ACH Deposits Available to Hold?
    Reducing Exception Hold Days (Reg CC Changes)
    Change-Of-Terms Notice for New Reg CC $200 Rule
    Max Length of Float for Deposit w/ No Hold
    Can a customer hold their own funds?
    Notification for Upcoming Reg CC Change
    Counterfeit Check and Case by Case Hold
    Violations of Reg CC Exception Hold Policy
    Funds Availability Change Require Reg E Update?
    Holds on Deceased Estate w/ Administrator
    Placing Hold After Initial Deposit
    Early Release of Hold on Check Clearance
    Reg CC Hold for Excessive NSF Fees
    24 Hour Midnight Dealing Rule
    Compliance Date for Reg CC $100 to $200 Change?
    Specific Reasons for Reg CC Hold
    Length of Hold On Credit Card Check
    2011 Reg CC Hold Schedule
    EFA Change under Dodd-Frank
    Cashier Check Hold
    Reg CC and Canadian Postal Money Orders
    Calculating Timing of Hold
    Reg CC - 11 Day Holds
    Notifying Depositary Bank of Large Return Check
    2011 Reg CC Date Availability Calendar
    Reg CC/Case by Case Holds
    Completing Notice of Hold Forms
    Who Gets Annual Reg CC Training?
    Retaining Notices for Exception Holds
    Hold for Repeat Overdraft Customer
    Rule for Funds Availability
    How are Funds to be Made Available?
    Hold on Postal Money Order?
    Hold on SS Check Deposited into Joint Account
    Placing a Hold at Time of Deposit
    Hold on Deposited Check and Reg CC
    Reg CC Holds Guidelines
    Cannot Verify Endorsement: Put on Hold?
    Giving the First $100 on a Hold
    Hold and Availability of Funds
    Giving the First $100 on a Hold
    Reg CC Holds on Signed-over Check
    Hold on Cashier's Check
    Length of Hold for Large Deposit
    Who Resolves Disputes: the Bank or the Customer?
    Using the Large Deposit Exception Hold
    About Exception Holds
    $100 Availability and Reg CC
    Hold Deposit to Savings Account
    NSF Charges for Mailed-in Deposit
    Hold on Large Deposit
    Reg CC Message on ATM Envelopes?
    Next Day Availability for New Account
    Funds Availability and HMDA Compliance Signs
    Exception Notice for Unusual Activity?
    Reg CC and Foreign Checks
    Large Dollar Return Notification
    Endorsement Acronyms
    Funds Availability on 'Local' Checks
    Extension of Availability
    Putting a Hold on an Escrow Check
    Reg CC Hold Days
    Placing a Hold for an Expected Return Item
    Check 21 Disclosure
    Large check returned late
    Reg for Ink Color to Endorse a Check?
    Two Day Hold on Statement Savings Account
    Holds on Savings Accounts
    What is a "Transactional" Account?
    Holds on Accounts Not Covered by Reg CC
    ACH Deposit Holds
    Reg CC & Reg E - Prepaid Cards & Payroll Cards
    Two Regulation CC Questions
    Regulation CC and Canadian Checks
    Big Banks Refusing to Verify Cashier's Checks
    Timeframe to a File a Without Entry Claim
    Send Corrected Availability Notice?
    Wire Transfer Hold
    Portable Building - HMDA Reportable?
    Reg CC - Nonproprietary ATM Deposits
    Reg CC Changes - Special Rules for New Accounts
    Reg CC Exception Changes
    Reg CC Changes & Hold Notices
    Reg CC Change on Extended Holds?
    Reg CC Availability & Multiple Deposits
    Reg CC Hold Notice Verbiage
    Reg CC New Account Holds
    Reg CC Hold NOT Given at Time of Deposit
    Reg CC New Account Exception Hold
    Reg CC Changes – Next Day Items
    FDIC & Reg CC Holds
    Credit Card Check Hold
    ATM Hold – Overdraft & Return Check Fees
    Reg CC Changes – Exception Delay
    Revised Reg CC - Case-by-Case Holds
    Reg CC – Is Everything Local?
    Notify Customers of Reg CC Change?
    Holds Outside of Reg CC
    Bank Official Checks vs Cashier's Checks
    Foreign Check
    Copy of Check Requested – Give Disclosures?
    Reg CC Funds Availability Verbiage
    ATM Funds Availability Signage for Funds Transfer?
    New Account Deposit - Give Hold Notice?
    ATM Deposit Regulations
    Hold on Government Check
    Reg CC – Hold on Third Party Check
    No Large Return Notification Given
    Wired Funds – Funds Availability
    Remote Check Return Rules
    ATM Disclosures
    Case-by-case Hold Notice
    Check Hold on Part of a Deposit of Multiple Checks
    Reg CC – Banking Vs Business Days
    Return of Unauthorized Paper Debit
    Reg CC – Less Hold Time
    Reg CC – Insurance Draft
    Cashier's Check - Large Deposit Exception Hold
    Check 21 Disclosure - Return Deposited Items
    Substitute Check Disclosure
    Placing Longer Hold Due to Fraud
    Hold on Cashier's Check Deposited into Savings?
    Savings Accounts Funds Availability Disclosures
    Reg CC Signage & the Drive-Thru Window
    URCC Claims
    Reg CC Hold Confusion
    Exception Holds on Treasurer or Bank Checks
    Unauthorized Items - 24 Hour Rule
    Reg CC - Holds on Local & Non-local Checks
    Reg CC- Three Years to Return a Forged Item?
    Only Drive-Thru Open Saturday - A Banking Day?
    Case by Case & Exception Holds - Definiton Needed
    ATM Deposits – Next Day Availability?
    Reg CC Signage Requirements
    Holding Checks - Member Notification
    Reg CC - Saturday a Banking Day?
    Endorsing & Signing Over a Treasury Check
    Holds on Credit Card Convenience Checks
    Offering E-Deposits - Compliance Issues?
    Reg CC Hold - Day Funds Become Available
    Multiple Deposits - Immediate Credit?
    Credit Card Convenience Checks & Midnight Deadline
    FDIC signs
    Returning an Unauthorized Paper Draft
    Hold Discussed w/Customer– Mailed Notice Required?
    Check 21 Substitute Check Policy Disclosure
    Night Depository Procedures
    ATM Fraud
    Reg CC - State Check
    Overseas Cashier's Check - Next Day Availability
    Is this an EFT?
    Insurance Draft and Check Policy & Procedures
    Does Check 21 & Image Exchange Preclude Reg CC?
    Cashier’s Checks & Next Day Availability
    Confused Over Reg CC's Standard & Extended Holds
    No Notice was Given on Large Item Return
    Exception Hold on Available Funds?
    HMDA - What Census Tract Info Do We Use?
    Reg CC & Tax Refund Checks
    Change in Branch Bank's Operating Hours
    Second Mortgage HMDA Reportable?
    Servicing Sold, Note Retained - Report Loans?
    Remotely Created Checks & Reg J
    Returning Unauthorized Remote Checks Guidelines
    Reg CC - Consumer and Commercial Accounts?
    Send Out Revised Hold Notices?
    Reg CC - Shorter Holds
    Reg CC Hold - New Account for Established Customer
    Deposits Under $5000 - Case by Case Holds
    Reg CC - Holding Funds on a Return Item
    Reg CC - Counting the Days.....
    Reg CC - Definition of New Account
    Cashier's Checks - Reg CC Stipulation?
    Reg CC Exception Hold - First $100
    Reg CC Declined - Notice of Action Required?
    Reg CC - Checks Issued by a Finance Company
    Reg CC - $100 Availability
    In Need of Funds Availability Clarification
    Reg CC & U.S. Banks Located Overseas
    Canadian Checks Subject to Reg CC?
    Hold on Cashier's Check
    Timeframe for Unauthorized Check Return
    Government Check - Funds Availability
    Cash Withdrawal Limitation - Funds Availability
    Authorization Implied?
    Disclosing Same Day Availability
    Large Return Notification on Returned Check?
    Redeposited Checks - Two to Four Day Return Time Frame
    Check Return Governed by UCC or Reg CC?
    Loan Disbursement Check - Next day availability
    Sending Items for Collection to Avoid Fraud
    Out of District Items
    Funds Availability on a New Account Hold
    Reg CC Hold on Escrow Check
    Check 21 Disclosures
    Commercial Internet Banking
    Validity of Claim on Remotely Created Check
    Check 21 Disclosure Notice
    Reg CC Holds - 2 Scenarios
    Remote Capture Policy
    Return of Unauthorized Pre-authorized Draft?
    Check Cashing - Hold Notice
    Hold Liability
    Reg CC & Traveler's Checks
    Teller Window Signage
    Holds on Canadian Checks
    Teller Station Hold Notice Verbiage
    Reg CC - Redeposit of Item Returned NSF
    Notifying Customer of Hold
    Reg CC & Savings Accounts
    Posting Funds Availability Policy Notice
    Non-notification of Large Return Item
    Debit Draft Form
    Hold on a Split Deposit
    Reg CC - Remotely Created Checks
    Cashier's Check - Maximum Length of Hold
    Reg CC - Collected Balance Vs. Available Balance
    2nd Business Day Hold -$100 Next Day Availability
    Reg CC's 24 Hour Rule
    Reg CC Sample Merchant Agreement
    Abbreviated Routing Numbers
    Reg CC - Disclosing Cut-off Time Change
    Deposit of Check with Ambiguous Payees
    A Resource to Refuse Claims from the Drawee Bank
    Difference Between "Special Deposit Tickets" & Deposit Tickets
    Is "Refer to Maker" Still the Last Resort?
    Returning an Unauthorized Telephone Check
    Reg CC Holds - Notification of Large Item Return
    Money Grams & International Money Orders
    Reg CC 's Endorsements Printed in Black Ink Rule
    Time Limit for FRB to Return an Unauthorized Item
    Reg CC Changes & Remotely Created Checks
    Changing Reg CC Hold Verbiage
    Placing Holds on US Treasury Checks
    Recording Exception Holds
    Reg CC Disclosures for all Deposit Accounts?
    Placing a Hold on a Cashier's Check
    Next Day Availability on Rapid Refund Checks
    Placing a Hold on a Cashiers/Official Check
    Stop Payment on Interest Checks
    Case-by-Case Holds
    5 Day Hold on Items Returned NSF
    Reg CC Hold on Deposit of Cash & Local Check
    Is Disclosure of the Routing Numbers Required?
    Is This Verbiage Required on Teller Receipts?
    Hold on Redeposited Local Check Over $5000
    Reg CC (PDF)
    List of Regs Requiring Training
    Can't Provide Receipt Stating Funds Availability
    Plan to Close on Non-holiday-- Or Should We?
    Hold on Foreign Deposit
    Fed Helps Cancel Fraudulent Paper Drafts
    Reg. CC and Check Clearing Changes
    Redeposited Checks --- Duration of Hold
    Reg CC - Longer Extension of Exception Holds
    Compliance Signposts
    Disclosure of the Funds Availability Policy
    Training Page: Learning the Bank Numbering System
    Picking up and processing ATM deposits
    Changing Reg CC Hold Periods
    Required disclosures for new accounts
    Payable Through Check -- Local or Not?
    International Transaction and Late Returns
    Hold notice for pending chargebacks?
    Steps to Prove Check Kiting
    Payable Through Check -- Local or Not?
    Bogus Cashier Check Warnings and Reg. CC
    I Changed My Mind
    Required Privacy Training
    Covering Required Training Subjects
    Holds on non-transaction accounts
    Failure to notify on large return item
    Check 21 Disclosures
    Who Sets the Amount of a Large Item Return Notice?
    Guru Compilation: Reg CC (PDF)
    Checks Drawn on a Correspondent
    "Do Not Write Below " Legend on Check Backs
    "Split Holds" Under Reg CC
    Reg CC - Next Day Funds Availability
    Float on Imaged Items
    Savings Funds Availability
    Reg. CC and Privacy Excuses for Non-Availability
    Reg. CC & $100 Availability on a Problem Account
    Reg. CC and Treasury Checks
    Hold on Checks Used to Purchase CD
    Limitations on Next Day Availability
    Meaning of P.E.G.
    EFT System and Automatic Holds
    Exception Holds and Call Verification
    Timing for Hold Notice
    Which Institution Holds the Bag on NSF Loss
    Reg CC Resources
    Resolving Business Debit Card Dispute
    Refusing to Accept Certain Kinds of Checks
    Old altered check problem
    Completing an Exception Hold Notice Form
    Late Returns
    Fine Points of Determining "Local" Check
    What Is YOUR Cut-Off Hour?
    Delayed Funds Availability for New Accounts
    Reg CC Large Item Exception Hold
    Return Item Notification
    Exception Holds for Next Day Availability
    Reg CC: When is an AccountConsidered "Open"?
    Business Check Card Regs
    Web Page Funds Availability Disclosures
    One Check, Split Deposit & Reg. CC
    Reg CC & Holds on Cash Deposits
    ATM Disclosures Regarding Fees And Availability
    ATM Cut Off Time
    Deposits, Reg CC, and Immediate Availability
    Options For Placing Holds On Large Overseas Checks
    Non-local Check Deposit & Wire Request
    Reg CC, Extended Holds, and Notice Requirements
    Stopping A Kite With A Reg CC Hold
    Hold options for large, non-local checks
    Definition Of A Cashier's Check
    Holds On Credit Card Checks
    What is a "local" check?
    Reg CC: Previously Returned Unpaid Exception Hold
    Notification Of Change In Posting ATM Deposits
    Looking For Automated Reg CC Program
    Reg CC Disclosures, Cash Transactions, And Hold Status
    Are Official Checks and Cashier's Checks the Same?
    New Accounts & Notice Of Delayed Availability
    ATM Reg CC Disclosure
    Reg CC PowerPoint Presentation
    Responsibility For Large Item Return
    Regulatory Training Requirements: Every 18 Months?
    Reg CC: Giving Preferred Customers 'No Float' On Deposit Items
    Hold on savings deposit
    Reg CC & Credit Card Checks
    Tragedies and the Midnight Deadline - What Can You Do?
    Reg CC & The $100.00 Rule
    Case-By-Case Holds For Large Non-Local Checks
    Is the Reg CC notice of availability required to be posted on the window of drive-through teller station?
    Depository Bank Endorsement Requirements
    First $100 Already (More Than) Provided
    Reg CC Disclosures For New Accounts
    Signage For An ATM
    Availability Time Frames
    Counting Funds Availability Time Frames
    Holds on Credit Card Checks
    Reg CC: What time of day does a hold expire?
    Reg CC: Is there a limit to the number of reasons provided for an exception hold?
    Applicability of Reg CC
    Exception Holds On Deposited Checks
    Holds on Savings Accounts
    Savings Accounts & Reg CC
    Reg CC: Hold Notice Notification Requirements
    Reg CC and the use of "Refer to Maker"
    Reg CC & Depositary Bank ATM Deposits
    Interest On Uncollected Funds
    Check Fraud Losses & Exception Hold Policies
    Holds, Account Balances, and Reg CC
    Required Notice For Large Return Items
    A Comprehensive Approach to Reg CC
    Case-By-Case Holds, Exception Holds, and Overdraft Fees
    Location of Funds Availability Notices
    Reg CC & Suspense Accounts
    Reg CC, Savings Accounts, and Putting a Hold on Cash
    Same Day Settlement Process
    Refer to Maker Revisited
    Funds Availability Notice Requirements: Cutoff Hour
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    What's Ahead In Compliance Regulations CC, DD, and Beyond
    EDITORIAL - Let Them Eat Cake!
    A Giant Step Against Check Fraud
    FED Considers Check Hold Changes
    Proposal Withdrawn On Reg CC
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Does Reg CC Help?
    Question & Answer
    Reg CC What is Local? The Fed Reconsiders
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Expediting Compliance with Funds Availability
    Most Common Violations of Reg CC
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Expedited Funds
    Expediting Regulation CC
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Trouble Spots in Deposit Regulations
    When Are Deposited Funds Available?
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Supreme Court To Give Decision OnReg CC Cases
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Reg CC Amendment Passed
    Sign Here Please…
    New Accounts & Reg CC
    Reg CC Changes Proposed
    "Excuse Me-What Was That Again?"
    Changes To Reg CC: Questions & Answers
    Reg CC "No Problem"-Who's Kidding Who?!
    Reg CC: "Funds Availability" Deadline Is Here!
    REG CC-Update
    Regulation CC & Return Items-It's Not Working
    Regulation CC Alert!
    Regulation CC Changes Coming Your Way
    Regulation CC…Down To The Wire…

    Reg. D
    Reg. D - Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions
    Reg D Notice for Excessive withdrawals
    Waive Penalty if CD Isn't Mature/Deceased Trustee?
    Can Business Have More than 1 Super Saver Account?
    Can an Ambulance Association have a NOW Acct?
    Difference b/w NOW & Interest Bearing Business?
    Reg D Warning Letter for Excessive Transactions
    Violation Reg D: Time Until Open New Acct
    Reg D Restricted Transactions-Online Transfers
    Where Is Reg D In A Disclosure?
    Regs On Businesses & Interest Bearing Checking
    Excessive Transaction Reports and Eagle Cash Cards
    Reg D Excessive Withdrawals-Transaction Fee
    Switching Back to MMA Considered Reg D Violation?
    7 Day Penalty for Withdrawing CD (Revoke IRA)
    Accts Affected By Regs on Excessive Debits
    Accts Affected By Regs on Excessive Debits
    Letter/Notice for Reg D Violations for Month
    Reg D Violation-Close Account After 4th Letter?
    Reg D Monitoring Records Outside The Bank
    Reg D Limited Transaction-Trustee Check Deposit
    Reg D Covered Transactions for Savings Transfer
    Allowed to Issue DC On Savings Account Only?
    Can Political Campaign Have A NOW Account?
    Reg D Excessive Transaction Limits-Internal MMA?
    Reg D Restrict Access Device- 21 Day Notice?
    Reg D NOW-Business Checking Unlimited Transactions
    MMA Reached 3rd Letter-Change to Interest Bearing?
    Template/Sample for Reg D Violation IMMA Account
    Reg D Monitoring Savings Acct-Limit Transactions
    Reg D Business Savings Acct. Transfer Limit
    Opening New Savings After Reg D Violation
    Does Reg D Apply to IRA Savings/Money Market?
    Number of Withdrawals for Money Market Account
    Reg D Limited or Unlimited Transaction
    Reg on Waiving Penalty for Early Withdrawal
    Transfers Through Online Service-6 Monthly Limit?
    Business Check w/Spouses Using Federal ID Tax #
    Open Closed Acct. Due to Excessive Transfers-Reg D
    Do Matured CDs Have To Be Reclassified?
    Instances when Exempt from Early Withdrawal Pen.
    Check to Signer on MMA (Limited) and Reg D
    Is NOW Only Account that LLC is Not Qualified For?
    NOW Account Rules-7 Day Notice Interest Bearing
    Changing Acct. w/o Permission (Reg D Violations)
    Reg D Internet Withdrawals of Money Market Funds
    Closing Account for 3rd Violation of Reg D
    Interpretation of Reg D Number of Transfers Limit
    Reg D-Charging a Penalty for Withdrawals (RMD)
    Reg D Limitations on Business Accounts
    Reg D Money Market Accounts-Restrictions Lifted?
    Violation of Regulation D Transaction limits
    Can a LLC have a NOW account?
    Paying Interest on Account with Non-Profit Tax ID
    Purchasing Stamps Through ATM
    Regulation Governing Non-Interest Bearing Accounts
    Offering Debit Cards on Money Market Account
    NOW Account for Labor Organization?
    Early Withdrawal Penalty on CDs
    Change-your-mind Rule for CDs?
    Corporations and MMDAs
    Reg D and MMDAs
    Exceeding Transaction Limits Online
    Can APY be Lower than APR?
    Who can have a NOW Account?
    Reg D Change for NOW Account
    Escrow Account Interest-bearing?
    Reg D and Too Many Over-the-Counter Withdrawals
    Reg D and Withdrawal Limits
    Reg D and Interest Paid by Federal Reserve
    Limited Liability Companies and NOW Accounts
    Exceeding Withdrawal Limits: the Next Step
    Money Market Account Classification
    Business Money Market Account Activity
    Third Reg D Transfer Violation
    Sweep Account - Reg D Violation?
    Date Reg D was Enacted
    IRA CD Question
    Reg D - Electronic Account Transfer
    Reg D Change - Follow Up to a Follow Up
    Reg D Transfer Limits Covered by LOC?
    Nursing Home Resident Trust Account
    Sweep MMDA Transactions
    No Withdrawal CD
    Complying with the Reg D Change – Follow Up
    Give Restricted Customer Back His Privileges?
    Reg D Change – Effective Date
    Reg D Transfer Limitation Query
    Reg D - Do Fees Count Toward the Six Transfers?
    0% Interest?
    Reg D Change - Updated TISA Disclosures
    Transfer Limit Change – Apply to Savings & MMAs?
    CD Penalty Vs CD Forfeiture
    Reg D Change for CUs and Banks?
    Complying with the Reg D Change
    Reg D Change for CUs and Banks?
    Questioning the Eligibility of Our NOW Accounts
    Reg D Transfer Limit Change
    Reg D - Transfer Violations
    Savings Account - Quarterly Transactions
    Government Entity Account – Earning Interest
    Reg D - MMAs Vs Savings Accounts
    Daily Monitoring System for Excessive Transactions
    Reg D – Allowing More than Six Withdrawals
    NOW Account for a Soccer Club
    Reg D – Excessive Withdrawals
    Checking Account to Checking Account OD Protection
    Reg D – Internal Transfer Loan Payments
    Banned from Opening MMA/Savings Account?
    Date of Deposit Causes Reg D Violation
    Reg D - Close Account Due to Excessive OD Activity
    Date of Deposit Causes Reg D Violation
    Reg D - Funds Transfer Within Accounts at Bank
    HSA Accounts & Reg D Transfer Limitations
    Additional Terms Triggered by the Word Bonus?
    Reg D Limits - One Owner Multiple MMDAs
    ACH Debits - Three or Six Limit?
    Passbook Savings Account Withdrawal Limit
    Reg D - Personal Statement Savings Accounts
    Reg D Limits -When is a Transaction a Transaction?
    Reg Q - Paying Interest during the Grace Period
    Western Union Transfer Subject to Reg D Limits
    Merchant Capture Device - Reg D Transaction Limits
    Communicating with MMDA Customers
    List of Reasons CD Penalties Must Be Waived
    Internal Transfers - Reg D Limitations
    Sample Excessive Withdrawal Letters/Notices
    Is There a Regulation Prohibiting...?
    Wire Transfers and Regulation D
    Car Dealer Reserve Account
    Reg D Withdrawal Limits Violation
    Reg D - Monthly PayPal Debit Transactions
    Reg D - Business MMDA Checks Made Out to Signers
    Reg D - Close or Reclassify the Account?
    CD APY - Monthly vs Quarterly Interest
    In Person Debit Transaction - Transfer Limitations
    Reg D - Internet Transfers from a MMDA to DDAs
    Transfers Subject to Reg D Transfer Limitation
    MMA - Transfers Between Accounts
    Sweeping Funds - Avoiding Transfer Limitations
    Reg D and an Interest on Demand CD
    Reg D - Notices of Excessive Transactions
    Reg D Transfer Limitation Confusion
    CD Penalty
    Reg D - Checks Payable to Third Parties
    Reg D Account Reserve Issues
    Reg D - Cashiers Check Payable to a Third Party
    Reg D - Deposit in Remote Deposit Capture Machine
    Short History of NOW and MMDA Accounts
    Savings Accts Reclassified as Transaction Accounts
    Reg D - ACH Transaction a Check or E-Transfer?
    Withdrawal of CD, Modified Terms
    Reg D Transfer & Withdrawal Limitations Letter
    How Should I Count These Transfers?
    Intent Behind Reg D
    ATM Withdrawals - Limited or Not?
    Notification of Excessive Transfers
    Can we Issue Debit Cards on Savings?
    Early Withdrawal Penalty on a CD
    Reg D - Savings Transfers & Withdrawal in Person
    MMA Internet Transactions
    Reg D & Internet Transfers
    Reg D - Corporate Sweep Account
    Taking Further Actions for Reg D Violations
    Restrictions Imposed for Withdrawal Limitations
    Credit Unions Offering NOW Accounts
    Business MMDA & Telephone Transfers
    Excessive Transactions - Charging a Fee
    Timeframe Before Opening New Savings or MMA?
    MMDA Closed Due to Excess Activity
    Contract Specified No Additional Deposits to CD
    Reg D - Possible Violation of Transfer Limitations
    When "Unauthorized" are Authorized -- What Then?
    Reasoning Behind Law Pertaining to NOW Accounts
    Refunding Fees Charged for Excessive Withdrawals
    Reg D - Managing Withdrawal Limitations
    Charged Back Check Count as 1 of the 6 Transfer/Withdrawals Limitations?
    Internet Banking and the Six Transaction Limit
    How Long Do We Track Reg D Violations?
    Exceeding Transfer Limits on Savings Accounts
    Regulations Re: Early Withdrawal Penalties on CDs
    MMDA Ownership Restrictions
    Disclosure of the Funds Availability Policy
    Reg D - Telephone & Internet Loan Pay Transfers
    Reg D Telephone-Initiated Transfer
    Count Toward the Transaction limit on MMDAs?
    Unlimited Amount of Savings Walk-in Withdrawals?
    Commercial DDAs and Interest
    IRA Withdrawals Before CD Maturity
    Reserves on deposit with the FRB
    Bank Courier Services and Excessive Transactions
    Regulation E Fee Disclosures - §205.7(b)
    Not a Withdrawal Penalty, a Prohibition
    Record Retention of Audits
    Restriction on Overdraft "From" Accounts
    Are Kiosk Savings Transactions Limited?
    Can a company that makes a profit hold a N.O.W. account?
    What is an ATS account?
    Interest on a DDA
    Fee Limit in Reg D?
    Reclassifying Savings with EFT Access
    Correct "From" Category for OD Protection
    Limited Withdrawal Disclosure
    CD renewal disclosures
    MMDA Commercial Activity
    Marketing IBAs to Municipalities
    Guru Compilation: Reg D(PDF)
    Time Deposit Penalties, What Is and Is Not
    "Work-Arounds" on MMDA Transaction Limitations
    Business Accounts Subject to Reg D
    Advertising a Stepped-Rate CD
    MMDA ATM Withdrawals
    Counting ACH Debits Toward the MMDA Limit
    Disclosures Required with ODP Product
    Three Strikes Rule for Excessive Transactions
    Wire Transfers and Reg D
    Online Banking Transfer Limits
    Online Transfers Under Reg D
    Reopening Account Closed for Reg D Violations
    Money Market Requirements
    Penalty For Early Withdrawal From CD
    Reg D: Converting To A Different Style Account For Excessive MMA Transactions
    Are E-Banking Transactions Considered "In Person"?
    Reg D Limits & Check Withdrawal Phone Transactions
    Can a living trust have a NOW Account?
    Internet Transfers & MMDA Limitations
    Can we offer debit cards to savings accounts customers?
    Variations On NOW Accounts
    Trustees, Reg D, and Third Party Checks
    Reg D Non-Compliance: What's the penalty risk?
    Reg D - Excessive Use
    Reg D: Is a hospital considered a non profit organization?
    Reg D & Online Transfers
    Unlimited Automatic Transfers Under Reg D
    Toasters, Teddy Bears and Other Freebies
    Opening New Accounts Following Reg D Check Writing Violations
    Reg D: Unlimited Deposits to Business Savings Acct?
    Early Withdrawal Penalty Regulation?
    Home Banking and Reg D Transaction Limits
    IRAs, Older Customers, and Penalties Under Reg D
    Risks When Offering A Corporate Savings Account
    Regulation D, Transfers Of Funds: Do sweeps count against the transaction limit?
    Explaining Reg D
    Reg D: If a wire transfer request is delivered by messenger, does it count against the limit?
    Reg D: Unlimited Transfers for in-person transactions?
    ACH Debits, Merchant Bankcard Debits & Reg D Withdrawal Limits
    Reg D Explained
    Cash bonuses to open non-interest bearing accounts?
    Once a week transfer from savings to cover 'approved' overdraft. Can we do it?
    MMDA Transfers for Business Accounts Limit Raised?
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answers
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - What's So Interesting About Business Checking?
    Federal Reserve Responds to Reg D Questions
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    FDIC Relaxes Rule Prohibiting Payment Of Interest On Demand Deposits
    Regulation D In 3-D: The 3-6 Rule
    To Count Or Not To Count…That Is The MMDA Question
    Examiner's Notebook FRB Proposes Revisions to Regulation D
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    What's Ahead In Compliance Regulations CC, DD, and Beyond
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - It's Final: Regulation DD Change
    COMPLIANCE NOTES - Regulation DD: Changes to Lobby Signs and Disclosures
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    Truth in Savings, Truth in Lending: Only Minor Changes
    Trouble Spots in Deposit Regulations
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer

    Reg. DD
    Reg. DD - Truth in Savings
    Overdraft Protection Options-Increasing Fee
    New Disclosure Every Time CD Rate Changes?
    Regulation DD (12 CFR 320.8) Free Checking Account
    Change In Checking Printing Charges-Notify?
    Zero In Front of Decimal If APY Less Than 1%?
    Notice of Automatic Renewal Disclosure-COD
    Offer The Option to Receive Interest By Check
    Reg DD Disclosure for Renewable Club Account
    Including eStatements In Free Checking Account
    Reg DD Apply to NOW/DDA Used for Personal?
    Fee Summary At The End of Checking Statement
    Reg DD/UDAAP for Better Than Free Checking Acct
    Change Early Withdrawal Penalty By Mass Mailing
    What Is Reg D Super Abuser Rule?
    Mass Mailing CD to Increase Early Withdrawal Penalty
    Training Required for Reg DD TISA?
    Reg DD Disclosure Mistake on Compounded Interest
    30 Days Notice Required When Increase Fees?
    Proper Notice of Change of Rate Tiers
    TIS Information on CD Require TIS Disclosure?
    APY for DDA Tiered Rate
    Charging Annual Fees on Expired Debit Card
    When is Account Considered Opened Reg DD
    Phrases that Should be in 30 Day Notice
    Notification for Withdrawal Penalties Increase
    Promotional Deposit Product and Bonus
    Rules on Promoting Products as Free Checking
    Reg DD Minimum Balance to Obtain APY $100 Rule
    Disclosures to Open a Certificate of Deposit Acct.
    Format of Statement OD Fee Totals under Reg DD
    Advertising "Free Debit Card" w/ Some Later Fees
    Procedure if a Signer of a Corporation Passes Away
    ATM/Opening Fees Affect Advertising Acct. as Free?
    Reg DD and 30 Day Notice for Change in Terms
    Reg DD and Disclosing Fees-30 Day Rule
    Charging Fee for Paper Statements and Reg DD
    Guidelines for Checking Account Service Charges
    Interest Rates for "Bonus" Checking Accounts
    Unique Checking Product
    Advertising CD Yields and Interest Rate
    Rewriting a Disclosure
    Appendix B of Part 230 Reg DD
    Reg. Q - Prohibition Against The Payment of Interest on Demand Deposits
  • Using Interest Rate Frequency In APY
    IRA Annual Statement and Reg DD Requirement
    Change in Overdraft Fee -- Notification Method
    Account Incentive
    APY - Giving Prominence to a Certain Rate
    Template Letter for Account Conversions
    Changing Checking Account Requirements
    Advertising APY to 2 decimal places?
    Fees could reduce earnings
    Rate may change after the account is opened
    Is Incentive for Trip Considered a Bonus?
    Bounce Protection
    Examiner Finds 'Unknown' Reg DD Violation
    Changing from Free Checking to Classic Checking
    Drawing for Kid's Club a Lottery?
    Account Opening Gift
    Sample Notice for Nonautomatic Renewal Account
    Notice Required for Changing Account Term?
    Advertising Tiered Rate Accounts
    What value should be used for a bonus?
    Interest on Checking
    Saying Annual Percentage Yield
    Problem with Date Fields
    Gas Card for New Accounts
    Advertising a Tiered-Rate Account
    Non-compliance with Two Decimal Points
    CD Rate Board
    Marketing Follow-up to Overdraft Mailing
    Reg DD and Sole Proprietors
    Acquired Bank - Send Customer's Fee Change Notice?
    Reg DD - Overdraft Fee Disclosures
    Electronic Account Notification
    Student Account Marketing
    State Annual Percentage Yield in a Footnote
    Bump-up Rate CD
    Reg DD Compliance – Overdraft Fees & Return Fees
    Reg DD - Disclosure of Account Balances
    Reg DD and Subsequent Disclosure
    Radio Ads under 30 Seconds-Reg DD
    Wire Fee Change – Disclosures Required?
    Daily Overdraft Fee - Customer Notice
    Reg DD - ATM Balances Including ODP Amounts
    Reg DD - Opt-in & Opt-out Requirements
    Using APY in Radio or TV Ad
    Overdraft Fee Disclosures
    Passbook Savings – Rate Decrease Notification
    IRA Print Advertising Disclosures
    0% Interest?
    Products & Rates - Web Page Disclosures
    Website Changes & Website Record Retention
    CD Renewal – Disclosures & Notices
    Dollar Amount Tolerance on Interest Payment
    Advertising APY Instead of Annual Percentage Yield
    Advertise a Tiered Rate
    Reg DD – 2008 Changes?
    Advertising Exemption Under Section 230.8
    Radio/TV Ads for a Tiered Rate Account
    Advertising Free Checking for Life
    TISA - Business Accounts
    Bounced E-statements - Rules/Practices
    Is a Gift a Bonus?
    Health Savings Account Ad
    New Reg DD Amendment – OD Fee Disclosures
    Recovering a Bonus for Early Closure
    Reg DD Changes?
    Regulation Q - Advertising
    TISA Disclosures
    Savings Accounts Funds Availability Disclosures
    Updating APR in Advertisements
    Format Requirement of E-Statements
    APY and Billboard Ad
    NSF Fee Change Notice
    Charitable Contributions Considered a Bonus?
    CD Changes – Notice to Customers
    Statement Considered an Advertisement?
    Outdoor Sign
    Reg DD Advertising "limited time offer"
    Only Drive-Thru Open Saturday - A Banking Day?
    Website Screen Record Retention
    Reg DD - Posting Fee Change in Branch Lobbies
    Bonus vs Interest
    Additional Terms Triggered by the Word Bonus?
    OD Fee Disclosures - Changing Order of Items Paid
    Changing Deposit Account Terms
    Bonuses received for "Free"
    Radio Ad and Tiered Rate Account
    Providing TISA Disclosures for Account Services
    Tier Advertising
    Bonuses received for "Free"
    Read Board Advertising
    CD Rate Oral Inquiries - Quote APY First?
    Reg Q Confusion & Competitor's New Account Promo
    Eliminating Float a Regulatory Requirement?
    Reg DD - Internet Ad
    MMDA advertising disclosure
    Tiered System Overdraft Fee Disclosures
    Wording on Billboard Advertising
    Reg DD & Advertising
    Overdraft Fee Increase - 30 Days Notice Required?
    New Account Promo - $25 Gift Card Bonus
    CD and Gift
    Electronic billboard advertising compliance
    Charging a Savings Account Overdraft Fee
    Advertising on Website
    "Click here" link...
    Website Changes & Website Record Retention
    Raising Wire Transfer Fees - New Disclosures?
    Reg DD & Introductory Rate
    Reg DD Bonuses
    Mailing Info on Bounce Protection
    Including Interest Rate & APY on CD Renewal Notice
    Advertising a Tiered-Rate Account
    Advertising Health Savings Accounts
    Free Checking Advertising - Inactive Account Fee
    Giving a Gift Card as a Deposit Premium
    Disclosure of OD Charges - Historical Exemption
    Click Here Link
    Rate Sheets - Are They Considered Advertisements?
    Understating an APY
    Gift Cards- disclosing fees on advertising
    Advertising on a Banner
    Reg Q Bonuses/Premiums & Bank Merger
    Deposit & Debit Charges on Free Checking?
    Fiduciary Accounts - Ownership & Disclosures
    Bounce Protection Fee Notification
    Outdoor Letter Board Advertising Guidance
    ATM Balance Information
    Bank Wants to Increase Fees, Disclosures Required?
    Free Checking - Account Closing Fee
    Trigger Term Lapel Pins?
    Tiered MMA Advertising
    OD Program - Disclosures and Notices
    Reg DD - Marketing of New Accounts
    Advertising Fee Free ATM Usage
    Advertising a CD APY on Scrolling Reader Boards
    Newspaper Ad - Additional Disclosures Required?
    IRA Lobby Poster Promo
    Service Charge Change Notice
    APY Disclosure of Promo Bonus
    Free Checking Account Inactivity Fee
    Time Deposit Advertising Disclosures
    Annual Percentage Yield Stated in CD Radio Ad
    Quoting CD Rates Over the Phone or in Person
    CD Promo Proposal
    Grand Opening Promotional Savings Account
    Free Checking?
    Direct Deposit/Minimum Balance Required
    Website Banner Advertisement
    Thirty Second Ad vs. Sixty Second Ad
    Totally Free Business Checking Account?
    CD Penalty
    Reg DD Compliance - Interest Payment
    APY vs Annual Percentage Rate
    Free Checking Advertisement
    eStatement Service
    Advertising and Overdrafts
    Reg DD Disclosure for "No Bounce Guarantee"
    Reg DD - Statement Printed After July 1st Deadline
    Annual Percentage Yield - Used First
    Refer a Friend
    Regulation DD Changes -- A Sleeper Issue?
    Commercial Account Overdraft Fees
    Premiums - Bonuses & Gifts
    Reg DD - Marketing of New Accounts
    Bonus Gift Card
    Reg DD Overdraft & NSF Fee Disclosures
    Reg DD Bonuses
    Language Disclosure for Sweepstakes Entry Blank
    No Need to Spell Out the APY in E-advertising?
    Reg DD - Properly Disclosing the Total Charges
    Reg DD - We Only Offer ODP for Sweep Accounts
    No ODP. Still Disclose the OD & NSF Fees?
    Renewing Odd-Term CDs into "Conforming" Terms
    Are We Advertising our Overdraft Service?
    Reg DD- Are Rate Sheets Advertisements?
    Is OD Privilege Signage Required on ATMs?
    TISA New Account Disclosure Error
    30-Day Notice Given for Change in Tier Structure?
    CD Record Retention
    Reg DD Products - Minimum Dollar Amount Stated
    Restrictions Imposed for Withdrawal Limitations
    TISA Rules for Automatically Renewable CDs
    Regulation DD -- ODP Resource Guide
    Changing Saving Withdrawal Fees
    Savings & Checking Account Inactivity Fees
    Reg DD - Garnishment & Levy Fees
    Sole Proprietorship Accounts & Reg DD
    Foreign ATM Usage on Free Checking Account
    30 Day Notice for Change in Product Tiers
    Mailing Info on Bounce Protection
    Calculating the APY for a Non - renewable CD
    Is a banner attached to building an exemption for a Reg DD ad?
    CD bonus adverstisement
    TISA Notice for Increased Fees
    State Interest Rate Before Yield, or Vice Versa?
    Youth Savings Account
    Offering Special Rate for CD - DDA Required
    Charging a Fee for Inactive Accounts
    Charging NSF Fees on Saving Accounts w/ACHs
    Posting Transactions Online in Lieu of Statements?
    Reg DD - CD APY Calculator Confusion
    Time Limit to Credit Unauthorized Drafts
    Accounts - Incorrectly Opened as Interest Bearing
    Restrictions on "Free" Business Checking Accounts
    Statement Frequency
    Required disclosures for new accounts
    Charging an Additional Fee for Difficult Deposits
    Statement in Ad Trigger Additional APY Disclosure
    Combining the TIN Certification
    Regulation E Fee Disclosures
    Documenting Truth in Savings Compliance
    Fee Disclosed, But Never Imposed
    Posting Deposit Rates in the Lobby
    Tiered Rate Savings Ad on Scrolling Sign
    $50 for Direct Deposit & Funds Transfer
    Bonus Gift Card
    Disclosure of "call" feature in time deposit
    Celebrating Five Years in Business with 5 Yr. CD
    Reg. DD Fee Change Disclosure
    Changing CD Terms
    Limits and Reporting Promotional Gifts
    Steps in Changing the Fee for a Safe-Deposit Box
    Charging a Fee on a Completely Free Account
    Does this soccer promotion get a red card?
    Tiered rate CD disclosures
    Change of Terms Notice When Customer Requests
    Changes to IRA Accounts
    Disclosing Fee Changes
    APY When Customer Gets Monthly Interest Checks
    APY Disclosure Rules
    Is this a "Free" Account
    Is this a Lottery
    Check 21 to Improve Efficiency in Processing
    Statement Disclosure Requirements
    Disclosing Miscellaneous Fees
    Changing Deposit-Related Fees
    Opening Accounts by Phone
    Disclosing APY for CDs
    Triggering terms & disclosures
    Keeping Copies of Advertising
    Reg DD disclosures for Christmas Club AccountsOverriding lending policy
    Understanding "Change in Terms" Notice for Time Accounts
    When to Send Maturity Notices?
    Penalty For Early Withdrawal From CD
    Advertising APY Of Tiered Deposit Product
    New Account Opening: Is a check buy-back considered a "bonus"?
    MMA Interest, Tiered Rates, and Reg DD
    Using The Word "Free" In Advertising
    Online Banking: Is a paper statement required?
    Notification Requirements & Posting Periodic Statements On Web Site
    E-statement Regulations
    Increasing NSF Fees: Is a 30-Day Notice Required?
    Electronic Savings Account Regulations
    Overdraft Protection Fees
    Error Notification Responsibility
    Are we required to give an Account Agreement and Disclosure when giving a rate sheet to a customer?
    Offering Free Checks For New Accounts & Triggering The Bonus
    Exercise Caution in Disclosing "Bonus Rates"
    APYE Disclosure
    Reg DD and the Internet
    Account Opening Bonuses, Reg DD & Disclosures
    Truth in Savings Disclosures For Renewable CDs
    Explaining APY
    Account Changes, Disclosures & Missing Customers
    Guidelines for Fees and Charges
    Required Statements for CD Holders
    We're Merging: Advice For Change In Term Notices
    TIS Obligations and Restitution
    Non-compounding CDs, APR, & APY
    …And It's Not One Of The Worst
    IN THE NEWS - Regulation DD Commentary Stays "As-is"
    All Financial Institutions Now Have DD
    Checklist A: Account Disclosures: Content
    Checklist C: Advertising
    Checklist D: Calculations And Accrual/Payment Of Interest
    EDITORIAL - DD a Stunner
    FDIC Summary Of DD Examinations
    Question & Answer
    Question & Answer
    SPECIAL REG DD AUDIT EDITION - Auditing For Truth-In-Savings
    The ABC's of DD
    The Case Of The DD Paranoia
    Regulation DD Has Arrived…

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