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Being a banker today is more complicated and challenging than ever before. Regulations are tougher, laws are changing faster, technology is changing, con artists are more devious, and financial crimes are much more sophisticated!

For over two decades, Bankers' Hotline has been the premiere banking information newsletter in the banking industry! We strive to keep front line, security, and operations personnel up-to-date on industry trends, regulatory and compliance issues and industry related techniques by providing timely, reliable information for the banker who does not have access to all pertinent banking publications, nor the time to read and evaluate them. We bring you articles by experts, news that is important to you, training pages you can use, and many other features that help in your day-to-day job.

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Mission Statement

  • To keep front line and operations personnel up-to-date on regulatory and compliance issues and industry-related techniques.
  • To assist administrators in maintaining high morale.
  • To provide a timely, reliable information source for the banker who does not have access to all pertinent banking publications, nor the time to read and evaluate them.
  • To supply a sounding board for the purpose of sharing information and creating communication between all parts of the financial industry.

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