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Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Notice

UPDATED 01/26/2013 - We have updated the HUD-92070 to reflect the change to Sec. 533(b) of the SCRA effective February 2, 2013. This section was amended by Public Law 112-154 effective 2/2/2013 to read "one year" through 12/31/2014 as to the period of protection addressing foreclosure.

UPDATED 08/01/2012 - HUD has updated the form HUD-92070. Linked below you can see a Word and a PDF version of the form. The text is the same as the prior notice, less the new 2014 expiration date. The BOL version has maintained the spelling corrections that are still needed in HUD's version.

UPDATED 06/16/2011 - HUD has updated the form HUD-92070. Linked below you can see a PDF version of the form. Highlighted text is new, lined out text was deleted from the March version. This PDF allows you to see what has changed and what you may need to edit from your current disclosure. You can download the Word version of the new HUD form below. Note, our version differs from HUD's in that we corrected the spelling of "servicemember" where the original had "servicemenber."

UPDATED 03/28/2011 - HUD has updated the form HUD-92070 to reflect a web address restated in the "How Does a Servicemember Obtain Information About the SCRA" section and a revision date of 03/2011. We have mirrored those changes. (Note: After this update the form was removed from the HUD Clips page reportedly because HUD was going back to the DoD for an update. Left with no notice template from HUD, you may consult counsel to determine if you should send the latest version, or no notice at all.)

UPDATED 03/18/2011 - As myself and a few BOL users checked the HUD SCRA Notice today, it has changed so that there is no international number given, but the reader is now referred to the OneSource website. As a result, we have again changed our notice to reflect what HUD is making available.

UPDATED 03/17/2011 - BOL was alerted by threads user "JoeCompliance" that a telephone number was incorrect on the HUD published form. BankersOnline contacted HUD after reviewing information on the Military OneSource web site and speaking with Military OneSource. We notified HUD who has officially made the change and amended the disclosure form.

The corrections include changing text under "What Legal Protections..." adding "in the case of an obligation or liability consisting of a mortgage, trust deed, or other security in the nature of a mortgage, or during the period of military service in the case of any other obligation or liability" to the first bullet and other wording was altered.

Also the correct telephone number in the bullet list under "How Does A Servicemember..." is "1-800-342-9647."

On January 26, 2011, HUD published a new SCRA Notice. This was necessary due to changes in Sections 527 and 533 of the SCRA. There were expanded protections under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act and Helping Heroes Keep Their Homes Act.

This notice updates the previous version issued under Mortgagee Letter 2006-28. This Mortgagee Letter refers to the requirements and the prior form. Absent other instructions, we recommend use of the new form immediately as it reflects the requirements of the current laws.

Don't let the name fool you, this form should be sent to all homeowners whether they are in the service or not, when they are in default. It is impossible for you to know if your borrowers are just now protected under the SCRA. This notice must be sent within 45 days of becoming delinquent unless the loan has since paid current.
  • Word document (docx) to be customized as required in the form. (Right click on the link to save the file.)
  • PDF document This is for review. The form requires customization to your bank. (Right click on the link to save the file.)

Pub. 01/26/11, updated 01/26/2013

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