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Regulation U — Credit by Banks and Persons other than Brokers or Dealers for the Purpose of Purchasing or Carrying Margin Stock

Sec. 221.1 - Authority, purpose, and scope.
Sec. 221.2 - Definitions.
Sec. 221.3 - General requirements.
Sec. 221.4 - Employee stock option, purchase, and ownership plans.
Sec. 221.5 - Special purpose loans to brokers and dealers.
Sec. 221.6 - Exempted transactions.
Sec. 221.7 - Supplement: Maximum loan value of margin stock and other collateral.


Sec. 221.101 - Determination and effect of purpose of loan.
Sec. 221.103 - Loans to brokers or dealers.
Sec. 221.104 - Federal credit unions.
Sec. 221.105 - Arranging for extensions of credit to be made by a bank.
Sec. 221.106 - Reliance in ``good faith'' on statement of purpose of loan.
Sec. 221.107 - Arranging loan to purchase open-end investment company shares.
Sec. 221.108 - Effect of registration of stock subsequent to making of loan.
Sec. 221.109 - Loan to open-end investment company.
Sec. 221.110 - Application to committed credit where funds are disbursed thereafter.
Sec. 221.111 - Contribution to joint venture as extension of credit when the contribution is disproportionate to the contributor’s share in the venture’s profits or losses.
Sec. 221.112 - Loans by bank in capacity as trustee.
Sec. 221.113 - Loan which is secured indirectly by stock.
Sec. 221.114 - Bank loans to purchase stock of American Telephone and Telegraph Company under Employees' Stock Plan.
Sec. 221.115 - Accepting a purpose statement through the mail without benefit of face-to-face interview.
Sec. 221.116 - Bank loans to replenish working capital used to purchase mutual fund shares.
Sec. 221.117 - When bank in ``good faith'' has not relied on stock as collateral.
Sec. 221.118 - Bank arranging for extension of credit by corporation.
Sec. 221.119 - Applicability of plan-lender provisions to financing of stock options and stock purchase rights qualified or restricted under Internal Revenue Code.
Sec. 221.120 - Allocation of stock collateral to purpose and nonpurpose credits to same customer.
Sec. 221.121 - Extension of credit in certain stock option and stock purchase plans.
Sec. 221.122 - Applicability of margin requirements to credit in connection with Insurance Premium Funding Programs.
Sec. 221.123 - Combined credit for exercising employee stock options and paying income taxes incurred as a result of such exercise.
Sec. 221.124 - Purchase of debt securities to finance corporate takeovers.
Sec. 221.125 - Credit to brokers and dealers. Authority: 15 U.S.C. 78c, 78g, 78q, and 78w.

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