Sec. 211.11 Advisory opinions under Regulation K.

(a) Request for advisory opinion. Any person may submit a request to the Board for an advisory opinion regarding the scope of activities permissible under any subpart of this part.

(b) Form and content of the request. Any request for an advisory opinion under this section shall be:

(1) Submitted in writing to the Board;

(2) Contain a clear description of the proposed parameters of the activity, or the service or product, at issue; and

(3) Contain a concise explanation of the grounds on which the submitter contends the activity is or should be considered by the Board to be permissible under this part.

(c) Response to request. In response to a request received under this section, the Board shall:

(1) Direct the submitter to provide such additional information as the Board may deem necessary to complete the record for a full consideration of the issue presented; and

(2) Provide an advisory opinion within 45 days after the record on the request has been determined to be complete.