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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 29, Number 7

July 30, 2019

Fintech Foes and Virtual Villains and a Cannabis Conundrum...Oh, My!

by Teri Wesley

Remember when classic movies delivered profound messages – and banking was less cumbersome and more fun?

The Pot Banking Business is Growing

by Teri Wesley

The business of growing and selling cannabis is booming, leading to increased momentum for banking reform to protect banks who service the myriad MRBs that have cropped up across the nation.

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A Letter of Explanation

by P. Jim Beveridge

When conducting an internal fraud investigation, a well-crafted letter of explanation helps protect the investigator, financial institution, and employee with a clear record of the facts.

Fed Calls for Collaboration on Synthetic ID Fraud

To address the growing in synthetic ID fraud, the FedPayments Improvement Task Force has released a white paper and highlights the need for industry collaboration to help mitigate these sophisticated crimes.

Elder Fraud Advisory Update

The CFPB has issued an update to the 2016 Advisory and Recommendations for FIs on preventing, responding to, and reporting elder financial exploitation.

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Handling Confessions

by Jim Beveridge

The primary goal of an internal theft interview is to obtain the facts, not an admission.

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