Sec. 223.54 What advertisements and statements are prohibited by section 23B?

(a) In general. A member bank and its affiliates may not publish any advertisement or enter into any agreement stating or suggesting that the member bank will in any way be responsible for the obligations of its affiliates.

(b) Guarantees, acceptances, letters of credit, and cross-affiliate netting arrangements subject to section 23A. Paragraph (a) of this section does not prohibit a member bank from:

(1) Issuing a guarantee, acceptance, or letter of credit on behalf of an affiliate, confirming a letter of credit issued by an affiliate, or entering into a cross-affiliate netting arrangement, to the extent such transaction satisfies the quantitative limits of §§ 223.11 and 223.12 and the collateral requirements of § 223.14, and is otherwise permitted under this regulation; or

(2) Making reference to such a guarantee, acceptance, letter of credit, or cross-affiliate netting arrangement if otherwise required by law.