Sec. 239.50–Purpose and scope.

Subpart E–Conversions From Mutual to Stock Form

(a) General. This subpart governs how a mutual holding company may convert from the mutual to the stock form of ownership. This subpart supersedes all inconsistent charter and bylaw provisions of mutual holding companies converting to stock form.

(b) Prescribed forms. A mutual holding company must use the forms prescribed under this subpart and provide such information as the Board may require under the forms by regulation or otherwise. The forms required under this subpart include: Form AC (Application for Conversion); Form PS (Proxy Statement); Form OC (Offering Circular); and Form OF (Order Form).

(c) Waivers. The Board may waive any requirement of this subpart or a provision in any prescribed form. To obtain a waiver, a mutual holding company must file a written request with the Board that:

(1) Specifies the requirement(s) or provision(s) that the mutual holding company wants the Board to waive;

(2) Demonstrates that the waiver is equitable; is not detrimental to the mutual holding company, mutual members, or other mutual holding companies or savings associations; and is not contrary to the public interest; and

(3) Includes an opinion of counsel demonstrating that applicable law does not conflict with the waiver of the requirement or provision.