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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 30, Number 9

September 30, 2020

FinCEN Under Fire

by Teri Wesley

The leak of sensitive SARs and other files stored in FinCEN databases has put the regulatory agency in the spotlight and could cause long term irreparable harm to the entire AML filing regime.

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Guiding Principles for High Achievers

by Jim Beveridge

the leader, you must ensure that no one’s achievements – including your own – are at the expense of others. It is imperative that we encourage those around us the benefits of ambition and dreaming big. These are primary motivators of personal and collective success. We must teach them that ambition can, and should, work to benefit others and society as a whole.

FinCEN Proposes Nationally Set AML Priorities

FinCEN is seeking comments on proposed enhancements to existing BSA/AML rules.

AML Exemption Removed for Non- Regulated Banks

Private banks and other non-federally regulated institutions will soon be subject to the same AML and CIP requirements as federal banks.

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Bringing Essential Security Training to You

by Jim Beveridge

There is still time to register for this year's virtual Bank Security Conference. We are delivering an action-packed program by top-notch speakers to you at your location!

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