Sec. 240.4 Notification

(a) Notification required. Before commencing a retail forex business, a banking institution shall provide the Board with prior written notice in compliance with this section. The notice will become effective 60 days after a complete notice is received by the Board, provided the Board does not request additional information or object in writing. In the event the Board requests additional information, the notice will become effective 60 days after all information requested by the Board is received by the Board unless the Board objects in writing.

(b) Notification requirements. A banking institution shall provide the following in its written notification:

(1) Information concerning customer due diligence, including without limitation credit evaluations, customer appropriateness, and “know your customer” documentation;

(2) The haircuts to be applied to noncash margin as provided in 240.9(b)(2);

(3) Information concerning new product approvals;

(4) Information on addressing conflicts of interest; and

(5) A resolution by the banking institution's Board of Directors that the banking institution has established and implemented written policies, procedures, and risk measurement and management systems and controls for the purpose of ensuring that it conducts retail forex transactions in a safe and sound manner and in compliance with this part.

(c) Treatment of existing retail forex businesses. A banking institution that is engaged in a retail forex business on the effective date of this part may continue to do so, until and unless the Board objects in writing, so long as the institution submits the information required to be submitted under paragraphs (b)(1) through (5) of this section within 30 days of the effective date of this part, subject to an extension of time by the Board, and such additional information as requested by the Board thereafter.