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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 16, Number 7

August 08, 2006

Financial Institutions Report on Security Attacks: 51% Hit by "Phishing"

by Genilee S. Parente, Contributing Editor
Random acts of vandalism against financial institutions have been replaced by purpose-based acts such as phishing.

Banks, Technology Companies Form Early Warning Company

Financial Institutions have long searched for a way to communicate information that would help deter criminal activity and fraudulent accounts. Five of the nation's banks and First Data Corporation have joined forces to reach that goal.

Using Cards for Online Bill Pay

Yodlee launches Bill Pay with a Twist Card Payments.

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Training Page
Forgery & Altered Documents…Part II

by Dana Turner

Dana Turner continues his training series on altered documents and how to check documents for authenticity.

Chips or No Chips

The effectiveness of chip and PIN technology questioned by some countries while others have great success with these crime deterrants.

New Center to Help Those About to Foreclose

Banks and other financial firms join forces in a mission is to help people avoid foreclosure on their homes.

From the editor's desk
Are We Fighting a Losing Battle?

by Barbara Hurst

We have overworked security people doing nothing but fighting crime, and we're still losing billions of dollars every year to the crooks.

States Pass Credit Freeze Legislation

Many states are implementing or are in the process of implementing some form of credit freeze legislation that allows residents to put a freeze on their credit reports if they suspect they are victims of identity theft.

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