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Counterfeit Official Checks of Savings Institute Bank and Trust Company, Willimantic, Conn.

Savings Institute Bank and Trust Company

Willimantic, CT


Customer Service Center
Savings Institute Bank & Trust Company

803 Main St Willimantic, CT 06226
United States of America

Voice (800) 423-0142

The above-named bank has reported that counterfeit official checks using a correct routing number of 211174181 are being presented for payment nationwide in connection with an international lottery scam.

The counterfeit official checks do not resemble the bank’s authentic checks. The counterfeit items may be identified by the following traits on the front of the checks:

  • The bank’s name appears on one single line in the top-left portion of the check followed by the following address: “9 Prouix, Brooklyn, CT 06239.”
  • The words “OFFICIAL CHECK” appear in all capital letters.
  • The following security statement is located within the top border of the check: “THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS A TRUE WATERMARK – HOLD TO LIGHT TO VIEW.”
  • The right border contains a padlock icon and the following security statement: “Security Features Included. Details on Back.”
  • The check’s serial number is located in the top-right corner. The abbreviated routing number is located beneath the serial number and to the left.

The counterfeit items presented to date have been made payable in the amounts of $8,237.47 and $10,237.47 and contain serial numbers in the 910000 series.

Letters accompanying the counterfeit checks contain the following information in the letterhead: “Publishers Clearing House, From the Desk of the Vice President, International Promotions/Prize Award Department, 1010 Notebook Blvd, Barrie Ontario M5G 2B2 Canada.”

The letters inform recipients of their winning status in an international lottery. Recipients are instructed to contact claim agent Robert Garcia at (705) 500-1039 or (604) 375-3558 to arrange for payment of their $500,000 prizes. The letters explain that the enclosed checks are to be used to pay taxes and processing fees.

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