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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 29, Number 4

April 29, 2019

CFPB's Game Plan for Consumer Protection

by Teri Wesley

The CFPB's new director has outlined her mission and the bureau's focus on the prevention of harm to consumers.

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AI-based Credit Scoring

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The Beneficial Ownership Rule and How it Affects You

by Jim Beveridge

The collection, updating, and monitoring of verified information for beneficial owners under the new Beneficial Ownership Rule requires proper training of multiple staff members across multiple departments to maintain compliance with the new rule.

New Prepaid Rule Exam Procedures

The FFIEC has developed new examp procedures for the CFPB's New Prepaid Rule.

Giving New Meaning to "Mobile" Banking

Wireless network operator T-Mobile is breaking into the mobile banking market.

Focus on Fraud

From the editor's desk
Benefits of Live Attendance at the BSC

by Jim Beveridge

The benefits of attending live conferences are invaluable.

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