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How to Perfect Lien on Farm Loan
Options for Returning Check Besides SOR
Time Frame for Returning Checks to Another Bank
Necessary to File A UCC Along w/Commercial Mtg?
Timeline- Signing Affidavit for Fraud Endorsement
Can Business Owner Deposit Checks Payable to Self?
Expiration of Stop Payments (UCC)
Time Frame for Giving Credit On An ATM Dispute
Liability- Accepting Post Dated Check for Deposit
Recourse- Forged Check Deposited Into Closed Acct.
How to Get Credit Back From The Endorsing Bank
Customer Reports Fraud Checks After 6 Months
Forged Endorsement Claim on ATM Deposit Check
BOFD Reimbursing Due to Endorsement Issue
Liability For Fraud Check Claim- Business Account
Security Agreement if Purchase Piece of Equipment?   Reg on Absence of Endorsement Guaranteed Stamp
Reg on Absence of Endorsement Guaranteed Stamp
Responsibility for Entry Request on A Forgery
Time Limitation on Correcting Encoding Errors?
Use UCC As A Security Agreement?
Depository Bank Improper Endorsement Claim
Single Member LLC Deposit Check Into Either LLCs
UCC-1 Financing Statement on Accts Receivable
Time Limit for Returning Forged Checks
UCC-1 Expiration Date for County (Not State)
UCC Filing for Large Vessel Loan w/Preferred Ship?
Answer Late Claim-Breach Warranty/Forged Signature
24H Deadline to Return Counterfeit/Forged Payee?
Denying Check Adjustment Because NSF
Does Section 4-403 of UCC Apply to ACH?
Initiating Release of UCC When Not The Debtor
24 Hour Return Deadline for Returned Check
Options for Receiving Return Credit (Counterfeit)
Statement for UCC Asset Description
Time to Return Cashier's w/Missing Endorsement
61 Day Old Check Is Paid-Void/Bank Responsible?
Certificate of Deposit from other Banks-Collateral
Pay Or Return OD-Return Checks to Cash Advance
Bank to Bank Adjustment—One Year Rule
Can Insurance Co. Return Check w/Missing Endorse?
Presentment Warranties-Breach of Warranty& BOFD
Clearing House Rule 9 or UCC Code
Missing the Word "And" (Check Made Out to Trustee)
Info on the Return of a Wire Transfer in Reg J
Time to Return Check for Improper Endorsement
Filing Requirements-Perfecting Security Interest
Time Frame for Returning Counterfeit/Forged Check
Check Payable to Estate-Deposit into IOLTA?
UCC Requirements on Lobby Postings-Font, Size?
Affidavit of Forgery- Credit Account Immediately?
Trust Check C/O 3 People-Jointly or Alternatively?
Time Frame/Requirements for Returning Forged Check
Signing Agreements According to UCC1-308
Reasons for Disclaiming Breach of Warranty Rule 8
UCC Filings Required on Mobile Homes?
Verifying a Business Customer's Endorsement
How to Correct Check Returned for Second Time
Customer Unwilling to File Police Report-Checks
Items Returned as Refer to Maker
Time Period for Returning Fraudulent Check
Returned Item - Counterfeit Check
UCC Rule on 90 Day Wait Period
Time Limits on Returning a Forged Check
Customer's Signature on Stop Payment?
About Charge Back Rights
Dispute Time Limits for Commercial Account
Claiming Late Return Limit
Returned Check: Forgery or Unauthorized Signature?
Choosing What Checks to Pay on an Account
Considering a Check Void
An Altered Money Order
Liens on Sole Proprietorships
Time for Returning a Forged Check
Check Forged: Must Bank Reimburse?
Returning Stale Check to IRS
Payable to Business 'or' Individual
Deposit including Check Payable to Cash
Time to Dispute Transactions
Endorsement for Deposit?
How Long Does Stop Payment remain in Effect?
Using Business Account as Personal Account
Validity of Customer Notation
Responsibility for Forged, Cashed Check
Dealing with Forged Endorsement Claims
Statute of Limitation for Submitting Forgery Claim
Depositing Trust Checks in an LLC Account?
Time Lines for Dealing with Fraudulent Checks
Who Can Close an Account?
Payee Refuses to Provide Affidavit for Check Dispute
Endorsement Liability
Payees Separated by Comma: What Happens?
Cashing Third Party Checks
Altered Check on Business Account
Check Payable to Bank and Customer
Regulations for Checks
Are Memo Line Directives to be Honored?
Is a Loan Proceeds Check a Cashier's Check?
Forged Endorsement Claim Time Limit
Returning Checks to Paying Bank in Timely Manner
POA Deposits Check into His Checking Account
Responsibility for Stop Payment Paid
Validity of Verbal Stop Payment
Stolen Checks Deposited in ATM: Liability?
Stop Payment on Check to Check Cashing Business
UCC Provision for Refusing Collection Letter
Stop Payment Order - On and Off
Checks Made Out to Cash
Official Check Expiration
Return Check as a "Stop Pay?"
Stale Date Debate
Stolen Forged Checks - Return or Reimburse?
How Long is a Cashier's Check Good?
No Longer Allowing 'Two Signatures Required'
Refusing a Stop Payment

Debit a Dishonored Check?
Affidavit Time Framet
Stop Pay on Loan Checks
Expired Stop Pay
Reg CC – Hold on Third Party Check
Trust Check Deposited into Personal Account
Check Adjustment Timeframe Collection
Stolen Cashier's Check
Signing a Stop Pay Made by Phone
Check Endorsed "Without Recourse"
Return Check "Payee Deceased"?
Endorsement of Check Payable to Cash
Forged Endorsement – Course of Action?
Scan Machine Stamp
Check Endorsements of Items Over $25,000
Written Amount of Check Left Blank
Missing Endorsement – Liability For Loss
Stop Pay Time Limit
Unauthorized Item Disputed - What Do the Regs Say?
Trustee Depositing Check into Personal Account
Reviewing Forged/Fake Check Rules & Procedures
Account Closed by Agent/POA
Remote Deposit Endorsement Issues
Cashing a Check Written in a Foreign Language
Unauthorized Items - 24 Hour Rule
Reg CC- Three Years to Return a Forged Item?
Must CU Comply with Paying Bank’s Refund Demand?
Treasury Check Payable Ambiguously
Check Paid to 2 Businesses Endorsed by 1 Business
Length of Time Checks Can be Placed in Cash Items
Legality of Memo Notation on Checks
Forged Signature Claim Timeframe
Early Cashing of a Post Dated Check
Endorsing & Signing Over a Treasury Check
Return an Incoming Wire
Misspelled Name on Cashier's Check
Stamped and Deposited in Lieu of Endorsement?
Same Check - Two Different Amounts
Cashing Post Dated Checks
Bank Liable on Forged Signature Claim from Jan 05
Signature Required on Phone Stop Pays?
Cashier's Check Lost in Mail - Reissue a New One?
Member Demanding Original Paper Checks
Late Return or Not?
Account Ownership Change
Time Frame to File an Affidavit on Forged Items
Joint Tenants & Check Payable to "And"
Time Frame for Checking Statements
Who Takes the Loss?
Missing Indorsement - Check Return
Financing Statement Expiration
Acceptable Endorsement
Check Payable to Two People with No "And" or "Or"
Return of a Counterfeit Check
Cashier's Check Returned Stop Pay - What Now?
Cash or Bearer Check - Endorsement Required?
Check Return Governed by UCC or Reg CC?
Is a Chattel Mortgage Always Required?
Endorsement Required on Check Made to Cash?
Extenuating Circumstances
Forged/Altered Check Charge Back
Stop Pay - Reason Required?
Incorrect Check Number Given on Stop Pay
Check Written in 2002 and Paid in 2007
Reissuing Cashier Checks
When is a Check Considered Stale Dated?
Verbal Stop Pay
Number of Times an NSF Item Can Be Presented
Forged Check Return Rule
Cashier's Check or a Teller Check?
3 year Statute of Limitations - Beginning Date
Stop Payment on an Official Check
Mobile Home Lending and the UCC
Article 9 - Reversing Unauthorized Terminations
Lien Position on Loan Secured by CD
Endorsed and "For Deposit Only"
A Resource to Refuse Claims from the Drawee Bank
Deposit of Check with Ambiguous Payees
Unauthorized Computer Generated Check
Returning an Unauthorized Telephone Check
Attempting to Deposit a Fax Copy of a Check
Reimbursing the Paying Bank for Forged Item
Imaging - Customer Is Demanding Original Checks
Stop Payment Orders - After the 6 Months
Breach of Encoding Warranty - Time Limit
Time Limitation on Forged Maker/Forged Endorsement
Is This Out of the Time Frame?
Cashing a Check with Two Signatures and One ID
Placing a Hold on a Cashier's Check
Signing an Affidavit for a Lost Cashier's Check
UCC - Only Rerun NSF Item Twice
Stop Payment on Interest Checks
Reversing a Domestic Wire Transfer
UCC & Check Issues(PDF)
Check and Deposit Issues (PDF)
Forgery and Endorsement Issues (PDF)
Do You Believe I Tore Up a Cashier's Check?
Inadequate Endorsement
Fed Helps Cancel Fraudulent Paper Drafts
Joint Payee Checks
Non-customer Check Cashing
Payee Endorsement
UCC & Ambiguously Named Payees
Suit on Stopped Check
Proper Endorsement for Checks to DBA
Required to Send Notification of Overdrafts?
Time Limit for Disputing Forged Item
Time Frame to Return Cashier's Check to BOFD
Ordinary care in sight examining checks
Checking endorsements
Wire transfers to account not owned by recipient
RCK Transaction Collection
Old unprocessed deposit problem
Missing Indorsement on ATM Deposits
SPOTLIGHT ON…Return Items, Part II
Training Page: Spotlight On…Claims
Are We Left Holding the Altered Check Bag?
Checks Payable to Me AND You, Me OR You
Stale Dated Checks
The Check Isn't Payable to "And" or "Or," But "/"
Liable for All or 1/2 the Amount of the Check?
Deposits into ATM
ACH and UCC 4A
Hold notice for pending chargebacks?
Purchase Money Loan for Wedding Ring
Corporate check cashing
Are We Responsible for "Buyer's Remorse"?
Time Limit For Returning Cashier's Checks
Where is the UCC?
Stop Payment on a Loan Disbursement Check
Statute of Limitations for Forged Endorsements
UCC and Legal Names
Obtaining Information on Check Fraud Claim
Time to Refer to Maker
Who Is Liable For The Stolen, Negotiated Check
Our Readers Speak: Taking Losses on Forgeries
Deceased Payee & Forged Endorsement
Liability for Forged Checks
Forged for Payment of a Retainer
UCC "And" "Or" and State Adoption
Stolen cashier's check
Guru Compilation: Checks(PDF)
Signing with an X
On-Us Checks Written in Foreign Language
Returning Unauthorized Draft on Commercial Account
Recovering On A Counterfeit Check
Cooperative UCC Filing- Continuation
Counterfeit Check Responsibility
Crop Liens Should be Filed Where?
Check 21 Endorsement Importance
UCC: Practical Application
Counterfeit Item in Customer's Statement
Does a Check Have to Be Dated At All
Helping Employees Understand Float
When Cause of Action Accrues Under UCC
Without Prejudice Endorsement
Check 21 to Improve Efficiency in Processing
Signature Requirement for UCC-1
Improper Endorsement Claim
Non-expiring Stop Payments
Stopping a Collection Item
Learning the UCC
Reversing Customer Name on Styling
Ambiguous Payee Designation?
Forged Checks Affidavit
Fraud Involving Corporate Employee
Crooked Bookkeeper Strikes Again
Definition of Third Party Check
Written Policy: Using Rubber Stamps For Signing Business Checks
UCC Recording Fee Treatment Under Reg Z
Check Payable to One Person for Another
Definition of Third Party Check
Employer Left Signed Blank Checks
UCC & Cashing Checks For Non-Customers
Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, and Certified Checks
Depositing a Trust Check Into Individual Account
Midnight Deadline and Counterfeits
Refusing Oral Stop Payment Orders
Retaining Records Regarding Forgeries
Limit on Presentment of NSF Item
Old altered check problem
Liability Waiver on Lost/Stolen Checks
Customer Forgery Claim
Bank's Responsibility for Fraudulent Check Deposit
Two Forgery Issues: Stolen Check Affidavits & Using Images Instead of Originals
Savings Overdrafts Caused by Chargebacks
Late Returns
When a Cashier's Check Is Stolen
Are official checks considered "certified"?
Learning the UCC
Missing Endorsements on Checks
Responsibility For A Forgery: The Institution vs. The Customer
Revocation of Consent to Endorse Checks
Official Checks & Declaration of Loss
Oral Stop Payments and the UCC
Claiming Forgery on Old Checks
Exception Holds for Next Day Availability
Taking Stop Payment Orders by Phone
Missing Checks: Who Bears Loss?
Accepting Deposit of Third Party Checks
Timeframe for Return of Unauthorized Telephone Drafts
Handling an Altered Money Order
Stop Payment on NSF Check
Customer Involvement in Forgery Scam
Re-issuing a Cashier's Check Earlier than 90 Days
Partnership Name and Filing UCC Documents
Altered Check: Who Pays?
Joint Account Styling: Is "or" or "and" required?
Only one name on joint account checks?
Forged Endorsement & Section 3-405
Do cashier's checks become stale dated?
Return Of Draft, Fees, and UCC Deadlines
Can a non-English speaking customer write a check in a foreign language?
Who Is Liable For Altered Check?
Are Official Checks and Cashier's Checks the Same?
Returning Fraud Checks Through Fed
Self Defense
Applying The Proceeds From A Check, With A "Credit to the account of" Endorsement, To Other Customer Accounts
Charges For Checks Paid Against Insufficient Funds
Check Paying Order
Check Fraud And The UCC
What is the UCC Code on the time frame for a forged/improper/ missing indorsement?
Copies Of 'Old' Checks: Who's responsible?
Forged endorsements and the UCC
Returned Check Losses --Are they 1099C reportable?
When the Payee Line Is Blank
Cash Back to a Nonsigner
Two Signatures Required
UCC, Bankruptcy, and Secured Lines of Credit
UCC Continuation Problem
Check Review Threshold - What Is the Standard?
Disclosing the SSN on UCC Documents
NACHA Rules & Notice Requirements
Cashing Altered Checks
No Payee on the Check: Who's Responsible?
UCC, Reg J, and Reg CC: How late can the late return be?
Negotiating Checks Payable to Multiple Parties
Pay an item one day and return it the next?
Breach of the Peace - Are Punitive Damages Possible
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
Question & Answer
EDITORIAL - "What 'New' U.C.C.?"

Paperless Documents and Retain Requirements
Providing Documents on a Flash Drive
E-Signature for Opening Online Account?
No Signature Cards for Online Accounts?
E-Sign and UETA
E-statement Disclosures
Electronic Disclosures and Contracts - Part 2 - Understanding UETA
ESIGN & UETA - A Closer Look
Where UETA Is In Effect
Web Page Insurance Affiliate Disclosures

How to Style TX-UTMA Account for Minor
Penalties for Redeeming Funds UTMA w/Child Over 25
Documents to Open Uniform Gift to Minor Accounts
Check Payable to UGTMA be Deposited into Joint?
Using an UTMA Account as Collateral
The Minor is No Longer a Minor
IRS Levy on Custodian – Hold UGMA Funds?
CIP Documentation - Court Ordered Accounts
Two signatures on UGMA/UTMA account?
Fiduciary Responsibility on UTMA Account
Listing Successor Custodians On UGMA Accounts
Designating A New Custodian For An UGMA Account
Responsibility For Disbursements From UGMA Accounts
Depositing Checks From A Minor Into The Guardian's Account
Question & Answer
Question & Answer

Reg GG and Payment Systems

Unauthorized Checks/Drafts/Transactions/Withdrawals
Debit Card Dispute/Provisional Credit-Divorce
MC Debit Cards and Limits on Liability
Debit Card Dispute/Provisional Credit-Divorce
MC Debit Cards and Limits on Liability
Always Required to Investigate Reg E Disputes?
Reg E Unrestricted Debit Card For Foreign Travel
Liability for MasterCard Debit Card Dispute (Reg E)
How Long to Return Item on Paper Draft
Returned Check: Forgery or Unauthorized Signature?
Who Resolves Disputes: the Bank or the Customer?
Timeframe to a File a Without Entry Claim
According to Grandma
No Courtesy OD Program – Reg E Changes Applicable?
Reg E – Customer Only Liable for $50?
Commercial Debit Cards – Bank Liability?
Canceled Online Transaction – Provisional Credit
Fraudulent Transactions – Card Owner's Liability
Refusal to Close Debit Card – Bank Liability?
Replacement Card Conundrum
Reg E - Dispute Time Frame
Case Law & Debit Card Owner Negligence
Relative Allowed to Use Debit Card
Return of Unauthorized Paper Debit
Re-credit Phished Customer?
Preauthorized Now Unauthorized Debit
Reg E - Cardholder Liability & Merchant Chargeback
Reg E Explanations Needed
Reg E - Non-Fraud Protection?
Dispute Filing - Statute of Limitations
Reg E – Denying Disputes & Customer Notification
Bogus Reg E Claim
Customer Failed to Report Card as Lost or Stolen
Reg E Fraud Claim Time Frame
Unauthorized Item Disputed - What Do the Regs Say?
ATM Withdrawals - Authorization Previously Allowed
ATM – Disputing an Unauthorized Use Claim
Unauthorized Card Use By Spouse
Reg E Claim Time Frame
Unauthorized Items - 24 Hour Rule
Waiting 7 Months to Dispute Card Transactions
Cardholder Dispute
Stolen Card Registered on Verified by Visa
Check Card Dispute - VISA Zero Liability Rule
Unauthorized/Disputed ACH – Notice Required?
Reg E & Unauthorized ACH Transfers
Reg E, MasterCard Zero Liability & Bus Debit Cards
Merchant Continues to Debit Customer's Account
Stolen Debit Card - Customer Liable for the $50?
Revoking Transactions w/o Notifying Company
Returning an Unauthorized Paper Draft
Reg E Error Resolution - Unauthorized ATM withdrawals
Unauthorized Business Related Transaction
Documentation Proof of Authorized Transaction?
Reg E - Interested Included in Customer Liability?
Angry & Confused Over Reg E
Debit Card for Sole Proprietor
Reg E – Customer Disputing Merchant’s Charge
Bank Liable on Forged Signature Claim from Jan 05
Consumer Liability Determined by Reg E or Visa?
Unauthorized Transactions - Police Report Required?
Unauthorized POS Debit
Commercial Account unauthorized transactions
Parent's Debit Cards, Minors & Internet Purchases
Do We Follow Visa Rules or Reg E?
Timeframe for Unauthorized Check Return
No Provisional Credit - No Real Proof Needed?
Reg E & Non-resident Aliens
Corporate Customer/Timeline to Dispute Unauthorized ACH
Return of Unauthorized Pre-authorized Draft?
Adult Son on Safe Deposit Box Signature Card
Debit Draft Form
Unauthorized Paper Draft/ When Do We Recredit Acct
Reg E Claim Denied - Re-Evaluated for Bank Officer
Unauthorized or Revoked ACH Debits
Returning Remotely Created Checks
Returning an Unauthorized Telephone Check
Helping Customer Resolve Stolen ATM Card Issue
Reg E & Possible Customer Negligence
Customer's Time Limit on Unauthorized ACH Entries
Unauthorized EFT - Bank Notified After 60 Days
Time Limit to Credit Unauthorized Drafts
Preventing ACH Debit Errors
Business Customer Claims Unauthorized ACH
Time Frame For Return Of Unauthorized Draft
Time Frame To Contest Preauthorized Check?
Reg E, Disputed Check Card Transaction, and Written Confirmation
Self Defense
How many days do we have to return an unauthorized draft on one of our customers?
Who Assumes The Loss On Unauthorized Checks?

Unclaimed Property
International Time Frame for Collecting Money
Info on Escheat for Accounts in Tennessee
Poor Box Drilling Procedures Create Rich Box Renter
POD's Whereabouts Unknown
Levies on Dormant Accounts
Death of Sole Safe Deposit Renter
Return Deadline: Bank Money Order
Safe Deposit Box Drilling: What do you do with the contents?
Is there a time frame for claiming funds from a failed institution?
Shrinking Your Dormant Accounts

Unemployment Comp
The Basics of Unemployment Compensation Law

Unfair & Deceptive
Rules for Affinity Program w/ Large Companies
Charge Fees For Account In The Neg On 1st Day?
Possible to Charge Client w/Excessive OD Charges?
Allowed to Give Customer A Copy of Credit Report? 
Stop Pay On Check w/o Check #-Still Return?
Complaint Tracking for Community Banks (Exams)
Does UDAAP Apply to A Non-Depository
Effective Date for New UDAAP Requirements
Automatic Payment Rates-Rate Sheets
Notice Requirements for Changing Overdraft Limits
Free Second-chance Account Marketing
Is 'Instant Approval' Deceptive?
Including a Disclosure in Marketing Materials
Regulations for Online Marketing
Advertising Promo – Compliance Issues?
A New Concept offers an Answer
Advertising Increased Insurance
Reg Z Advertising Penalties
ATM Withdrawal - NSF Fee
Totally Free Business Checking
Reg. AA and Pyramiding Late Fees
Late Fee Begets Late Fee
Predatory Lending: Lessons Learned
Unfair or Deceptive: Avoid Like the Plague
Bank Liability in the News
Getting Too Free With Fee Income
When Banking is Unfair and Deceptive
It's Not Nice To Deceive Your Customers
EDITORIAL - Changing Unfair And Deceptive To Fair And Non-Deceptive
Arms Length Consumers?
COMPLIANCE NOTES - Switching Gears
Problem Practices Bait and Switch

US Banking System
Federally Chartered Banks-Pay for Business License
The Origin of the American Banking System

see CIP

Difference between Sections 311 & 312 of USAPA
Useful Info
Wholesale Banking
Here Comes The IRS...
Know Your Money
Let's Start With The Top Part Of The Fraction…
New Post Office Delivery Schedule
Policies & Procedures: Are They In Writing?
Reading, 'riting & 'rithmetic
Treasury Tax & Loan Deposits…And "Off-us" Checks

Custodian Account As CD-Minor Now 21
Child Owner But Not Signer-Allowed The Balance?
Rule on Switching INUTMA/Custodian to Joint Acct
Can UTMA Account Be Used As Collateral?
Rule On Who Can Open An UTMA Account
UTMA Account Custodian Deceased & No Successor
Report UTMA Under Minor or Adult's SSN?
Changing UTMA Acct if Custodian Passes Away
More Than 1 Custodian on Minor Account?
Required to Close/Transfer TUTMA When Minor 18?
Can You Have More Than 1 Custodian on UTMA?
Guardian Set Up Uniform Gift to Minor As A DDA?
Liability if Customer Uses Child's UTMA Account
Use Funds From UTMA for Overdrawn Acct?
Custodial Savings-Minor Cash In When of Age?
Custodian of UTMA Passed Away & No Successor
Can Both Parents Be Guardians on UTMA Savings?
Can Parent Open UTMA Using a W-8?
Open Savings Account Not Titled UTMA?
16 Year Old Custodian for ILUTMA Account?
Custodian Using UTMA for Own Purposes
Can UTMA be a Demand Deposit?
Can UTMA be a Demand Deposit?
22 Year Old Allowed to Open New UTMA Account?
What Information is Available to Beneficiary
Differences b/w Opening Minor Account vs UTMA
21 Year Old Withdraw Funds from TNUTMA?
Rights of a Custodian to a UTMA Account
Are UTMA Accounts Only Savings Accounts?
Can UTMA Accounts be Passbook Accounts?
Minor Withdraws Funds from UTMA w/o Custodian
"Minor Account Holder" Agreement on Savings Acct.
Signature Card for Uniform Gift to Minor Act.
Can UTMA be Opened with ATIN?
Who can withdraw funds from an UTMA? Giving Minor the Balance on UTMA Account?
Limitations of Minor on UTMA Account
Overdraft on Parent/Child Joint Savings Account
Signature on W-9 for UTMA Account
Depositing a Check Payable to a Minor Under UTMA
Converting OTMA Account to Joint Account
Opening a Minor's Savings Account
Custodian Direct Deposit into ILUTMA Account?
Account Styling for UTMA with Multiple Custodians
Depositing Child Support into an Account
Court Ordered Custodial Account
Changing OTMA to Representative Payee Account
Giving Minor Access to Account
Can We Setoff Against an UTMA Account?
POA Makes Withdrawals from PUTMA Account
Expanded Response: Using UTMA Account as Collateral
OTMA Custodian Account
Using an UTMA Account as Collateral
Uniform Transfer to Minors Act
The Minor is No Longer a Minor
Fiduciary Accounts & Bank Services - Liability?
Custodial Savings Account in lieu of a UTMA?
Custodian Withdrawing Funds from UTMA
UTMA – Death of Minor
UTMA – Death of Custodian
UTMA Checking Account
Agent Closing UTMA Account
UTMAs - Parental Liabilities & Rights
UTMA Ownership
CIP Documentation - Court Ordered Accounts
Definition of Child's Trust
UTMA Checking Account
Successor Custodian or POD on Minor Account
Minor Savings Account Vs UTMA Account
Protecting Bank from Possible Minor Mischief
Opening/Styling Minor Savings Account
Death of UTMA Custodian
Minor Check Cashing
UTMA & Minor Saving Accounts
Custodian's Funeral Paid by Minor Account?
UTMA with a Co-custodian
Minor Payroll Check Cashing
Beneficiary Access to UTMA Funds
Custodial Check Cashing Against a Minor Account
Minor's Account - Death of the Custodian
Custodial CD Passes to Estate?
Do We CIP Minors?
Custodian Closing an UTMA Account
UTMA Account -- Minor Now Adult
Who is Liable, Bank of First Deposit or Payor Bank?
Tax Impact of Donations to an UTMA Trust
New Account: Creating an Account to Benefit a Minor
Two signatures on UGMA/UTMA account?
UTMA Account Styling
Who Can Be a UTMA Account Custodian?
CIP and a UTMA Account
Death of Custodian on UTMA
Fiduciary Responsibility on UTMA Account
SSNs & Savings Account For Minors
Using UTMA Account As Loan Collateral
Account for Institutionalized Customer
UTMA & Offsetting Overdraft Charges From Other Accounts
Can a UTMA be a demand account?
UTMA: Can a minor withdraw money from the account?
Titling & Documenting UTMA Accounts
Can an account established under the UTMA also have a POD?
UTMA: How should the custodian sign the signature card?
UTMA: Can you name a successor beneficiary?
Account Styling: How do you style a minor's estate?
UTMA - Who can Endorse Check?
Custodial Account Closing: Can either parent close the account?
UTMA & Garnishment
Question & Answer

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