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Cashier's Check Fraud Alert

Community First Bank

Harrison, AR


Gina Blevins
Community First Bank,  Harrison, AR
Work: (870) 391-8000

March 30, 2015 Fraudulent cashier's checks have been circulating on Community First Bank in Harrison, AR. Checks have been presented across the United States. They have been presented at banks and merchants. The checks were accompanied with a letter or e-mail instructing the recipient to cash the check as soon as possible and return a portion via money gram. Some individuals were instructed to purchase a cashier's check payable to American Cancer Society. Then the check was to be scanned and e-mailed to an individual “for their records”. The checks have the correct routing number, 082908599. The account number ends in 0493. The checks are fraudulent and should not be accepted. Please contact us should you receive one.

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