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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 28, Number 8

August 24, 2018

Dawn of a New Fintech Era...or Not

by Teri Wesley

The OCC's decision to accept applications for special purpose national bank charters from fintech firms opened up a new country-wide regulatory route for startups, but fintech firms aren't lining up at the agency's door.

A Bill to Ban Bank Fees

by Teri Wesley

A bill introduced in the Senate is aimed at prevent banks from charging fees on some transactions.

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Robotic Intelligence for ATM Protection

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Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential for Leaders

by Jim Beveridge

The most effective leaders are those who appreciate that successful leadership requires the art of persuading people and teams to work together towards common goals.

NYDFS Cybersecurity Compliance Deadline

A deadline looms for a third round of requirements for entities who are subject to New York's cybersecurity regulation.

State Privacy Law’s Nationwide Impact

A new California privacy law impacts companies nationwide.

Focus on ATM Fraud

by Teri Wesley

In light of the exponential increase in ATM use, in this column we are focusing on the emerging risks targeting ATMs.

From the editor's desk
IQ vs. Emotional Intelligence

by Jim Beveridge

Leadership success requires more than intellectual intelligence.

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