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Alien Identification Procedures
BOL User Leslie Callaway has contributed information that relates to identification of alien customers and risk assessment data relating to lending to aliens, from diplomats to NRAs.

Checklists for Real Estate Loans
BOL User Donnie Overby developed a set of checklists to be used in connection with real estate loans (both commercial and consumer) to ensure the proper notices and disclosures are given and procedures are followed. One set is used by the lender as a checklist when doing real estate loans; the other set is used by the compliance officer when reviewing the loans for compliance. Donnie notes one caveat: anyone using these forms should probably tailor them to their bank's needs, as in banking one size does not fit all.

Commercial Lending Differences Chart
Chris Santo from has contributed a chart which provides a capsule summary of the differences between the commercial mortgage origination process and the residential origination process.

Commercial Loan Application
BOL User Ellen Cavanaugh has contributed a commercial loan application to the Tools Section. It is in Excel .xls format. Ellen indicates that it is password protected but no actual password is assigned. Please note that the tab key will move you through the form. Use the mouse to check any boxes. Ellen has put things in red that are bank specific. They need to be changed to customize the form to your institution's needs.
Commercial Loan Application ADDENDUM
BOL Advisory Roundtable member Cliffie Anderson borrowed the original Commercial Loan Application that Ellen Cavanaugh had contributed to Tools (see above) and then added additional disclosures for HMDA and Reg B changes. The loan officer starts with this form, makes acopy for applicant and then uses info collected to complete in-house documents.

Commercial Loan Data Input Worksheet
BOL User Suzy Hall of Park Avenue Bank has contributed a commercial loan input form and instructions to the Tools Section. It is in Excel .xls format with the background and instruction page in PDF. This form has been shared with other BOL'ers and is posted here to meet the popular demand. If you are using this for general loan production information, to facilitate data input into a LAR or are using it to verify LAR entries, we hope you'll find this customizable tool very helpful
Community Bankerís Guide to Hispanic Marketing
Jesse Torres, CIA, CISA, CISSP, of The California National Bank in Los Angeles has written a white paper on Hispanic marketing. The paper offers an excellent overview of the diverse, but often overlooked, Hispanic market. In it he opines on possible solutions to the challenges of marketing to Hispanics and offers up some suggestions for products and services that would be most useful to Hispanics.

Escrow Analysis
From David Dickinson. This Excel spreadsheet calculates escrow deposits as defined in Section 3500.17 and tells you what numbers to put on the HUD-1/1A. This is an Excel document. Right click on the link to save to your drive.

HOEPA Worksheets
Updated 06-30-04. Louvera Walden started this HOEPA Worksheet, plus, a second worksheet that states when the Georgia Fair Lending Act or HOEPA law applies. David Dickinson of Bankers Compliance Consulting enhanced the HOEPA Worksheet and Andy Zavoina tweaked it to produce the HOEPA disclosure automatically.

Please note: Doc Prep Fees are only finance charges under Reg Z if retained by the lender, and some states won't allow anyone who is not an attorney to charge them. Even doc prep fees charged by an attorney, however, must be added into the fees and charges calculations in Georgia if the customer did not sign an affidavit of attorney selection. Customize, as needed, for your institution.
Loan Accounting System Worksheets
Carol Tucker of EagleBank, MD uses the new loan input sheet to take all of the information that is in the note [supplemented by approval documents, commitment letters and due diligence that has been completed] and translate it to the terms and conditions for the loan accounting system. The review form enables a quick check of the information to the LAS for accuracy and completeness, as well as making sure the information is recorded in other systems. The real value is that you can have a lower level of expertise needed to input data because the person inputting is not interpreting the terms and conditions -- not only does that help allocate resources more effectively, but it aids in the segmentation of duties. The latter has become a big focus in the Fed's safety and soundness exams!

Carol also provided a loan input worksheet form you may find useful or to use as a "go-by" as you develop your own. The Word version is set as a form for tabbed input.
  • LAS System Review Worksheet (This is in Excel format. Right click on the link to save the file or choose the PDF sample version. It is one of the tabs on the worksheet.)
  • Loan Data Input Sheet (This is in Word format. Right click on the link to save the file or choose the PDF version.)

SBA Ratio Analysis Worksheet
When you need a quick ratio analysis of that commercial borrower's financial statement, this spreadsheet is for you. Solvency, Safety, Profitability and Asset Management categories will yield 14 ratios and there is space for industry comparisons as well. Thanks to Charles Friesz for this quick use tool that you'll find handy if you do commercial lending, financial analysis or loan review.
Verification Form
From Lois Kohn. This form contains information about the requirement and walks the lender through the SIC Securities Verification procedure. This is a Word document. Right click on the link to save to your drive.