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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 31, Number 2

February 28, 2021

Time to Spring Ahead

by Teri Wesley

To grow and thrive in this digital age, banks need to innovate - and spring is the perfect time for planting new ideas!

The Fed on Regulation, Supervision, and Innovation

by Teri Wesley

The Governor of the Federal Reserve recently shared her perspective on bank supervision and regulation with attendees at a community bank conference.

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Tech Update
3SI Tracking Technology: A Better Way to Protect ATMs

Spotlight on What's Happening

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Preventing Physical Attacks on ATMs

by Jim Beveridge

The global ATM industry is experiencing a rise in ATM attacks, accelerated in part by the pandemic driving more customers to ATMs.

Financial Crime First Responders

With the exponential rise in financial crime and the far-reach impact it has on the customers and communities they serve, financial institutions must become proactive financial crime first responders.

Focus on Fraud

From the editor's desk
COVID Mortality Rates, Prevention & the Vaccine

by Jim Beveridge

The widespread public adoption of COVID-19 prevention measures is highly relevant for consumer-facing bank employees – most of which have been designated as “essential workers.”

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Regulatory Updates

Recent regulatory updates from the leading bank regulators!

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Jim Beveridge
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