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Is Your Y2K List Complete?

For Y2K compliance, most banks are looking at what is known to be Y2K vulnerable: computers, computer programming. However, other elements in the bank are controlled by computer systems that may have embedded dates. For example, the security system for the vault and even the doors of the bank itself may be vulnerable to Y2K problems. Then there are elevators, clocks, security cameras, and more.

To be sure that Y2K problems are under control, it is essential to understand how the date is used within the system. For example, there is the Leap Year problem. Most turn of the century dates are not leap years - unless they are divisible by 400. Year 2000 is divisible by 4 and is a leap year. Some systems assume that a year ending in "00" is not a Leap Year. But this one is!

Copyright © 1998 Compliance Action. Originally appeared in Compliance Action, Vol. 3, No. 7, 5/98

First published on 05/01/1998

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