Sec. 227.2 Consumer complaint procedure.

(a) Submission of complaints.

(1) Any consumer having a complaint regarding a State member bank is invited to submit it to the Federal Reserve System. The complaint should be submitted in writing, if possible, and should include the following information:

(i) A description of the act or practice that is thought to be unfair or deceptive, or in violation of existing law or regulation, including all relevant facts;

(ii) The name and address of the bank that is the subject of the complaint; and

(iii) The name and address of the complainant.

(2) Consumer complaints should be made to --

Federal Reserve Consumer Help Center P.O. Box 1200 Minneapolis, MN 55480 toll-free number: (888) 851-1920 fax number: (877) 888-2520 TDD number: (877) 766-8533

(b) Response to complaints. Within 15 business days of receipt of a written complaint by the Board or a Federal Reserve Bank, a substantive response or an acknowledgment setting a reasonable time for a substantive response will be sent to the individual making the complaint.

(c) Referrals to other agencies. Complaints received by the Board or a Federal Reserve Bank regarding an act or practice of an institution other than a State member bank will be forwarded to the Federal agency having jurisdiction over that institution.