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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 30, Number 1

January 31, 2020

CRA: Controversial Reinvestment Act

by Teri Wesley

Now in its early 40s, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is experiencing a mid-life crisis, and federal banking regulators are at odds over the changes needed to return the aging legislation to its earlier vigor.

New CRA Bank Size Thresholds

by Teri Wesley

New CRA bank size thresholds went into effect at the beginning of this year.

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Building a Culture of Safety

by Jim Beveridge

Bank and credit union managers have a duty and responsibility to provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace and should promote a culture of safety at their institutions.

The Fed on Fintech Risks

The Federal Reserve's December Consumer Compliance Supervision Bulletin highlighted the agency's supervisory observations regarding fintech.

The Risky Business of Biometrics

While banks are increasingly turning to biometric security measures, a new report from NIST warns that a lack of clear date protection guidelines could leave consumers’ data vulnerable.

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The 26th Annual Bank Security Conference

by Jim Beveridge

We have another outstanding program lined up for the 26th annual Bank Security Conference – make plans now to join us in Philadelphia or via live remote streaming.

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