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  • Nearly a third of victims surveyed blamed their compromised IDs on the Internet, where they think their information was exposed to hackers. By comparison, 21% said the information was pinched from their home, car, mailbox, trash or a wallet or purse.
    Nationwide Mutual Insurance, in a commissioned June, 2005 survey

  • ATM fact - 37 years ago, in 1968, Barclays Bank introduced a machine that encoded cash on plastic cards purchased from a teller. The problem was the machine always ate the card and you had to buy another one if you wanted another transaction.
    ATM, History of the ATM

  • 60% of small businesses in the US strongly prefer online banking. Their most frequent use is for monitoring accounts, tracking checks, and transfers on a daily or weekly basis.
    Small Business Survey 2005 by Edgar, Dunn & Co. and Collective Dynamics, LLC

  • The national consumer savings rate now stands at negative 0.7 percent of disposable income.
    Commerce Department as reported on Business Wire, Oct. 6

  • The volume of phishing messages has doubled since spring, from 3 million messages a day to almost 5.7 million a day.
    Symantec, reported on online CNN TECHNOLOGY, Sept. 26

  • Consumers filed 246,570 ID theft complaints in 2004, up 52% from 2002.
    Federal Trade Commission

  • An identity thief has about a 1 in 700 chance of getting caught.
    2003 study by Gartner Inc. reported on NYTimes 10/1/05

  • 72% of homebuyers who purchased homes during the last three years chose fixed-rate mortgages. 34% went for creative or option mortgages; while 26% took out an adjustable-rate mortgage.
    Wall Street Journal Online/Harris Interactive Personal Finance Poll reported on WSJ Online's Personal Journal Edition , 9/25/05

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First published on 10/01/2005

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