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Security Officer's Position Description

by Dana Turner


  • Directing all internal and external security and loss prevention resources to reduce or eliminate losses from all sources.

Key Responsibilities

  • Developing, implementing and administering all segments of the institution's Security Program, including physical, technical, personnel, procedural and electronic security.
  • Providing continual consultation and written reports to senior management and to the board of directors concerning security issues.
  • Working with the institution's legal representative and department leaders, insuring that the institution's employees, customers, facilities, assets, records and proprietary information are protected.
  • Working with the institution's human resources representative and department leaders, conducting and managing initial and continuing reviews of employment practices, confidentiality agreements, background investigations and drug screening practices, and approving security clearances.
  • Working with other department leaders, designing security components for operations and other strategic processes, and supervising the development and implementation of required security reporting devices and processes at all levels.
  • Selecting, maintaining and testing appropriate intrusion devices, alarms and cameras that record activity in appropriate locations and that warn of threats.
  • Developing and implementing physical security procedures and processes for all of the institution's locations, plans for reducing or eliminating premises liability issues and site analysis and threat assessment documentation.
  • Designing and implementing courier and armored car carrier processes.
  • Developing and maintaining corporate investigative practices and standards, and investigating all suspected internal and external criminal violations, suspicious incidents and policy violations that may become security issues.
  • Creating and retaining case management records for all investigations and Security Program operations.
  • Managing coordinated legal process effort and loss recovery efforts.
  • Developing, administering and delivering security training programs, involving front office and visitor security, security guard force and specialized training programs for executives, managers, special employees and field employees.
  • Managing a Situation Management Team that addresses potential or in-progress violent events and other special projects.
  • Working with other department leaders, assisting with the continual development of loss control and anti-compromise measures to protect general assets, proprietary information and processes.
  • Conducting continual surveys of all offices, departments and functions to determine the need for additional security services, and making appropriate recommendations.
  • Establishing and maintaining satisfactory liaison with law enforcement officers at all levels in geographical areas where employees and customers are located, and maintaining files for each location regarding available resources and emergency services agencies available.
  • Supervising and directing personnel from other departments when conducting investigations.
  • Supervising a guard force at appropriate locations.
  • Preparing and submitting a Security Program evaluation and compliance report to the Board of Directors at least annually.

Reports to

  • Operations Executive and Legal Counsel


  • Board of Directors

Education (R=required P=preferred)

  • High School Degree/G.E.D. (R)
  • College Degree (B.S./B.A.) (R)
  • Advanced Degree (M.B.A./A.J.) (P)
  • License/certificate (CPP, CFSSP) (R)
  • Other (CFE) (P)


  • Previous retail banking loss prevention experience (5+ years).
  • Previous general law enforcement experience (5+ years).
  • Previous white collar crime experience within a law enforcement agency (2+ years).
  • Previous background investigation and asset search experience (2+ years).
  • Previous crisis management or hostage negotiation experience (2+ years).
  • Specific knowledge of criminal and civil law procedures, investigative methodology and report writing, case management experience, testifying and managing investigations (5+ years).
  • Experience with selecting alarm contractors, computer crime, managing and delivering presentations to senior managers and the board of directors and knowledge of financial investigation models is preferred but is not required.

Key Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Highly-developed and proven leadership, management, investigation and negotiation skills.
  • Highly developed and proven ability to initiate and manage projects that will affect other departments and functions, as well as the corporate environment.
  • Highly-developed and proven oral and written communication skills.
  • Significant knowledge of the security contracting process for personnel and equipment.
  • Basic knowledge of financial investigation process models and applications, and flowcharting techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of accounting, auditing, compliance processes and their interaction with the security function.
  • Basic knowledge of guard service processes.
  • Intermediate knowledge of personal computer operation and use of basic business computer tools.

Computer/Office Equipment Skills (R=required P=preferred)

  • Word Processing (R)
  • Spreadsheet (R)
  • Database (P)
  • Data Entry (P)
  • Programming (P)
  • Internet (R)

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Note: This template is included with Security Education Systems' Security Program

? Security Education Systems 1983 - 2001
Last updated on October 25, 2001

First published on 11/5/01

First published on 11/05/2001

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