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Regulation Z

[Click HERE for table of recent Federal Register documents affecting this regulation.]

IMPORTANT NOTE: Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) assumed authority to publish regulations under most provisions of the Truth in Lending Act as of July 21, 2011. The CFPB has re-published this regulation in its Chapter X of CFR Title 12. For the current provisions of Regulation Z, please refer to the CFPB's regulation, at 12 CFR Part 1026. When republishing the regulation, the CFPB redesignated § 226.5a as § 1026.60 and § 226.5b as § 1026.40.

Subpart A--General

Sec. 226.1 - Authority, purpose, coverage, organization, enforcement and liability.
Sec. 226.2 - Definitions and rules of construction.
Sec. 226.3 - Exempt transactions.
Sec. 226.4 - Finance charge.

Subpart B--Open-End Credit

Sec. 226.5 - General disclosure requirements.
Sec. 226.5a - Credit and charge card applications and solicitations.
Sec. 226.5b - Requirements for home equity plans.
Sec. 226.6 - Account Opening Disclosures.
Sec. 226.7 - Periodic statement.
Sec. 226.8 - Identifying transactions on periodic statements.
Sec. 226.9 - Subsequent disclosure requirements.
Sec. 226.10 - Payments.
Sec. 226.11 - Treatment of credit balances; account termination.
Sec. 226.12 - Special credit card provisions.
Sec. 226.13 - Billing error resolution.
Sec. 226.14 - Determination of annual percentage rate.
Sec. 226.15 - Right of rescission.
Sec. 226.16 - Advertising.10/1

Subpart C--Closed-End Credit

Sec. 226.17 - General disclosure requirements.
Sec. 226.18 - Content of disclosures.
Sec. 226.19 - Certain mortgage and variable-rate transactions.
Sec. 226.20 - Subsequent disclosure requirements.
Sec. 226.21 - Treatment of credit balances.
Sec. 226.22 - Determination of annual percentage rate.
Sec. 226.23 - Right of rescission.
Sec. 226.24 - Advertising.

Subpart D--Miscellaneous

Sec. 226.25 - Record retention.
Sec. 226.26 - Use of annual percentage rate in oral disclosures.
Sec. 226.27 - Language of disclosures.
Sec. 226.28 - Effect on state laws.
Sec. 226.29 - State exemptions.
Sec. 226.30 - Limitation on rates.

Subpart E--Special Rules for Certain Home Mortgage Transactions

Sec. 226.31 - General rules.
Sec. 226.32 - Requirements for certain closed-end home mortgages.
Sec. 226.33 - Requirements for reverse mortgages.
Sec. 226.34 - Prohibited acts or practices in connection with credit subject to Sec. 226.32.
Sec. 226.35 - Prohibited acts or practices in connection with higher-priced mortgage loans.
Sec. 226.36 - Prohibited acts or practices in connection with credit secured by a dwelling.
Sections 226.37 through 226.38 - Reserved.
Sec. 226.39 - Mortgage transfer disclosures.
Sections 226.40 through 226.41 - Reserved
Sec. 226.42 - Valuation Independence.
Sections 226.43 through 226.45 - Reserved

Subpart F -- Special Rules for Private Education Loans

Sec. 226.46 - Special disclosure requirements for private education loans.
Sec. 226.47 - Content of disclosures.
Sec. 226.48 - Limitations on private education loans.

Subpart G -- Special Rules Applicable to Credit Card Accounts and Open-End Credit Offered to College Students

Sec. 226.51 - Ability to pay.10/1
Sec. 226.52 - Limitations on fees.10/1
Sec. 226.53 - Allocation of payments.10/1
Sec. 226.54 - Limitations on the imposition of finance charges.
Sec. 226.55 - Limitations on increasing annual percentage rates, fees, and charges.10/1
Sec. 226.56 - Requirements for over-the-limit transactions.
Sec. 226.57 - Reporting and marketing rules for college student open-end credit.
Sec. 226.58 - Internet posting of credit card agreements.10/1
Sec. 226.59 - Reevaluation of rate increases.

Appendix A to Part 226--Effect on State Laws
Appendix B to Part 226--State Exemptions
Appendix C to Part 226--Issuance of Staff Interpretations
Appendix D to Part 226--Multiple Advance Construction Loans
Appendix E to Part 226--Rules For Card Issuers That Bill On a Transaction-By-Transaction Basis
Appendix F to Part 226--Optional Annual Percentage Rate Computations for Creditors Offering Open-End Plans Subject to the Requirements of §226.5b.
Appendix G to Part 226--Open-End Model Forms and Clauses
Appendix H to Part 226--Closed-End Model Forms and Clauses
Appendix I to Part 226--Federal Enforcement Agencies
Appendix J to Part 226--Annual Percentage Rate Computations For Closed- End Credit Transactions
Appendix K to Part 226--Total Annual Loan Cost Rate Computations for Reverse Mortgage Transactions
Appendix L to Part 226--Assumed Loan Periods for Computations of Total Annual Loan Cost Rates
Appendix M1 to Part 226--Repayment Disclosures.10/1
Appendix M2 to Part 226--Sample Calculations of Repayment Disclosures

Supplement I to Reg Z -- Official Staff Interpretations (Commentary)

7/21 -With amendments effective 7/21/2011
10/1 - With amendment effective 10/1/11 (earlier compliance optional)

Authority: 12 U.S.C. 3806; 15 U.S.C. 1604, 1637(c)(5), and 1639(l); Pub. L. No. 111-24 § 2, 123 Stat. 1734; Pub. L. No. 111-203, 124 Stat. 1376.

Recent Federal Register documents affecting this regulation.
FR Citation Date Status Comments
76 FR 43111 7/20/11 Final;
Eff. 7/20/11
Staff Commentary amendment to correct the mandatory compliance date (to 4/6/11) for the final rule on loan originator compensation to reflect the Administrative Stay in a federal court suit to delay implementation.
76 FR 35722 6/13/11 Final;
Eff. 1/1/2012
Staff Commentary amendment to set the 2012 threshold for the exemption for loans that are not private education loans or loans secured by real property or a dwelling at $51,800.
76 FR 35723 6/20/11 Final;
Eff. 1/1/2012
Staff Commentary amendment to increase the fee-based HOEPA trigger amount to $611.
76 FR 27390 5/11/11 Proposed Would require creditors to determine a consumer’s ability to repay a mortgage before making the loan and would establish minimum mortgage underwriting standards. The rulemaking is required under Dodd-Frank Act amendments to the Truth in Lending Act. Comments due by 7/22/11. NOTE: Final rule will be issued by CFPB.
76 FR 18354 4/4/2011 Final;
Eff. 7/21/11
Implements a Dodd-Frank Act amendment to TILA to change the threshold for the exemption for loans that are not private education loans or loans secured by real property or a dwelling from $25,000 to $50,000, and adds an inflation adjustment mechanism.
76 FR 22948 &
76 FR 31221 (corrections)
4/25/11 & 5/31/11 Final;
Eff. 10/1/11
Earlier compliance permitted
Clarifies aspects of prior rules implementing the Credit CARD Act of 2009. Enhances protections for consumers and resolves uncertainties in regulation.
76 FR 11598 3/2/11 Proposed;
Comments by
This proposal would implement certain amendments to TILA made by the Dodd-Frank Act, including changes that lengthen the time for which a mandatory escrow account established for a higher-priced mortgage loan must be maintained. In addition, the proposal would implement TILA's disclosure requirements regarding escrow accounts. The proposal also would exempt certain loans from the statute’s escrow requirement.
76 FR 11319 3/2/11 Final
Eff. 4/1/11
Final rule implementing § 1461 of Dodd-Frank Act, which provides separate, higher rate threshold for the Board’s escrow requirement for Jumbo HPMLs (those larger than the maximum principal obligation eligible for purchase by Freddie Mac). Finalized proposal of 9/24/10 proposal at 75 FR 58505.
75 FR 81836 12/29/10 Interim
Eff. 1/30/11
Comp. 10/1/11
This interim rule revises the Board's interim rule published on 9/24/10 at 75 FR 58470 (see above) to clarify certain provisions of the 9/24/10 interim rule. Specifically, this rule clarifies the requirements for adjustable-rate transactions that are “5/1 ARM” loans. It corrects the requirements for interest-only loans to clarify that the disclosures should reflect the date of the interest rate change rather than the date the first payment is due under the new rate. This interim rule also revises the definition of “negative amortization loans” to clarify which transactions are covered by the special disclosure requirements for such loans.
75 FR 78636 12/16/10 Proposed;
Final rule published
Would implement DFA mandate to increase the dollar amount above which certain consumer loan transactions are exempt from Regulation Z from $25,000 to $50,000, and establish an annual inflation adjustment for that amount.
75 FR 67458 11/2/10 Finalized 4/25/11 Proposal to clarify final rules implementing the Credit CARD Act published on 2/22/10 and 6/29/10 regarding open-end (not home-secured) credit plans.
75 FR 66554 &
75 FR 80675
10/28/10 &
12/23/10 (corrections)
Interim Final;
Eff. 12/27/10;
Comp. 4/1/11
New TILA §129E. Requirements for appraisal independence. Requires appraisers receive "customary and reasonable" fees.
75 FR 58539 9/24/10 Proposed;
Withdrawn. See 2/1/11 Press Release.
Issued as part of Fed's review of rules for home-secured credit. Would change rescission rules, and change the rules for determining when a modification of a closed-end mortgage loan is a new transaction. It would also amend rules for determining when a loan is a "higher-priced" mortgage loan under §226.35, and provide for the refund of certain fees. Also would affect disclosures and advertising for reverse mortgages and prohibit certain practices in connection with reverse-mortgages.
75 FR 58505 9/24/10 Proposed;
Finalized 3/2/11
Would implement §1461 of DFA, which provides separate, higher threshold for mandatory escrow for jumbo loans.
75 FR 58509 9/24/10 Final;
Eff. 4/1/11
Imposes loan originator compensation rules in closed-end consumer transactions secured by a dwelling, if application is received after effective date. Note: See Final Rule published 7/20/11 amending the compliance date for this rule to 4/6/11.
75 FR 58489 9/24/10 Final;
Eff. 1/1/11;
Comp. optional before 1/1/11
Replaces interim rule under §131(g) of TILA. Requires purchaser or assignee that acquires a mortgage loan secured by consumer's principal dwelling to provide the consumer disclosures about the transfer within 30 days.
75 FR 58470 9/24/10 Interim;
Eff. 10/25/10;
Comp. 1/30/11
Implements MDIA requirements for disclosure of summary info on interest rate and payment changes, in tabular format, and a "no guarantee of refinanding" statement. Applies only to consumer credit secured by real property or a dwelling.
75 FR 46837 8/4/10 Final;
Eff. 1/1/11
Staff Commentary amendment increasing HOEPA fees trigger to $592
75 FR 37526 &
75 FR 44093
6/29/10 &
7/28/10 (corrections)
Comp. Date 8/22/10
Implements Credit CARD Act; Reasonable penalty fees; reevaluation of APR increases
75 FR 7658 2/22/10 Final:
Eff. 2/22/10;
Comp. Date 2/22/10 &
Implements Credit CARD Act; New substantive and disclosure practices for open-end credit, including credit card accounts. Limits application of increased rates to existing balances; requires issuers to consider consumer’s ability to make required payments; establishes special requirements for extensions of credit to consumers under age of 21; limits overlimit fees on card accounts.
74 FR 36077 7/22/09 Interim Final:
Eff. 8/20/09;
Amends Reg Z and Commentary to implement provisions of the Credit CARD Act that are effective 8/20/2009, primarily pertaining to advance notices of rate increases and changes in terms and the time consumers are given to make their payments.

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