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Security Spotlight Archive

  •  Security Spotlight: A BOLO alert, violent robberies, fraud and scams! published 6/3/15
  •  Security Spotlight: A harrowing heist, high-speed chase, and more! published 5/5/15
  •  Security Spotlight: April robbery madness, the good guys score, and more!  published 4/2/15
  •  Security Spotlight: A rewarding capture, guards on alert, and more!  published 3/3/15
  •  Security Spotlight: Prolific ATM crimes, fraudulent schemes, and more!  published 2/3/15
  •  Security Spotlight: The risk of arming guards, ATM safety, and more!  published 1/6/15

  •  Security Spotlight: 'Tis the season for bad Santas, holiday scams, ID theft, and more!  published 12/3/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Crafty criminals, counterfeit schemes, and more!  published 11/4/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Heroes gone rogue, ATM thefts & safety tips, and more!  published 10/2/14
  •  Security Spotlight: ATM crimes, ID theft, and a bomb threat tip!  published 9/3/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Heated bank robberies, training tips, and more!  published 8/1/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Heat-packing bandits, hot CrimeDex alerts, and more!  published 7/1/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Training resources, check fraud alerts, and more!  published 6/4/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Teller gone rogue, a post-breach tip, & more!  published 5/2/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Bandits and their best friends, a rash of alerts, & more!  published 4/2/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Habitual criminals, photo retention, & more!  published 3/4/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Serial bandit characters, risky robberies, & more!  published 2/4/14
  •  Security Spotlight: Bearded bandits, sneaky scams, & money mule training!  published 1/7/14

  •  Security Spotlight: Security Spotlight: Real (and virtual) bank robberies, fake checks, & more!  published 12/3/13
  •  Security Spotlight: A seasonal warning, timely training lessons, and more!  published 11/5/13
  •  Security Spotlight: Bandits in disguise, "real-life" training scenarios, and more!  published 10/2/13
  •  Security Spotlight: Featuring one of the FBI's Most Wanted, sisterly scams, and more!  published 09/04/13
  •  Security Spotlight: A family of thieves, ATM thefts, and more!  published 08/01/13
  •  Security Spotlight: Buddy bandits, the perils of insider fraud, and more!  published 07/02/13
  •  Security Spotlight: Bank heists as a hobby and an art form, internal fraud, and more!  published 06/04/13
  •  Security Spotlight: A valuable vault tip, bandits & bomb threats, and more!  published 05/02/13
  •  Security Spotlight: Poor planning, surprise SWATting, and more!  published 04/02/13
  •  Security Spotlight: A modern-day Robin Hood, timely tips, and more!  published 03/05/13
  •  Security Spotlight: New resources to catch thieves, counterfeit items update, and more!  published 02/01/13
  •  Security Spotlight: Dye pack tips, a special training offer, and more!  published 01/03/13

  •  Security Spotlight: Helpful tips, naughty crooks, festive threads, and more!  published 12/03/12
  •  Security Spotlight: 'Tis the season, a crime that paid off, and more!  published 11/02/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Dye pack training and its effectiveness, and more!  published 10/02/12
  •  Security Spotlight: A security tip to catch crooks, hot threads & alerts, and more!  published 09/04/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Canines catching crooks, security training tips, and more! published 08/02/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Security Spotlight: Easy captures, hot CrimeDex alerts, and more! published 07/02/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Familial bank robbers, latest IC3 crime report and, and more! published 06/01/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Morning glory training, bank robberies on the rise, and more! published 05/04/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Insider bank jobs, a bad rap for banks, and more!  published 04/03/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Action-packed robberies and alerts!  published 03/06/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Easy captures, alarming trend in bandit tools, and more!  published 02/03/12
  •  Security Spotlight: Robbers in the spotlight, alerts & counterfeits recap and more!  published 01/07/12

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  •  Security Spotlight: Repeat offenders, insider theft, holiday alerts and tools, and more! published 12/01/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Seasonal security tips, scam alerts and a FREE offer!  published 11/02/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Cash dispensing machine tips, insider theft, and more!  published 10/04/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Getaway gaffes, business account fraud and more!  published 09/09/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Robbers and family reunions, ATM heists, and more!  published 08/02/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Robbers in the wrong places, door lock tips, and more!  published 07/06/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Confessions of a bank robber, vault training tips, and more!  published 06/02/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Felons on Facebook, raining counterfeiters, and more!  published 05/03/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Careless bank robbers, ATM skimming reports, and more!  published 04/05/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Bank closing tips, inventive new scams, and more!  published 03/02/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Taxing scams, training out the box, and more!  published 02/03/11
  •  Security Spotlight: Robbers in the spotlight, alerts & counterfeits recap, and more!  published 01/07/11

    For older, archived editions of the Security Spotlight and other briefings from BankersOnline, go to the BOL Archive pages