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March 18, 2003

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Windows 2000 WebDAV Buffer Overflow Exploit Against IIS 5.0 - CRITICAL

The National Infrastructure Protection Agency (NIPC) and the CERTŪ Coordination Center have issued advisories (Advisory 03-005 - NIPC) (CA-2003-09) warning of a critical vulnerability in the WebDAV component of Microsoft IIS 5.0 running on Microsoft Windows 2000. IIS.

This vulnerability could permit hackers to exploit a buffer overflow that experts suggest has the potential to start up another worm with nearly the same impact as Code Red.

Given the current elavated Orange Threat level issued by the Office of Homeland Security, Network Administrators are urged to immediately patch any IIS 5.0 servers or disable the WebDAV service until the patch can be applied. National Infrastructure Protection Center is also advising network adminstrators take the following steps:
  • Monitor information sources for additional alerts regarding possible attack activity.
  • Report any relevant activity (increased port 80 probing or activity, web server crashes, etc.) using an Incident Response Form.
  • Ensure that your incident response capability is prepared for a possible incident.
  • If successfully attacked, recognize that a system compromise may have taken place; take appropriate action based on your incident handling policy.
The patch for this vulnerability is available from Microsoft at:
Microsoft IIS Patch for WebDAV

The SANS institute is offering a FREE special webinar, Tuesday March 18, 2003 3:00 EST, to discuss the vulnerability, featuring two Windows experts.

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