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August 21, 2014

Counter Terrorism Designations

Treasury has announced it has targeted the financial and leadership networks of the Taliban by designating one entity and two individuals as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs) pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13224. The Pakistan-based hawala, Haji Basir and Zarjmil Company (Basir Zarjmil Hawala), and, its owner, Haji Abdul Basir, are being designated for providing financial services or other support to the Taliban. In addition, Taliban commander Qari Rahmat is being designated for acting for or on behalf of the Taliban. All property and interests in the United States or in the possession or control of U.S. persons in which these individuals and entity have an interest are blocked, and U.S. persons are prohibited from engaging in transactions with them.

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

BASIR, Haji Abdul (a.k.a. 'ABD AL-BASIR, Haji; a.k.a. BASEER, Abdul; a.k.a. BASIR, Abdal; a.k.a. NOORZAI, Haji Basir), Chaman, Pakistan; DOB 1965; alt. DOB 1963; alt. DOB 1960; POB Balochistan Province, Pakistan; nationality Afghanistan; Passport AA3829182 (Pakistan); National ID No. 5420124679187 (Pakistan) (individual) [SDGT].

RAHMAT, Qari (a.k.a. RAHMAT, Kari), Kamkai Village, Achin District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan; Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan; DOB 1981; alt. DOB 1982; POB Shadal (variant Shadaal) Bazaar, Achin District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan (individual) [SDGT].

The following entity has been added to OFAC's SDN List:

HAJI BASIR AND ZARJMIL COMPANY HAWALA (a.k.a. HAJI ABDUL BASIR AND ZAR JAMEEL HAWALA; a.k.a. HAJI ABDUL BASIR EXCHANGE SHOP; a.k.a. HAJI BASEER HAWALA; a.k.a. HAJI BASHIR AND ZARJMIL HAWALA COMPANY; a.k.a. HAJI BASIR AND ZARJAMIL CURRENCY EXCHANGE; a.k.a. HAJI BASIR HAWALA; a.k.a. HAJI ZAR JAMIL, HAJI ABDUL BASEER MONEY CHANGER), Sanatan (variant Sanatin) Bazaar, Sanatan Bazaar Street, near Trench (variant Tranch) Road, Chaman, Balochistan Province, Pakistan; Quetta, Pakistan; Lahore, Pakistan; Peshawar, Pakistan; Karachi, Pakistan; Islamabad, Pakistan; Qandahar Province, Afghanistan; Herat Province, Afghanistan; Helmand Province, Afghanistan; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Iran [SDGT].

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