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August 16, 2011--

Anti-terrorism Designations

The U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced the designation of Umar Patek, Abdul Rahim Ba’asyir and Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman, three senior members of Jemaah Islamiya (JI), the Southeast Asia-based designated terrorist network with links to al-Qa’ida. Two other individuals were also added as SDGT-designated SDNs.

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN list:

ABDUL RAHMAN, Muhammad Jibril (a.k.a. ABDUL RAHMAN, Muhammad Jibriel; a.k.a. ABDURRAHMAN, Mohammad Jibriel; a.k.a. ABDURRAHMAN, Mohammad Jibril; a.k.a. ARDHAN BIN ABU JIBRIL, Muhammad Ricky; a.k.a. ARDHAN BIN MUHAMMAD IQBAL, Muhammad Ricky; a.k.a. ARDHAN, Muhamad Ricky; a.k.a. "SYAH, Heris"; a.k.a. "YUNUS, Muhammad"), Jl. M Saidi RT 010 RW 001 Pesanggrahan, South Petukangan, South Jakarta, Indonesia; Jl. Nakula of Witana Harja Complex, Block C, Pamulang, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia; DOB 28 May 1984; alt. DOB 3 Dec 1979; alt. DOB 8 Aug 1980; alt. DOB 3 Mar 1979; POB East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia; nationality Indonesia; Identification Number 2181558; National ID No. 3219222002.2181558; Passport S335026 (Indonesia) (individual) [SDGT]

BA'ASYIR, Abdul Rahim (a.k.a. BA'ASYIR, 'Abd Al-Rahim; a.k.a. BA'ASYIR, Abdul Rachim; a.k.a. BA'ASYIR, Abdul Rochim; a.k.a. BA'ASYIR, Abdurochim; a.k.a. BA'ASYIR, Abdurrahim; a.k.a. BA'ASYIR, Abdurrahman; a.k.a. BA'ASYIR, Abdurrochim; a.k.a. BASHIR, 'Abd Al-Rahim; a.k.a. BASHIR, Abdul Rachim; a.k.a. BASHIR, Abdul Rahim; a.k.a. BASHIR, Abdul Rochim; a.k.a. BASHIR, Abdurochim; a.k.a. BASHIR, Abdurrahim; a.k.a. BASHIR, Abdurrahman; a.k.a. BASHIR, Abdurrochim); DOB 16 Nov 1977; alt. DOB 16 Nov 1974; POB Solo, Indonesia; alt. POB Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia; nationality Indonesia (individual) [SDGT]

DUGHMUSH, Mumtaz (a.k.a. DAGHMASH, Mumtaz; a.k.a. DAGHMASH, Mumtaz Muhammad Jum'ah; a.k.a. DUGHMISH, Mumtaz Muhammad Jum'ah; a.k.a. DUGHMUSH, Mumtaz Muhammad Jum'ah; a.k.a. "ABOUT ABIR"); DOB 1977; nationality Palestinian (individual) [SDGT]

PATEK, Umar (a.k.a. KECIL, Umar; a.k.a. PATEK, Omar; a.k.a. "AL ABU SYEKH AL ZACKY"; a.k.a. "PAK TAEK"; a.k.a. "PA'TEK"; a.k.a. "UMANGIS MIKE"); DOB 1970; POB Central Java, Indonesia; nationality Indonesia (individual) [SDGT]

ZADRAN, Sangeen (a.k.a. ZADRAN, Sangeen Khan; a.k.a. ZADRAN, Sangin; a.k.a. "FATEH"; a.k.a. "SANGEEN"; a.k.a. "SANGIN"); DOB 1976; alt. DOB 1979; POB Tang Stor Khel, Ziruk District, Paktika Province, Aghanistan; nationality Afghanistan; Maulavi; Mullah (individual) [SDGT]

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