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Bankers' Hotline, Volume 32, Number 2

February 28, 2022

CFPB Championing for Less "Junk Fees"

by Teri Wesley

Making good on its promise to look into overdraft and other fees that drive consumer complaints, the CFPB has launched an initiative to reduce what it calls " exploitative junk fees" charged by banks and financial companies.

Banks Making a Play in the BNPL Game

by Teri Wesley

The rapidly expanding BNPL space is primed for banks to leverage the growing demand for these products with their own BNPL services.

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Check Fraud: Still a Prevalent Threat

by Teri Wesley

While we hear more about financial cyber crime these days, check fraud is still a modern-day threat and check fraud against financial institutions remains extremely prevalent.

Fed Releases Synthetic ID Fraud Tool

To increase awareness, educate consumers, and foster industry collaboration about the growing trend in sythentic fraud, the Fed has released a toolkit of valuable resources for industry stakeholders.

Mobile Fraud Schemes Stealing Millions

With the rise in mobile banking, digital wallets, and P2P apps, cybercriminals have turned their attention to these lucrative targets to steal millions of dollars from consumers.

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From the editor's desk
Know When to Pivot

by Teri Wesley

In our personal lives and our professional endeavors, the best laid plans often go astray. Adjusting our sails and knowing when to pivot is a key element in navigating the storm of sudden change.

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