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Statistics, Facts, & Such

  • Only about 10% of the people that report identity theft are senior citizens (in their study, people over 60) and of those, 52% involved credit cards.
    Federal Trade Commission, ID Theft Clearinghouse Database
  • Over $1 million in fraudulent checks are passed each day - 13 per second. The FBI receives 500,000 ID theft cases a year. FTC says that by 2005, 1.5 million people a year will be victims of ID theft. Florida reports one out of every five households have been victimized by ID theft., 11/27/02, Mike Fields, Pres.-elect, Florida Bankers Association in speech in Tallahassee introducing
  • 78% of Americans surveyed approve of using biometric technologies (fingerprint or iris recognition) for withdrawing funds from an ATM - 85% approved verifying the identity of those making credit card purchases. study funded by the US Bureau of Justice Statistics and developed by lobbyists Privacy & American Business (P&AB).
  • Wal-Mart says it will charge 46 cents for a money order, and payroll checks will be cashed for a flat $3 fee when it expands its check cashing, money order and wire transfer services in 2003. As reported in Washington Weekly Report, Independent Community Bankers of America
  • Rural employment has shifted to manufacturing and services. 50% of all rural jobs are those supplying services (such as banking), making "...every bank in rural America...a primary engine of economic development. Farming is no longer the predominant occupation in the great majority of rural counties." John D. Hawke, Jr., Comptroller of the Currency
  • 90% of all IT spending by the finance industry is on maintenance, not new projects. Octavio Marenzi, managing director, Celent Communications, Boston, MA
  • MasterCard says it expects 97% of its transactions in 2003 with be routed through its new Global Technology Operations facility in Missouri. It will take 130 milliseconds (less than two-tenths of a second) to authorize, process and store a transaction. - "Tech Lite" by Burney Simpson

Copyright © 2003 Bankers' Hotline. Originally appeared in Bankers' Hotline, Vol. 12, No. 10, 1/03

First published on 01/01/2003

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