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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What response rate is needed for spam to make money?

The Storm worm infected computers and converted them to botnets, used to send spam. Researchers have infiltrated the Storm network and assumed the role of spammers to measure their success.

It was estimated that if one in 12.5 million respondents buys the product, it can be profitable. The researchers used 75,000 compromised computers and sent nearly 350 million spam emails. In this test, only 28 sales resulted. This is less than .00001 percent. However, because only a small part of the Storm network was used they estimate that the Storm pharmacy campaign could produce $7,000 per day in sales. Researches estimate the Storm botnets could actually produce $3.5 million in sales annually.

More on the Storm worm can be found in the Tech Talk archives.


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