Sec. 239.16 – Voluntary dissolution.

Subpart B–Mutual Holding Companies.

(a) A mutual holding company’s board of directors may propose a plan for dissolution of the mutual holding company. All references in this section to mutual holding company shall also apply to a subsidiary holding company organized under this part. The plan may provide for either:

(1) Transfer of all the mutual holding company’s assets to another mutual holding company or home-financing institutions under Federal charter either for cash sufficient to pay all obligations of the mutual holding company and retire all outstanding accounts or in exchange for that mutual holding company’s payment of all the mutual holding company’s outstanding obligations and issuance of share accounts or other evidence of interest to the mutual holding company’s members on a pro rata basis; or

(2) Dissolution in a manner proposed by the directors which they consider best for all concerned.

(b) The plan, and a statement of reasons for proposing dissolution and for proposing the plan, shall be submitted to the appropriate Reserve Bank for approval. The Board will approve the plan if the Board believes dissolution is advisable and the plan is best for all concerned. If the Board considers the plan inadvisable, the Board may either make recommendations to the mutual holding company concerning the plan or disapprove it. When the plan is approved by the mutual holding company’s board of directors and by the Board, it shall be submitted to the mutual holding company’s members at a duly called meeting and, when approved by a majority of votes cast at that meeting, shall become effective. After dissolution in accordance with the plan, a certificate evidencing dissolution, supported by such evidence as the Board may require, shall immediately be filed with the Board. When the Board receives such evidence satisfactory to the Board, it will terminate the corporate existence of the dissolved mutual holding company and the mutual holding company’s charter shall thereby be canceled.